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Daisan Being Cotton Special 222 Sheets

Daisan CS Being Cotton Special 222 Sheets is a 100% cotton sheet made from natural cotton! Use the cotton sheets according to the necessity. For example, – use this product when applying toner to your face.- use this product when removing nail polish.

Key features

  • Prevent to be fluffy and does not leave any fiber on your face.
  • Easy to stretch or tear up, which is easy to use for multi purposes such as applying toner to your face and removing nail polish
  • Total of 222 sheets, size: 50mm x 60mm, 100% Cotton
  • Straight from Japan

Honest reviews


Like woven cotton balls, but more expensive.

I was looking for the cotton squares mentioned in the book "Japanese Skincare Revolution." You’re supposed to stretch out cotton squares, saturate them with lotion and water, then mummify your face with it for 3-5 minutes until your skin hydrates.These squares are not it. They are about 2"x3", and don’t really stretch.PROS:- super soft cotton, feels great!- thick and plush, very absorbent- you get a huge pack of them- all natural cotton is good on your skin- you can peel then into 2 sheets if you wantCONS:- expensive, considering these are basically flattened cotton balls- leaves cotton residue on your face no matter what- don’t stretch- not ideal for Japanese Skincare RevolutionOVERALL:If you want to make a Japanese face mask, buy the actual cotton "Paper Face Mask" packs that Amazon sells. You get 100 and they are pre-cut into mask shapes. They work really, really well (you can check out my review over there).I ended up using these cotton squares to apply toner to my face. They’re useless as masks, but I love the quality and texture so much that I’d buy them again for my toner application.

Leigh New Straitsville, OH

Better than cotton rounds

I love these things, my only complaint is that I wish I had a better holder for them since they don’t fit well in the round thing I used to use for my cotton rounds. These things are so soft yet durable. I use them on my face, to remove eye make-up, nail polish and I even used them to clean my dogs ears. I will be buying these again.

Lorrie Fox, OK

Great product

I’d highly recommend this cotton pads. These require less liquid and stays moist. I’d recommend it. ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, , , , , , , , ,

Helene Elkton, SD

Good, soft but not exactly what is picture on the packaging.

They don’t split apart into sheets like I have seen with another Japanese brand. You can pull it apart like in the picture, but the inside is all fuzz, not smooth like the outside layer.

Mattie Floral, AR

Okay for taking off eye makeup

I was hoping to immitate the wonderful saleswoman at Shisheido who was able to soak a couple of cotton squares, gently pull them apart, and then place them on my face for a mini-facial. Unfortunately either due to my ineptness (or maybe I should just buy the Shisheido cotton pads) I just didn’t get the result I was hoping for.It is a little tough to gently pull them apart into thinner sheets, and once I was able to accomplish this feat and placed them on my face – I looked like a refugee from a failed medical experiment. All of those uneven, half-soaked, misplaced pieces of cotton scattered across my face just didn’t do it for me. But I’m sure they’ll be perfect for wiping off my eye makeup at the end of the day.UPDATE:Although these cotton squares didn’t work out as a facial mask – they are simply fabulous for removing eye make-up. They are ridiculously soft and unbelievalby absorbant when you put any kind of lotion on them. And you don’t need to use very much, in fact I was able to use one square for both eyes. Also, they don’t fall apart like cheaper brands do. If it’s possible to be strong and soft at the same time, than these fit the bill. They might be a little more expensive than the ones I usually buy from Wal-Mart, or Target, or Ultra 3 – but in the long run they are a much better bargain and a much more luxurious way to remove eye make-up.

Hannah Sunbright, TN

Love the cotton squares!

I like these cotton squares because it does not scratch your face. They are very soft and u can pull them apart if you don’t want a thinker piece.

Aurora Rutland, OH

mmmmm, soft

Love these!! They aren’t quite as capable of taking a beating as those cotton round thingies, but these are incredibly soft and gentle, and great for taking off eye makeup, or swiping a toner across your skin. i don’t recommend these for, let’s say, sewing into a dress, but if you’re buying these to make a dress out of them, I’m not sure my advice will be valuable to you anyway. Mmmm, so soft!!!

Rosario Mckenna, WA

This stuff is nice!

I am loving this stuff! I too am a user of the famed Japanese Skincare Revolution method and the lovely Chizu Saeki has not lead me wrong.First off, these sheets are undoubtedly cotton and are VERY absorbent. They make doing moisture masks a breeze, which by the way are FANTASTIC. They are not as big as I initially expected (they’re a bit smaller than a credit card) BUT that does not mean woe is you! You can actually SPLIT these cotton sheets apart and tug them to make bigger and more accommodating to your face. I can now make a single cotton sheet into three cotton sheet.I use four sheets every session making my stash usable for 55.5 sessions. Since I only do these moisture masks about 2 to 3 times a week, this is going to last me quite awhile and I’m definitely looking to repurchase when the time comes!

Abigail East Dennis, MA