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Deep Steep Bubble Bath – Grapefruit Bergamot – 17.5 oz

GRAPEFRUIT-BERGAMOT ORGANIC BUBBLE BATH 17 OZ Design House: Deep Steep Fragrance Notes: Natural Eco Friendly Products 100% Wind Powered Green E Certified Deep Steep Is Not Only Paraben Free But All Products Are 100% Chemical Preservative Free No Synthetic Fragrances Used

Key features

  • 17.5 Ounces Liquid
  • Serving Size:

Honest reviews


Fantastic smell, steep price for bubble bath

I love the smell of bergamot, and the tart grapefruit was the perfect accompaniment for a nice long bath. I would call what this product creates more "suds" than "bubbles," but it still does the job. I do wish it didn’t cost so much—it seems like an awful lot for a fairly basic product. I think I’ll try making some at home myself next time.

Kathleen Olney, MT

top of the notch

creates that movie bubble look in the bathtub that you could never quite figure out how to get combined with a great scent. the grapefruit scent is envigorating but not overpowering. comes in sizable bottle. feels much fancier than the ones i’ve seen in the store (doesn’t leave a grimey feel on your skin).

Estelle Camas Valley, OR

Smells divine

This is a great relaxing bubble bath, also can be used as a regular shower gel which lathers beautifully. It smells so good, and you can make out that it doesn’t feel like soap, doesn’t dry out your skin.

Katelyn Brewster, MN

Smells Great!

Highly recommended. Smells great and is a good bargain. It looks like it will last me a long time. Thanks

Blanca Mineral, CA


We both loved this stuff, even my husband likes bathing in it. He loves a bath after working in the cold for 12 hours a day, and this just smells yummy. It’s also very moisturizing, so I love it myself. They say it doesn’t put out as much bubbly, but let me tell ya, I’m sick and tired of washing out the bubbles-that-do-not-quit out of the tub! I’m very uneasy about any nondestructable thing, and there’s something really fishy about a bathing product you can’t kill. So I’m thinking when you get out, the other products we’ve been using are probably still on our skin. E[…]This Grapefruit/Bergamot, though, rinses off leaving soft and silky behind.

Sarah Winchester, ID

Pure Luxury

I will be sure to keep a constant supply of this on hand. I love everything about it. A small amount makes a large amount of bubbles, it smells wonderful and my skin doesn’t feel dried out when I get out of the tub. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to get away without leaving your house. Light some candles in the bathroom. Fill up the tub and relax.There is also a product you can purchase to cover the drain release so you can fill the tub up to a higher level.

Margarita Redwood Valley, CA


love the smell! I cover part of my water faucet in the tub to help the spray come out faster in order to get more bubbles. Wish I had better water pressure!

Camille Low Moor, VA

Smells like candy

I was looking for more of a strong citrus scent than I received with this bubble bath. It smells a bit like candy — not an invigorating citrus smell. Others may enjoy this, it just wasn’t what I wanted.

Yvette Sebeka, MN

Scent is nice, but not impressed

The smell of this bubble bath is fantastic…but it does not last. My skin does not feel softer after I use it, just basically the same. I really wanted to love this because the scent is fantastic but I am just not impressed. I will say however, that the bubbles themselves last so if you are purchasing this more for the bubbles then its a winner.

Hester Clarkdale, GA

Bubble bath

Has a lovely fresh scent, a good size as it won’t run out too quickly, and the packaging is beautiful for showing in the bathroom. Very happy with this product.

Betsy Rosemont, WV

Grapefruit Overload

Bought this based on glowing reviews and was disappointed in the scent. I don’t know what I was expecting, but for me the grapefruit smell was fairly overwhelming and not especially pleasant. I had no problem with the amount of bubbles it produced, but I used several capfuls (at least 4) so that may be why. It did not dry my skin, and the scent does linger; but you would really need to LOVE the scent for that to be a plus and, unfortunately, I did not. Other than the scent, which is simply a matter of personal taste, I have no criticisms or complaints about this product.

Allie Bernice, LA