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Dazzling 77 Color Matte Neon Glitter Eyeshadow Makeup Kit

This 77 Eye shadow Markup kit is all you need to bring out the perfect look for your eyes. All Colors comes packed in a Black Snap on Pallette Casing. Perfect for any road trip and Daily use. This palette .has all the colors you need to recreate sophisticated or edgy looks for day and night

Key features

  • 77 Eyeshadow (matte, shimmer, glitter)
  • 33 Glitter color eyeshadow
  • 22 – Matte style color eyeshadow
  • 3 Piece Makeup Kits
  • 22 – Shimmer style color eyeshadow

Honest reviews


Will not use

its like lip gloss. does not stick on well. just not for African American Skin very cheap. I don’t know if i will use it that much only like five colors.

Esmeralda Pattersonville, NY

Not very sparkly.

This glitter is not sparkly, it just looks like you have tiny spots on your face. Good for kids to play around with though.

Haley Schodack Landing, NY

use a base color first

if you are getting this item plz be sure to use a base color underneath the glitter first because it will not show well. The glitter is sticky almost feels like glue. Its a pain in the ass to take off but it stays on all day the glitter just doesn’t show well at all

Lula Aledo, TX

It is what it is

It is a lot smaller than what I was expecting. However I love the colors, I just wish I knew that it wasn’t very big.

Chrystal Prospect, KY

Glitter is GOO

I was really excited to get this because I LOVE glitter eye shadow, however the glitter eyeshadows in this are a nasty goo that I couldn’t get from the brush to my eye no matter how hard I tried.Really sad cause they look so pretty.

Latanya Tyngsboro, MA

its an ok eyeshdow

Product looks beautiful but on investigating the glitter is present on d surface so after a few uses u r down to a grease like substance u could use as lip gloss. seller delivered on time

Berta Edgerton, MN

glitter eyeshadow

I love this stuff, best worn in the evenings like on a date, or to a party. What can I say ….I love it.

Michael Mingo Junction, OH

Only the first layer works some how

Only the first layer works some how….creamy glitters….not what I waited for….you can not wear them a long time maybe just for photo shooting

Bessie Shelton, CT


please don’t buy this. I threw it the second it came in the mail. Don’t waste your money. Save it for better quality glitter eyeshadow.

Jeri Greenwood, IN