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Darksyde Wicked Black Ultimate Silicone Bronzer Tanning Lotion 16oz by 47krate

Darksyde Pitch Black Ultimate Silicone Bronzer extreme dark tanning lotion uses advanced bronzing ingredients to produce superior auto-darkening results. Dual action formula replenishes the skins moisture barrier with Vitamin E, while bronzers enhance the skin to produce an over the top extreme dark, luxurious tan. Experience the maximum in tanning with Darksyde Pitch Black advanced formula.

Key features

  • Wild Flower Scent
  • Comes in a 16 Ounce bottle
  • Vitamin E Infused
  • Tanning Accelerator
  • Extreme Dark Tanning Lotion

Honest reviews


Not Usually the type who uses products like this

I don’t usually apply tanning lotion but this product is different. It lacks a chemical smell, and looks natural although it isnt. I put it on and sat in the hawaiian beach sun for about 2 hours and I could already see the difference. I highly recommend this product and if it works for me (dark skinned naturally) then it will work for you

Bertha Ocean City, MD

Love this stuff!

My girl friend uses this as her " go to lotion " . She loves it so much she wants me to buy even more. She says it gets the job done and is very useful. Definitely recommend this to anyone who loves to tan.

Imogene Houston, MS

Very Unique Product!

I have to say that this product is very useful in both having a great smell and the ability to darken your skin.Unlike other products that leave your skin sticky and dry a few hours later,this product will have your skin moist and smelling amazing.

Helena Naples, FL

Works great

I have the exact same problem every year before I hit the beach – I am too pale! But with the help of Darksyde Wicked Bronzer the problem is gone. I can enjoy my perfect tan and not worry about getting sunburns.

Deirdre West Milford, WV

Awsome product i love it

This tanning lotion is great I love it. I use it all the time and it works wonders on my body. It gets me to just the right color I want when I tan. I suggested it to my local tanning salon its that good.

Arline Colchester, VT

Great, make sure to use a moisturizer too

Just like every other lotion, it’ll dry your skin out after using it, so make sure to buy a moisturizer too, like Hempz which I absolutely love as well

Concetta Troy, ID

Great Bronzer!

This is the best tanning lotion that I’ve ever bought, which is pretty strange since it’s so cheap. It works and smells absolutely fantastic and allowed me to get a rich, even tan in the middle of April which is so hard to achieve when you live in the north. I highly recommend this bronzer!

Dana Fishersville, VA