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Decobros 6-inch Tabletop Two-Sided Swivel Vanity Mirror with 8x Magnification, 11-inch Height, Chrome Finish

DecoBros Two sided mirror provide 1x and 8x magnification provide clean reflection. This is a lightweight fit to your bedroom and bathroom tabletop for your daily use.

Key features

  • Mirror provides magnification options to display a clean reflection
  • Two-sided 6-inch diameter circular mirror and features a smooth 360-degree swivel design
  • 1x and 8x magnification options to make sure every detail of your hair and makeup
  • Chrome finish protects against moisture and condensation
  • USPTO Patent Pending, Comes with a life time limited warranty

Honest reviews



It’s exactly what I was looking for. It’s perfect for putting on makeup and doesn’t take up very much space.

Ivy Firth, ID


I like having mirrors like this in every bathroom. I really need them with 10 X or stronger since I truly can not put make up on without it.

Rosetta Dawson, IA

great inexpensive mirror

its great for what it isthe 10x is just only clear at a certain distanceso adjusting your face a little can take some getting used tobut thats normallove that it doesn’t look cheapeven tho its a steal

Angela Harrells, NC

Love this little big mirror!!

This mirror is a bit small in size but do not let that fool you! It shows your entire face in one side and and spots 10x bigger on the other for a lot less money than the competitors out there. I totally love this mirror! It’s small enough to fit anywhere and big enough to show your pores, imperfections to be perfected and do a full application of makeup if that’s what you’re buying for. I bought specifically to work on my face’s imperfections such as unwanted hair and the likes and as my vision continually declines (can’t wear glasses while I work on my eyebrows) this 10x magnification is a major helper. I’m very happy I bought it specially because it was very affordable. Actually is the cheapest I found and I’m very happy I got it.

Kathleen Pine Meadow, CT

good quality & great price

I love this mirror. It was just what I was looking for. The quality is great and the price is even greater! The magnification is awesome even though you have to get right up on it to actually see yourself. The mirror has a grip base so it wont slide around your table. I’ll be buying another for a friend 🙂

Lakeisha Colleyville, TX

I read a lot of reviews, and this got a good one, I agree.

I simply wanted a reasonable mirror without paying a fortune. I read about several and people said how poor the quality was. Not so this, the finish is fine, nice solid base and feels sturdy. I cannot fault the mirror either, so have no complaints at all.

Millicent Clarksburg, TN

Good Mirror

I was looking for a nice standing mirror for my makeup application and for the price this is phenomenal! The 10x zoom gets right to the point-but I can see how this zoom might be overwhelming for some in which case a 7x zoom might work better. For me it helps with eye makeup application. I am very pleased with my purchase.

Luisa Morehead, KY


Nice mirror, I was expected less quality but it is very nice. You will not have regrets if you get it

Natalia Hamilton, NC

Excellent Mirror

I ordered this mirror because of the large magnification. I’m very pleased with the mirror and the magnification size on both sides of the mirror.

Lucinda Conklin, MI

Excellant Quality

Very simple and elegant design. Looks good sitting on any vanity. The regular side is perfect. The magnification side is amazing and a bit of something for these old eyes to get used to. I am not sure I was ready to see all of this but, see it I do.

Gilda Rutherford, TN