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Dead Sea Mud Mask – For Facial Treatment, Minimize Pores, Reduce Wrinkles, and Improve Overall Complexion

A GIFT FROM NATURE TO YOU – EXPERIENCE THE BENEFITS OF DEAD SEA MUD AND BRING A NEW GLOW TO YOUR SKIN! The hype is everywhere around the benefits of the mineral-rich Dead Sea mud. And you’ve probably seen Dead Sea mud treatments at the spa… for about $100 per treatment. Now, YOU can give your skin the luxurious treatment a Dead Sea mud mask, for just a fraction of the cost of an identical mask at the spa! Completely Natural, With Organic Ingredients What you’re getting is a mineral rich mud of the Dead Sea. And to keep it fresh, we have added a few organic ingredients to help your skin reap the MAXIMUM benefit. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – OR YOUR MONEY BACK If you find that you’re not completely satisfied with this product, just drop us a line. We’ll give you a FULL, NO-HASSLE REFUND — no questions asked!

Key features

  • PURIFIES – Made with real Dead Sea mud. Pulls impurities out of your skin and washes them away.
  • SMOOTHES – This Dead Sea mineral mask makes you feel like you spent the day in the spa. Loaded with healthy mineral salts, it sloughs off old, dead skin, leaves your skin baby soft and smooth.
  • REJUVENATES – Dead Sea mud is recognized worldwide as a beauty agent. It is a natural cleanser, moisturizer, exfoliator – all rolled into one jar. Makes no difference if it’s used on men, women, or teens – anyone who uses can benefit from it.
  • PURE AND TOXIN-FREE NO parabens, artificial fragrances, alcohols, or lanolin — just the naturally occurring minerals from the Dead Sea, and a few organic ingredients we’ve added in to preserve its freshness, so its benefits are MAXIMIZED for your skin.
  • RISK FREE PURCHASE – There is no risk for you whatsoever with our 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! If this product didn’t work for you, or if it just wasn’t your thing, let us know and we’ll give you A FULL REFUND, NO QUESTIONS ASKED. And don’t worry about returning the product – it’ll be yours to keep. Your satisfaction is our Number One priority… so you risk ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

Honest reviews


Tightens on your skin and feels so clean!

I used this mask a few times already and am loving it. First, I made the mistake of using this two days in a row- use it sparingly and only once a week. Since I changed up my routine it has been perfect. Spreads evenly, rinses cleanly and doesn’t hold much of a smell. It has quality ingredients and leaves my skin feeling super CLEAN! It tightens on your skin and you can just feel it working. This all natural mask is certainly a great one to try if you have sensitive skin.

Angelique Fulda, MN

I’ll wait for some genuine reviews

Almost ordered this product, and then I realized almost all the reviews don’t seem to be legit? check most reviewers’ profiles out and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Product may be good, I don’t know, but the gamed reviews don’t inspire faith. I’ll wait for some genuine reviews before I order this product.

Blanca Panama, IA

Great feeling

I don’t care for the smell to much, But what out weights that is how my skin feels after. I love it! I just need to get over the smell

Amanda Smithton, MO

Great face Dead Sea Mud face mask.

Great face mask. made my skin feel so much better afterward! High quality and doesn’t smell bad like some face masks! Love this product a lot~!

Elisa Valatie, NY

Organic, natural ingredients!

I love that this product is natural and has organic ingredients. This Mud mask is great for getting rid of impurities and toxins in the skin. I have been using it as a weekly skincare treatment once or twice a week and I am very happy with it. It comes in a big tub,so this should last me a long, long time. Packaging wise, I think the brown and blue is such a nice combo.

Kristen Myra, KY

I tried this as soon as I received

I just put this mask on, and I’m already loving it! Spreads nicely, rinses nicely, the smell is not overpowering. It works really well it makes the nose blackheads clean and it doesn’t seem to irritate my skin just cleans and purifies it….. there are awesome ingredients which is probably why the price is a bit steep. Gives skin a nice glow when done I was surprised. I barely had to use any and I felt it working. It smells like any mud mask but these ingredients are all natural which makes it even better! I felt the mask drawing out all the nasty stuff out of my pores, and felt them tighten! It’s exactly what I’ve been needing (I’ve been needing a mask for AGES) . It feels awesome!!! This mask is amazing, all natural, and perfect for large pores and acne.Over all a great mask!

Dianna Regina, KY


I was so happy with the results I got from this Mud Mask. My skin was glowing afterwards, it removed all the bad toxins and cleared my skin. Really impressed with the size of the container. Really worth every penny.

Earnestine Notasulga, AL

Very refreshing

I’ve only used it once so far but It left my skin feeling so soft and renewed. I have used many facial mask products and I have had many of professional facials in my life and this is right up there with the best of them at a fraction of the cost. I really liked the way it felt going on; cool and clean. In just 15 it was dried and ready to be removed and my face felt great. I’m looking forward to next week when I will use it again!

Jeanie Springboro, PA

My two girls and I love to give each other facials about once a week …

My two girls and I love to give each other facials about once a week – its kind of our thing…and we love this mask – left our skin feeling soft and clean…spreads nicely and rinses pretty easily…A+

Wanda Holdingford, MN

Love love love it !!!

Received this mud mask and had to try it right away . Wow it left my face and skin feeling so clean and moisturized and soft . I did not only use it on my face but also my whole body . I am in love . Thank you . I do recommend this mud mask .

Elisha Wells Bridge, NY

Huge container, good value

This is big container, excellent quality, really takes the toxins out of pores. Great product, thanks!

Nichole Preston, ID

Great for weekly facials

Best facial mask I’ve used so far.

Ruby Elmer City, WA

Love it!

I love how this stuff makes your skin feel! As a kid I always played in the dirt and made mud pies, now I know that the mud was what made me soft!

Kristina Galena Park, TX

I love this mud mask.

I love this mud mask. It is a great quality mask. After using this mud mask my skin felt so soft and looked so radiant. I like that this is a all natural organic mud mask, so I know I am not putting harmful chemicals on my face. This mask did not break out my face or make it red and was very easy to apply and wash off. The mask comes in a nice large jar, so it will last a long time I am very happy with this mask and highly recommend it.

Belinda Jay, OK

Easy & effective

Had facial party with my sisters and applied this dead sea mask. Can feel the aloe and a soft brown texture. Dries into a nice mask. Skin feels clean and exfoliated afterward! It’s easy to spread and ready to use, unlike some masks where you have to mix powder with water.

Lela Grubbs, AR