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Daylee Naturals Body Brush with Detachable Handle

Use this natural bristle back brush with your favourite soap or body shampoo to cleanse and massage your skin, revitalising your entire body. The brush head can be used alone or attached to the wooden handle, excellent for hard-to reach places skin cleaning. The natural 100% boar bristle fibers stimulate circulation and gently rub away dead skin. To keep your bristle back brush in good condition rinse throughly in running water after each use and hang to dry in a ventilated area. Scrub your shoulders, back, and lower extremities without strain. Great for those with limited range of motion.

Key features

  • 100% Boar Bristles
  • Detachable Handle
  • Covers large area
  • Cotton Rope for Convenient Hanging

Honest reviews


Great item!

I wish someone would have told me about this sooner…as they say "better late than never". Firstly, when i unpackaged it the bristles had some sort of fine dust and felt a bit stiff. After a wash and rinse with warm soapy water it was soft and did what it was supposed to do…ex-foliate and it was great. Love the fact that the head is detachable and hand band is very functional for reachable areas. End results softer supple and healthier skin 🙂

Krystal Long Creek, OR

just don’t

Spend a little more money on a different one. The handle won’t stay on the brush at all. It falls off. I got two and they are both like that. Just get a different one.

Maude Slater, MO


this works nicely for back feet sturdy and can use as hand brush, good first time purchase of this product,

Geneva Bedminster, NJ

Does the job, minimal shedding

Feels secure in the hand and sturdy. Bought it to replace a similar item that had worn out. The only huge difference was the size of the loop of rope/string on the end, the original was large enough to hang from the faucet, this is much smaller in diameter.

Karina Farmville, VA

I Love It

Love it. The top comes off to allow for dry brushing (if you so choose). I use these things until its last breath. Good price/good quality!

Lucia Ferdinand, IN


Great back brush. The bristles are very stiff, so I’ve had to be careful not to brush too harshly or it’s too rough on my skin.

Millicent Zenda, KS

Body Brush

This brush works very well at exfoliating my skin. The bristles are very soft but still get the exfoliating done. The detachable handle is a really good feature but the way it’s designed is horrible. The handle will not stay in the brush simply because it slides into a groove and doesn’t have good fitment in it. The handle is constantly falling off of the brush when I use it. This makes exfoliating my body a very aggravating task. I always just end up using the handheld part. If you’re looking for a good handheld exfoliating brush, this is great. If you’re looking for an exfoliating brush with a long handle, I would look elsewhere. This just doesn’t work for that purpose without constantly reattaching it to the handle.

Eleanor Gibbs, MO