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DAYISS® Black+Blue Color Fashion Womens Lady Sexy Straight Wigs Style Cosplay Long Hair

Package Includes: 1 X Hair Wig + Wig Net + User Manual Note: 1.It is a little thin than pictures show 2.It is normal for there to some wigs shed when you just get it,you can use the steel brush to comb hair, plastic or wooden will harm hair. 3.We only guarantee the style being the same as the pictures shown, but not the performance on different bodies being the same as the model, you can use curling iron or flat iron to achieve a different look!Thank you.(*^__^*) How to care: 1.Use a mild shampoo in cold or lukewarm water, rinse the hair and leave it to dry. 2.Comb with a wire brush after the hair become dry. 3.If the hair is straight, please straighten it after washing. If it is wave, please put some hair gel on it to hole the wave. 4.It is better to choose the combs with round head and row spacing. 5.Washing liquid must be acid. 6.Do not expose the hair to sunlight too long. 7.When blowing the hair, keep certain distance between the hair and the hair drier. 8.Do not grasping the root of the hair forcibly when washing.

Key features

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  • Material: 100% Generation of High-quality High-temperature Japanese Fiber.
  • Heat Resistance: 100℃ (The wig can be marceled or straightened under 100℃).
  • Color: Black+Blue
  • Length: Long
  • Package: DAYISS PE bag

Honest reviews


Terrible product.

Does not come with a hair net, and is so not easy to get on even with one. Looks like a cheap halloween product and not a ulzzang related one. Very unhappy.

Joanne Quitman, MO

Nice quality for the price

I actually like it soft and silky I am probably going to wear it out in two days but I’ve tried it on and the black section of the wig is very vibrant and shiny, and the pale blue highlight just sets it off with a nice touch, I love the two toned black style with bangs, huge fan of that and this wig meets those expectations, now it does seem to shed! However thats expected with wigs of this price range, not all but some, I combed through while setting it on my mannequin trying to fix the slight disheveled look and there was a slight tangle in a certain spot, nothing too bad and I noticed with a few passes of the comb, hair was coming out, not in clumps but a fair amount, It doesn’t seem like it will tangle easily so just don’t comb it too much and it should be fine, I would comb it after a wear out but be very gentle and use a touch of spray….and voila its back to normal.

Ingrid Okeechobee, FL

It’s alright

The blue is slightly lighter then shown in the picture but still gorgeous, the only downfall ive found with this wig is it is very very thin.It would work great as a costume wig.I personally will just be adding additional wefts to it to bulk it up a bit.

Beatriz Gasburg, VA

Okay but with problems

To start off I was the one asking all the questions. Nevertheless, I went ahead and got it.The blue hue is pretty close to that of the pictures. I was worried about that, but it’s nearly on the mark.Now, the wig is thin and as soon as I put it on, a bit of the blue hair came out. So the shedding was immediate. Now, the reason for the wig being so thin is because the hair is spaced out more than it should be. It’s been cheaply made. I’ve seen Halloween wigs that were more full. But, it didn’t deader me. I can buy extensions to fill it out. But let me say that this wig isn’t meant for someone with a large circumference head like myself. So I’d recommend and will be sewing in myself a pair of hair clips. You can get a bag of them from At the time they only cost me two bucks.I gave it 4 stars because I like the wig and the color, also because it looks great on me! XDI’ve added shots to the product image as well.

Casey Doyle, TN


This is a cute wig, my only complaints are that it is way to thin and sheds way to much. Mine is so thin from always shedding I could see through the wig in about a week. Also the bangs are not cut like they are in the picture, I cut my own and things are just fine. I gave this wig 3 stars because it was cheap and had pretty blue

Selina Negley, OH

Not what I ordered

Not the wig I received. The one I have is very thin, bad stitches and the color is in the wrong place.

Robin Baldwin, ND

It’s cute

It’s a cute wig just sheds alot and i dont like that and it’s pretty big on my head but I still can wear it

Mavis Prince Frederick, MD