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Darkness False Eyelashes K-ma 5

Darkness False Eyelashes K-ma 5

Key features

  • Top Quality False Eyelashes
  • New False Eyelashes Designs
  • Variety of Fake Eyelash Designs
  • Best Selling False Eyelash
  • Include 2 False Eyelid Glue

Honest reviews


These are amazing.

I love these lashes. I’m African American and have small eyes. I was about to give up on finding fake eyelashes. They were always too big. Too fake looking. I tried many of the popular brands like Ardell, Red Cherry, etc. They looked horrible on me. Luckily there is YouTube. I watch all the beauty gurus. Since I have small Asian like monolid eyes I had a eureka moment and decided to see what the Asian beauty gurus use when they want to put on fake eyelashes. Many suggested this brand. So off too Amazon I went to order them. I’m glad I did. These fit perfect. No cutting the eyelashes anymore. They also look more natural. Love these!

Ruby Friendship, NY

great product

i loved it, looks so natural, feels so comfortable,dont be scared. they look much smaller and nicer when you actually see them.just try and you will see what i’m talking about

Delia Walker Springs, AL

amazing eyelashes

I love these false eyelashes! they are very natural looking and very easy to apply too. It didn’t feel very heavy on your eyes too, which is a good thing. I will continue to purchase this in the future

Staci Dexter, NY


I really like these! The glue is great, too. I cut mine down, but these looked very natural on me. So natural that my mom didn’t even know I had them on until I told her I thought that my lashes weren’t set right. She said she wondered how my I got my eyelashes so pretty and thought it was because I brushed them out and curled them. So, needless to say, I love these and will purchase more of this brand. It comes with two tubes of glue, too, which is great. I don’t wear false eyelashes all the time, so I haven’t worn these in forever, but they really are better than all the other brands I’ve tried from beauty stores and drug stores.

Evangeline Toyah, TX

My new go-to lash.

These are my new favorite falsies. I can’t believe how beautiful and light they look on, and how durable. I can wash them and they’re still good to go. I don’t think I’ll ever use another lash, except for when I’m going for a darker, more dramatic look. These kma5’s are perfect for everyday, and evenings out.Edit 3-10-13: It’s almost been 2 years now and I STILL have these and STILL love them! You get 2 pairs in the package and I haven’t even used the second pair yet! I just wash the first pair and restick it in the tray; the tray has super strong glue that the ends of the lashes stick very well onto, so they retain their curve shape perfectly. If you were wondering about the durability of these lashes, they last for years! ^_^

Cathleen Jonesville, TX

Not as dramatic as hoped, but very cute.

I naturally have relatively thick eyelashes, but sometimes I like a little boost. These are very natural looking and very cute. Personally it wasn’t what I was looking for, but it would be perfect for someone with lighter eyelashes who want that nice natural look.

Geri Prospect, OR

Really sexy

The flares at the ends are very sexy. These lashes are natural looking and works well for the almond shaped eyes. I like these more than the K-ma 4 (which are half strips).

Millicent Cheraw, SC

i only use these

the yellow-capped glue is the best. these lashes are great for everyday use. they look dramatic in the box, but are really work-friendly.

Virginia Midway, AL

Flirty reusable eyelashes

These are not over-the-top like some falsies that just give it away immediately that you’re wearing fake eyelashes. They can be tricky to apply if you’re new to this sort of thing like me, but they look beautiful once they’re on and won’t attract the wrong sort of attention. You can apply mascara to them or not, they look great either way. They are very durable too as I have really been rough with these things trying to get them cleaned of with moist towelettes, and both pairs are still like new.

Sheryl Beverly, OH