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Daiso Japan Natural Pack Charcoal Peel Off Mask, 80 Gram

Formulated with the natural ingredients from Oak trees, it remover oils and all dirt and deeply clean the pore, leaving your skin cleaner with less visible pores.

Key features

  • Formulated with the natural ingredients from Oak trees, it remover oils and all dirt and deeply clean the pore, leaving your skin cleaner with less visible pores
  • Leaving the complexion deeply cleansed
  • Remove stubborn impurities and dead skin cells
  • Provide the vitality the skin needs, and smoothes the skins texture

Honest reviews


Shipping, Quality, Reaction!

The shipping took way less then I was expecting! I was super impressed and I was expecting much longer! I ordered it November 9th and got it November 15th!The quality is actually way better then many peel off masks I’ve had before! I washed my face and put it on, then waited about 10-20 minutes for it to dry, peeled it off and woah- ew! Haha! It also took off a layer of dead skin so I was silky smooth!I really like this product! My boyfriend saw how well it was working and he and his dad BOTH wanted to try it out- and it yanked absolutely everything that’s gross right out of their skin! I’m very satisfied and will be buying this again!

Madge Oreana, IL

Love it

Works great. My pores disappeared. Use a thick layer to make it easier to peel off. Smells really good to me too

Patrice Sweet Home, OR

love this, too bad price went up!!!

This mask is perfect, it looks like the world finally discovered this hidden gem and now it’s twice the price it used to be, oh well. ATTENTION: THIS MASK WORKS SO MUCH BETTER if you get your face REALLY HOT with hot water and leave some of the droplets on your face! THEN, leave it on for an hour instead of 15 minutes and on your whole face instead of just your nose, and you will have an army of removed blackheads on your black sheet of success when you peel it off! So sad about the price raise, but this stuff really works.

Edith Summit, NY

loved this mask!

I ordered this product on Feb 26 and received it on March 1st! (Regular shipping) The pores on my cheeks had been getting out of control as well as the ones on my nose so I was excited to try this mask; I washed my face with a sugar scrub and then regular face wash before applying, I took a nap while it dried and when I peeled it off I instantly felt a difference! My skin was soft and after a couple more uses my pores were clean and less noticeable, I definitely recommend this. The only problem for me is that the smell is a little too perfumey for my taste, didn’t stop me from using it though. Great product!

Leslie Welch, MN

Good Stuff

Well, I’ve just used this great product twice right now and I gotta say, it’s unique being a BLACK face mask and all. First, the backdrop: If you have oily/combo skin like I have that gets dry during the cold months, this stuff will dry your face up! I had dry patches around some of my pimple scars so make sure you have a toner or moisturizer on you when you peel it off. I’ve used a spritz I’ve made that is a little water extra virgin olive oil, and rose oil (or any herb to nourish the skin) and spray a little on my hands and rub it in. I would say and this is what I am going to do from now on is just save it for the hot months when my skin gets SUPER oily to balance it out. Believe me, sometimes living in the humid subtropical southeast U.S, has its drawbacks too. The next drawback is peeling the mask off…..imagine taking off a water-proof band-aid from your arm…but it’s your entire face….yah. Be very careful not to put the cream around your hairlines around your forehead or your eyebrows…you’ll be stripping hair and it’s pretty painful, you don’t want that.The best way to slap it on is rub it until you don’t see your skin color, to me that’s how you can be sure you’ve put enough on. Don’t put it on too much because you’ll have a wet spot while the rest of your face is ready to get the mask to peel off. Then, you’ll end up rubbing the spot off and on your fingers it can get pretty messy.Okay. now for the GOOD stuff.Not only it’s cool to have imported stuff but this is all natural, nothing to irritate the skin or dangerous chemicals (I’ve always checked before I’ve ordered anything to make sure) and I’m confident that it really did feed my skin nicely. I had fun putting on the mask paste and it feels weird when I feel my skin tightening up because it’s ready to be peeled off! lolThe directions says to put it on after you wash your face so maybe leave your skin pretty damp before putting on the mask so it won’t dry up as much when you take off? I might try that next time since you can’t use this more than twice a week. It’s not bad under $10 so get this while shipping is free (and tax free btw) so knock yourself out and try it just be mindful of what I’ve just shared. I wonder if it’s a good idea to put it in the fridge since organic stuff is pretty delicate as in they die under heat and light and it could cool down my skin during the summer time. Sweet!

Betty Babcock, WI

Works on oily skin

I loved it. It took a while to arrive from the seller but it was packaged well. You have to use a thick layer of the stuff. It takes twice as long as a normal mask or biore pore strip but picks up more gunk. The first time I used it, I steamed my face first then layered on the stuff all over my face but avoided eyebrows and hair based on the advice from other reviewers here who indicated it removes hair too. I have oily skin with huge pores. It took out a lot of gunk from the pores including dead flaky skin and fine hair—loved it. I am still fascinated by the whole process of peeling the dried film off and staring at the underside to see all the gunk so I have been using it a lot. The key tip here is steaming your face first or slapping it on after a steamy hot shower.

Mae Stuarts Draft, VA


I got this product because I was looking for a good peel of masque. This is clearly not the product for me. I have combination/oily skin and it only served to give more redness and made my skin far more oily. The peeling sensation was really nice, though be careful as it will pull and pull out fine hairs.

Polly Exeter, MO

Two Stars

Does not work at all!

Kelsey Pattonville, TX


Smaller then expected but this mask was amazing and my skin looked flawless. I’m only using this for the luxury.Overall a great buy

Nanette Sandy Creek, NY

Great value

A much better value than those pore strips, and it works better, too. My skin was so soft and smooth afterward. I’m not sure my pores were less visible, but they were definitely cleaner, and makeup applied more smoothly. I love that the peel-off masks clean up so easy. I will definitely buy more when I run out.

Beth Blythe, GA

I have no idea what the packaging says but it works great.

This stuff is great. It really makes your skin feel awesome. It is a little uncomfortable to take off but well worth it. It kinda feels like a nose strip when you pull it off. Plus it will really freak out your husband when you walk in the room without him knowing. I wouldn’t recommend wearing it outside cause you look like blackface and you don’t want to come off as a racist to your neighbors 😉

Kay Clarkdale, AZ

Just started

I just started using it so I am still waiting for results but the service is fast and great and price AMAZING

Yvonne Grandview, IA

works VERY well!

I used a black peel mask and had a hard time finding another good one.I saw the reviews and thought to give this one a DEFINITELY sticks well the face.. more so than the one i was first, it was painful.. but i got used to it.. i love the peels masks because it makes my skin feel so much softer afterwards..if you have a LOW pain tolerance.. i wouldn’t purchase this one..i would definitely buy again though!!

Gilda Benson, NC

Biore, for the face

I love this stuff!I am hooked.I love peeling it, holding it sideways and seeing what it pulled.Just be sure you pull it from top to bottom. Sometimes you have to hold your skin in place, as you pull.I am not sure how this would work on older people with less firm skin, but I am 30 and it’s perfect. It really grabs the skin as you pull, doesn’t hurt me. Just a friendly warning.

Shelby Barton, VT