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DAHOC Hair Styler

Easily create a simple Bun Elegant French Twist

Key features

  • Just Grab, Roll and SNAP!
  • As quick as a pony tail, styling in seconds.
  • Soft rubber won’t damage even frizzy hair.
  • Includes additional styles and directions.
  • Some styles require more than one.

Honest reviews


plastic junk

dont buy it if u love yr money it notworth even 1 penny …its a piece of plastic not able to hold hair its jst wastage

Michelle Flossmoor, IL

I couldn’t really figure it out.

I didn’t spend long enough with this product to figure it out. I know other reviewers said that it definitely takes some persistence, but I didn’t really put much time in and gave up pretty easily. My hair kept slipping out as I was rolling it, and by the time I got it all rolled back up it didn’t seem like it could close very well. I have very long hair though, at least halfway down my back. I probably won’t spend any more time trying it though, because I’ve decided to chop it all off into a pixie cut.

Earline Hampton, GA

Not what I expected

This really didn’t work at all as I expected. I don’t know if I didn’t understand the directions or if my hair is just not thick enough. Don’t buy it if you don’t already know it will work for you.

Elvira Buda, IL

“Me” Thinks Not…

I noticed some other reviewers state that this product is made of a hard plastic. Now, maybe I didn’t get the exact same product, but the bun tool I received is made completely from a very flimsy and flexible rubber material. However, the main problem I have with it is that the connecting ends are extremely easily seperated. This probably wouldn’t be a big deal if the rubber were a moldable wire material instead, but as it is, no thank you.

Ola Guthrie, KY

Ok for thinner long hair.

If you have long thick hair like I do this hair styler is not for you! It just can’t hold a lot of hair.

Natalie Texline, TX

what the heck?

even with instructions on the container, I have no flippin idea how to use this thing. Waste of my money. Ah well it was only a couple dollars anyway.

Dorothea Buskirk, NY