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Dazzle Dry Top Coat

Supreme gloss and fastest drying top coat on the market.

Key features

  • Top Coat Nailpolish

Honest reviews


decent top coat for being chemical free!

***Update***Try this over halographic polish the shine is even more awesome in the sun especially. This top coat wears about as long as seche vite does so it may end up being a new favorite of mine. We will see if it ever smears a design then its only reserved for my toes! I have it on my nails over some opi and its wearing nicely a little too nice as I don’t really like the color I have on at the moment and will only change polish once it has noticably chipped and it’s been on me for about a week and a half. I cashier 6 days a week for 12 hours a day so this is decent.I got 2 of em since so many people loved the product but I regularly use seche vite and this is a hard product to top when used properly I always get 2 weeks use out of it but the dazzle dry chipped after 2-3 days and I topped it off with any other top coats on hand but this stuff is way better than opi topcoats and sally Hansen so its not too bad but I have high expectations. I will give it a try again maybe one coat top coat wait 10 mins then add another? It does go nice over chunky glitter. I have it on my toes now over opi pink yet lavender and it now has a really smooth surface and nice shine. Nothing chips on my toes for at least 3 weeks. I love how it’s as free of as many chemicals as possible so I will gladly use it on my toddler. Robin Moses loves this product but uses acrylic paint to do nail art with so I can see how that combo works well and sticks good for her customers. It just seems too risky to ruin all my hardwork with a top coat that won’t seal it in for very long

Hallie Freeport, MI


This topcoat is great. It dries within 1 min. stays on very well. I have acrylic nails. Never peals or chips. Smell is like other polish. It stays liquid in bottle after months, ulnike sec he vite.

Margret Olamon, ME

Fabulous alternative to gel polish

I ruined several natural nails from too long exposure to acetone nail polish remover and too frequent buffing to remove gel polish I put on with a UV or LED light (Sensationail, Gelish). The nails are finally growing out. I would never use gel polish again but hate the long drying times for regular polish, which also chips easily as well, especially if you type a lot on a keyboard like I do. Dazzle Dry is the answer! I am astounded at how rock hard your natural nail will be with this system. It protects nails and allows them to grow out longer and stronger, PLUS it does not contain the harsh chemicals of other brands, and it removes in a flash. You can change your polish more than once a week if you wish, or if you want a longer-lasting manicure for at least a week, Dazzle Dry will last. I do find that it helps to put a fresh coat of their wonderful topcoat over the polish every few days, as it rejuvenates the shine and makes your manicure look like new. Easy to use, great system. I am SOLD and will NEVER go back to gel polish again.

Kathie Piper City, IL

Love this vegan top coat

I love this! Dries quickly (2 min), is cruelty-free/vegan, and doesn’t have a negative impact on wear time (4 days). It is also self-leveling and leaves a super glossy, smooth shine. I can even put it straight on top of wet polish, allowing me to finish an entire manicure in 15 minutes.

Mattie Garwood, TX

You have to try it to believe it.

Dries unbelievably fast and I’ve not had it chip ever. Pricey but absolutely worth the purchase. It brings vibrancy to acrylic artwork too.

Wanda Ferryville, WI