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Darkness False Eyelashes K-ma 4

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not good enough

good product but you can easily see the line where you put them onits good and comfy, but just not good enough

Josie Canyon, TX


These lashes are very subtle. They are absolutely precious and add just enough to your lashes to make the wing shape. They are super comfortable and easy to apply. I did not use the two tubes it came with because I couldn’t identify either. I will be buying again from this brand.

Karen Greensboro, GA

These are the bomb

I absolutely love these eyelashes. The took a while to get here, but it was worth it. They are light and feathery and feel like I don’t have any falsies on! They look very natural, but give you that sweep a the end. They go on about 3/4 of your eye and the strip is very pliable. It was very easy to put them on (thanks to the awesome glue that comes with them) and after wearing them for 6 hours I had to touch them to make sure they were still on my eyes! They were that comfortable and still looked great! Love them.

Virginia Garden, MI

Good but not great

I own these and the K-ma 5. This pair is not as natural looking because it just suddenly flares at the end. I think it might work if you use two types of lashes together and use these to create the flare on another pair. I prefer the K-ma 5.

Ida King Of Prussia, PA

Sp Pretty

These are so pretty, just the right size, don’t look fake at all can wear everyday, very fun to wear makes you feel pretty, recommend.

Elsa Electra, TX


1. These arrived way faster than I had expected (which is always a plus!)2. The price wasn’t too bad3. I think the k-ma 4 makes more sense now that they’ve arrived because they smaller/ shorter than I expected. They will still do the job just fine but they’ll need to be placed closer to the outside lid.4. I would purchase again and plan on it! I already have others saved on my wishlist!

Tammie Wellton, AZ

Great Lashes

Love this lashes, i bought 2 pair of it & i cant get it enough using it.They are comfortable & this K-ma 4 lashes is looks really natural, which is i like.Highly recommend this.

Carolina Newcastle, OK

these are size small eyes

These are way to small for my eyes. I’m new to false eyelashes and didn’t know they came in different sizes.once I realized they were to small for my eyes I thought about it and realized that of course there are different sizes of eyes. So just be aware these are for small eyes

Ramona Lenox, TN