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Debra Lynn Orange Wood Sticks

144 sticks to a pack.

Key features

  • 144 sticks to a pack.

Honest reviews


Finally Found!

I tried to find wooden orange sticks in stores, but could not. I selected this product because of the good reviews. I was not disappointed. I received a big bag of orange sticks. They are longer than I expected, almost six inches, but no complaints. Both ends are flat in what I received, not a problem. They are smooth and strong. I like to take a wooden cuticle stick to the nail shop so they won’t use the horrible, abrasive metal thing on me. I don’t know who Debra Lynn is, but I like her cuticle sticks.

Luann Galt, MO

These work well!

I can’t believe I bought a giant plastic bag of orange sticks, but I go through them very fast (like 1 stick every 2 weeks). They get all of my cuticles out of the way, and even "find" hangnails I didn’t know I had until I used the stick.

Selina Gotebo, OK

was just what i ordered

love this type or orange wood sticks. no used to the ones that have a sharp point on one end and flat on the order. use it when polished nails, pushing back cuticles or when doing nail art.

Debra Loveland, CO


Some of mine had split on the ends. This hurt my cuticles, but this works well for dipping in polish remover and wiping away excess.

Cynthia Darlington, IN

Great deal

I use these for every manicure and to remove my Gel nail polish they work well and for the price 144 sticks was a great deal.

Mariana West Bend, WI

Great for the price

These are very good quality Orange Wood Sticks. They are long and sturdy and the edges didn’t fray or splinter when wet.

Sylvia Jordan, MT