Debra Lynn Professional 4 oz. Clear Pump Dispenser Bottle

Debra Lynn Professional 4 oz. Clear Pump Dispenser Bottle

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  • Debra Lynn Professional 4 oz. Clear Pump Dispenser Bottle

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I bought two of these, one for acetone and one for alcohol. They work beautifully and do not leak. I would definitely recommend these.

Sherrie Isle Au Haut, ME

Poor design. High price.

This dispenser is way to poorly made and designed for the price!When you push down, the liquid spurts out all over the place. You have to be very careful to gently push down very lightly and that is so frustrating when you bought it to make nail polish painting/removing easier.Thumbs down! I hate writing negative reviews unless I’m very unhappy with the product.

Benita Thomasboro, IL

2.8 stars

I put a liquid toner for this dispenser…. This is a usable product but you cannot close it without leaking some liquid every time. The size is great for travel but not for actual bringing for travel since it might leak. I bought a different brand that was heavy duty and perfect for travel (the one that says alcohol)

Debbie Missoula, MT

Very awesome!

I have been using this item for almost a month now. I purchased it for my skincare toner. It works very nice! At first i was confused, and thought that maybe it was broken till I saw the turn arrow on the top of the press down cap which unlocks it. Figured it out, and now it is my favorite item to use! I am going to get another for nail polish remover!

Nora Gravelly, AR

Makes my home nail station much more professional

I bought two of these dispenser bottles, one for alcohol, and one for acetone. I now wish I had gotten a third, for non-acetone remover as well, because having it in one of these dispensers would be a real convenience. They are a single-handed way to soak a cotton ball or pad with solution, and securely store the product. They don’t spill or leak if tipped over or rolled around when they’re locked closed, but they’re not designed for packing in purses, or suitcases for travel. I only wish that it was easier to get some liquid out into the top to wet a brush–I bought these because I’m into gel polish and nail art, so when you pump the bottle closed, it will give you a puddle of product to use, but also drips onto the surface it’s on. Excellent for wetting cotton, so-so for wetting brushes!

Adelaide Hope Mills, NC

Pump bottle

It works, it’s small, and the top locks, what more do you want from a little acetone bottle? The price could have been a little better, but it shipped super fast so what are you gonna do?

Selina Redwater, TX

convenient for those of us who paint our nails a lot

while I had a bit of a problem the first time I used this, I got that sorted out and it works great!Be warned, if you turn the top, there is a “locked” position. Don’t push down when it’s in that position or it will get stick, and really hard to fix.

Herminia Melrose, CT

Very Happy With This

Once I figured out how to open it so that the pump was active, which was easier than I was making it out to be, it worked great. I put my polish remover in it and I was able to use it very easily. Very happy with this and I would buy it again if I needed it for something else.

Cecelia Hiseville, KY


Works alot better than some others. Nice size. I like that when doing clean up there is a small amount sitting on top to dip qtip in.

Lula East Enterprise, IN

This is more useful than I imagined

I got one for rubbing alcohol as I use it on cuts and scrapes, for disinfecting things, even for getting stubborn adhesives off bottles, etc. But, my daughter likes to change her polish a lot and ordered a second so she can easily correct one nail or remove all the polish she wants. Seems durable so far.

Diana Hardenville, MO


I love this bottle for my acetone and my alcohol, I do gel polish nails and it is perfect! the lid even locks, to prevent accidental pumping, It dispenses just the right amount, no more fumbling with or SPILLING and wasting my acetone!! not to mention the messes I will get to avoid, yep, totally recommend this!

Lilia Ludowici, GA

Started out good, but now not so much.

I have had this pump for about a month. I loved it, gave it a 5 star rating. Then it just stopped pumping reliably. I have to pump 4-?’s times to get one pump worth of fluid. I do my nails 1-2 a week and use a lot of acetone, I need a reliable pump. I thought I had found it. I do not recommend this product. I’m going to try a more expensive brand to see if that will be more reliable.

Doris Cozad, NE

Clear Pump Dispenser Bottle

I bought two of these and both work great, however, one of the bottles doesn’t seem to lock like it is supposed to. You can twist the cap to lock it from dispensing liquids and when you lock it it’s not straight and I had a little bit of liquid leak out. I never contacted the company because they work fine I just pay special attention when I’m storing the bottles to make sure they stand up.

Geraldine Bigfork, MT

Clean & Efficent

First off, when you go to use this item make sure you know how to open/close (not the flip cap) but turning the directions. I didn’t pay attention and applied pressure in the open position and it sprayed liquid in the cap. Lucky me it was closed already and it doesn’t use a ton of product per pump.With that being said… this is a great product. I use it for myGelish Soak Off Artificial Nail Removeras well as myGelish Nail Gel Surface Cleanse. I’m using less liquid by using this product as the cotton ball doesn’t immediately soak up what feels like 1/8 of the mini bottles. I swapped from cotton balls to gauze for the nail cleaner and I’m using the remover withmagis – Super high quality pre-cut foil gel removing wraps

Adele Frontier, MI


ABSOLUTELY LOVE THESE!Originally bought 2 of these for doing my Gelish gel manicures .. one for alcohol and one for acetone. Ok so you have to be careful to have your finger with cotton over the spout when you push it down .. or it spouts all over .. BIG DEAL! The convenience of this bottle over dealing with opening and closing bottles .. PLUS picking up bottles and tilting EVERY time you want to use it .. forget it! I’ll deal with a little inconvenience of learning the little idiosyncrasies of this great little bottle!Now today as I was watching my husband deal with opening and closing his alcohol bottle to clean for his diabetic shot .. I realized .. WOW .. I have these bottles for my “vanity” use .. didn’t even think of my poor husband .. how convenient it would be for him to have this bottle for his daily diabetic use! Yeah for this versatile little bottle! Vanity PLUS health!UPDATE:My husband has found this invaluable for alcohol cleansing of skin prior to his insulin shot .. am now going to reorder a 2nd one for our summer home .. he does not want to be without it!

Henrietta Avella, PA

Works great

It pumps great. It also Has a built in snap lid. To prevent spills the cap twists to lock in place. Less mess than using nail polish remover from original containers. Overall great price. Would recommend.

Katina Parishville, NY

Gift for daughter

My 10 year old LOVES doing nails, so this was a needed – and appreciated gift. It seems like ALOT sprays onto the cottonball when the top is pushed down…and she likes the locking feature as well. This will get lots of use and is great for the price.

Marcia Wayne, NJ

This item is one of those things that once you have one you will ask you’re self “Why didn’t I buy this sooner?”…

this product is so nice to have, its easy to use and you will love it once you have it. I know I am enjoying mine and so will you!

Flora Buckley, WA

Not bad but could be better

There’s a lot of Pump Dispenser Bottles out there and all you can do is read the reviews along with trial and error. I ordered a set with this one vendor and they would not even close. This set closes and holds a lot.You have to be very careful to gently push down very lightly so it doesn’t splatter or leak everywhere and that is so frustrating when I bought it to make nail polish painting/removing easier.

Britney Hamburg, IA

Wonderful bottle with more uses than I can name. Wonderful size, easy to use

So happy i purchased this. Thanks so much for having just what i needed. Wanted this dispenser to use for my nail polish remover. Should have bought more, was not thinking ahead. SO Many uses for this bottle. HIGHLY recommend this honest, reliable, trustworthy seller. Buy from with confidence. A TRUE asset to Amazon and any place she sells from.

Haley Ottine, TX


I’ve purchased others with the metal tops and I’ve been so disappointed because the liquid inside evaporates. Since I’ve purchased this one, with a locking cap, my liquid (alcohol, etc.) hasn’t moved at all since I first placed in the container. I’m loving it and would recommend to all, BUY IT! Others have stated that it wasn’t imprinted and mine wasn’t either, but for me it was no problem because I have a printing tape machine and I can place and/or change what I use it for. I’m more satisfied with how it functions than the labeling. NO POINTS OFF FOR NOT BEING LABELED!

Candace Foxworth, MS

No more spills!

I purchased this dispenser because I do my own nails and I needed something easier to dispense nail polish remover. It is perfect! You can lock the top to prevent spills and it works beautifully. I plan on buying additional bottles to use with rubbing alcohol and witch hazel.

Judy Paso Robles, CA

Wonderful Bottle

I’m glad I got it. I’ve noticed a significant decrease in the amount of nail polish remover I use now with this bottle. I enjoy the fact that it doesn’t leak or drip….that’s a huge plus for me. Best purchase, wish I’d gotten it sooner.

Corrine Vance, MS

Cheap/Leaky Pump

Size is ok, maybe a little bulky width wise. The pump is VERY sensitive so the slightest touch brings whatever liquid to the top. I realized to not have excess spillage I had to put the cotton ball on the pump, pump the amount of liquid I needed, then with the cotton ball still on the pump turn to lock position. If you don’t do this then I swear if you even breathe you will get excess liquid at the top of your pump. The excess liquid doesn’t go back in the bottle so you have to wipe it off or use it. If you close the lid while there’s liquid on the pump you will get leakage and/or slight splashing. Not nice when you’re dealing with nail polish remover. Kind of annoying to have to do this every time but for the price it was too cheap to return. I gave it 3 stars because I didn’t completely hate it. I will not purchase this item again or recommend it unless that extra step isn’t an issue for you.

Melba Exline, IA