Danielle Cylinder Acrylic Cotton Pad Dispenser

Easy to clean and flatters any bathroom d�cor. Cylindrical unit keeps cotton pads neatly stacked and visible.

Key features

  • Easy to clean and flatters any bathroom decor
  • Cylindrical unit keeps cotton pads neatly stacked and visible
  • Single tier acrylic storage unit

Honest reviews


Okay for now!

I had read some reviews and looked at the picture, but did not notice there was an opening in the front. I bought it for cotton balls, so I just stuffed them in there and hope they are not bothered by any dust before I use them. The top was hard to put on at first. Of course, it is cheap plastic like the cotton swab container I bought. They serve their purposes for the time being.

Robert Beaverton, MI

Wish is was a bit taller

I really do like this product particularly the lid which has a snug fit. But I wish it was a bit taller so I could fit the entire stack of cotton pads rather than have a few stragglers.

Bessie Nardin, OK


A great organizer that can hold cotton rounds. This is great for me because I use cotton rounds everyday. This keeps my things organized and ready to use when in a rush. The clear design matches any decor. It’s a pretty way to stay neat.

Rene Sandy, UT


dude, didn’t think a plastic tube to hold my cotton rounds would be the best thing ever. I really hated reaching into the plastic bag holding my cotton rounds, especially as i got towards the end of the bag. the top is very sturdy – and somewhat hard to put on and off – that’s how sturdy it is. and it’s very thick/hard plastic, so no worries of having to buy a new one ever.

Mildred Danforth, ME

Great looking dispenser

I bought this dispenser to hold cotton pads on my make up table, I got tired of taking bagged pads in and out of drawer twice a day. This is the perfect solution. It looks great on make up table and is functional as well. You can remove pads without taking off top through wide opening and then turn dispenser around to hide opening. I also bought Danielle square cotton ball holder to keep Qtips next to cotton pads. They look great together and now everything is at my fingertips when needed.

Chasity Amherst, TX

Perfect for Organizing

I like to over organize everything, so when I found this, I had to go for it. It works well and helps get rid of clutter and packaging!

Marla Culdesac, ID

Atttractive, great organizer

Perfect for holding cotton rounds, easy to access when needed without fumbling with plastic bags. Looks nice on counter, too.

Marian Barton, AR

Just Okay

Looks good. Pads fit well. Just seems to be more trouble than worth it. Not that easy to get out.

Claudette Diller, NE

Cotton Pad Dispenser

This is simple but very handy, I chose it cause it was made of acrylic. It looks beautiful on my bathroom sink.

Irma Manhattan, KS

Very nice!!!!

I’m very happy with my new round cotton pad dispenser! It has a lid on top for refilling and a opening on the side to dispense the cotton rounds; yet closed enough to keep them free of dust and hair spray. It is made of an attractive transparent durable acrylic material and is easy to clean. The fact that it is clear makes match perfectly with any of your bathroom decor. AAA+++++

Emily Glen Lyn, VA

perfect for vanity/bathroom

super easy to use, lightweight and durable! I was so surprised by the quality once i took it out of the box. It came a day sooner than i expected, i would buy again.

Latisha Dundee, IL

Good Product

Danielle Cylinder Acrylic Cotton Pad Dispenser:
• arrived packaged adequately: no damage or scratches
• approximately 25% of tube is open to air(I twist open portion towards wall to avoid hairspray, etc.)
• provides easy access to contents
• removable lid fits snugly
• acrylic does NOT look or feel “cheap”
• 8-inch height is great (not refilling so often)
• Delon 100% Cotton Rounds (available on Amazon) fit perfectly
• recommended: Yes!

Gay Lake Isabella, CA

Perfect, great quality

Very nice quality, perfect size and compliments the layout display of my double sink bathroom. Would definitely recommend if you are looking to have your cotton pads handy and nicely organized

Fran Raceland, LA

Attractive and useful little dispenser BUT watch out for fakes

This is such an easy to use and attractive cotton round holder. It is weighted so that it stands upright and doesn’t fall over easily and makes my bathroom counter look more organized and neat, as well as keeping my cotton rounds clean (I used to store them under my bathroom cabinet in the bag they come in and it was somewhat of a hassle to get just one out when needed).Refilling it is easy as is removing one: cotton rounds slide in through the top to refill. They are dispensed through a slot along the side of the dispenser. It may be ridiculous by I so like this little dispenser. Is it really worth $10? Probably not, but I’m glad I bought it.update: purchased a second one shipped from internetsales13The one received from this seller is was not an authentic product. He went out of his way to resolve the issue by providing a replacement.

Mindy Malone, TX

Works, but maybe a little over priced

Took it out the box, filled it with my cotton pads and sat it on my vanity table. It looks just the way it does online and looks just the way I hoped it would on my vanity. It did seem like the lid wouldn’t fit for a moment but I just kept pushing it back down until it stayed and now it can come off and fit back into place without any problems. I see a few reviews where people are complaining about the front being open but the design makes sense to me. I can just reach in and slip a cotton pad out and when it starts to get low I won’t have to turn the container upside down to get the last few cotton pads out. I do think this maybe should have been 10 dollars instead of 15 but since it was exactly what I was looking for I was willing to pay the extra money.

Lucille Craig, AK

Very useful

This is the only cotton pad dispenser I’ve ever had, but it’s very useful. I’m glad I bought it. Much more classy than just having the cvs bag of cotton pads on your counter. I like that you don’t have to pull off the lid to take one out.

Raquel Norris, IL