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DEAL OF THE DAY – 180 Cosmetics Shaping Solution, All Over Body Firming, Tightening Cream and Slimming Cream, Clinically Approved. Immediate Skin Tightening and Skin Shaping Effect During Diet and after Pregnancy or Weight Loss – DAILY DEALS

Product Description 180 Cosmetics Shaping Solution’s unique active formula is clinically approved and safe to use during pregnancy. Based on Swiss bio-technology using micro-algae, 180 Cosmetics Shaping Solution restores your body’s youthful appearance by reducing sub-cutaneous lipids, smoothing skin, and firming skin tissues. This amazing cream also promotes hydration, stimulates the formation of Type 1 collagen, and contains powerful anti-oxidants that protect your skin from free radicals and keep it toxin-free. 180 Cosmetics Shaping Solution provides an immediate skin-tightening effect and long-lasting firmness, all the while keeping your skin radiant and rejuvenated. CAF – Clinically Approved Formula Directions: Apply a thin layer on clean skin and allow for full absorbtion. Use once or twice daily. Does NOT contain: * Formalin * Formaldehyde * Parabens * Phthalates * Petro-chemicals * GMO* Triclosan * Colors or dyes Not tested on animals. Does not contain animal-derived ingredients. Manufactured under GMP and ISO quality control (QC).

Key features

  • NEW – Check out our new product “180 Cosmetics Body Shaping Solution” with an improved formulation with a wonderful new smell
  • Natural & Clinically Approved Formula. Safe For Use During Pregnancy. Formulated without: Formalin, Formaldehyde, Parabens, Phthalates, Petro-chemicals, GMO, Triclosan, Colors
  • Improves body aesthetics by reducing sub-cutaneous lipids, smoothing the skin’s appearance, firms the tissues and restores the body’s youthful look
  • Long term firming effect and stimulates the formation of collagen type l. Powerful Anti – Oxidant defense and free radicals scavenger Promotes skin hydration by creating film-forming. Strengthens the endo-genic system, detoxifying; and keeps the skin radiance and vivid
  • WHY YOU NEED TO CHOOSE 180 COSMETICS? Because you deserve to get the best possible results!!

Honest reviews


Pretty good

I really like this lotion. It does smell like baby powder but i dont mind. It rubs in nice. I noticed the firming more on the first use than any other. I have only been using it for two weeks. I see a slight difference after I first put it on. Hoping after a month or two it will have more definitive results. It is a great moisturizer. Wish the price would come down just a touch. Should be closer to $15-19 for the size and the effectiveness. I will be purchasing another to see if long term results are better. First bottle will last about 6 weeks on abs and thighs.

Madge Shelbyville, IL

Temporary results

Baby powder scent is ok but I don’t think it would be a sexy smell that men like. Works extremely well, but you NEED to use it DAILY or maybe every other day. Results disappear within 2 days after stopping.

Jesse Yonkers, NY


Please do not buy this product. It is a total scam! I really have no clue how people wrote good reviews about this product. After I read the reviews, I was so excited to purchase the item and unfortunately, I am one of those people who believe that the more expensive the item is, the more effective it should be so I purchased two packs in one order to treat a very mild belly sagging skin… The packs are very small, both bottles lasted for just a month as I used it am and pm as instructed. I did not notice even a slight change. I paid 50 bucks for nothing!Do not waste you money and time on this false product. It simply won’t change anything!!

Ora Huntington, MA

good so far

I haven’t been using it long( maybe two weeks ) has made my skin softer and i love the baby powder scent. Seems to have improve elasticity in my arms somewhat :)…will keep everyone posted!!!

Mai Whiting, IA

slight firming… but is the smell worth it??

I like the smell of baby powder but omg this is strong. I like the way it works my skin does feel taunt but the smell makes my husband a little sick.

Cathryn El Dorado, KS

not as expected

i bought this a few months ago applied on targeted areas, i used everyday until bottle ran out, no difference.

Kaitlyn Slater, SC

Smells bad

It’s very strong scent of baby powder is too much and it doesn’t do as it claims. Don’t waste your time or money.

Vivian Boyd, WI

Some results / strong smell

I’ve noticed some results with this product, but I can’t use it as often as i’d like. This product smells like you’ve covered your entire body in baby powder. Pretty embarrassing if you are a guy. I wish they would make this product without the smell. Then I could use it more often to get better results. The smell is honestly too much.

Lauri Langeloth, PA