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Dabur Vatika Hair Oil, 300-ml Bottles

Dabur Vatika is a premium coconut hair oil enriched with henna, amla, lemon, and six other trusted herbs. Vatika’s unique natural formulation ensures deeper oil penetration to give your hair and scalp complete nourishment for problem-free, healthy hair.

Key features

  • Delicate mix of pure coconut oil with special hair care herbs including henna, amla and lemon
  • Blended together to strengthen each strand of hair from within
  • Provides natural nourishment to your hair
  • Gives hair body and radiance, taking care of the critical balance of nutrients

Honest reviews


Great for strength – Beware of smell

great when mixed with other oils. Protects hair from heat damage, prevents damage (processed African American hair), and tames new growth. I noticed when i apply the oil to my scalp and work up a sweat (working out) my hair has a raunchy smell. It can be very oily so be cautious when applying to thin hair. Otherwise, its a great product. (Used for over a year with other essential oils combined; Jamaican castor, neem, and almond oil). Good Luck!

Noemi Pearson, WI

Nice product, but freezes all the time

This hair oil is of good quality and easy to use. You can use it for your hair or skin. It has mild fragrance and is very clear and of good quality. The biggest problem is it freezes quite a bit, even at ~65-70 degrees. So it’s a pain to thaw it all the time with hot water.

Erna Intervale, NH

Got this the next day after ordering

I ordered the four pack and I have already used this in my hair. The consistancy is good enough for my 4a/4b hair and I’m glad I purchased this. You are instructed to pierce the top cover to extract the oil. The bottles are about 10 oz. I left this to melt at room temp and its fine by me.

Joan Two Dot, MT


I love this product! In conjunction with my Amla by Dabur this product is a keeper. My hair loves this product. Whenever my hair is breaking and or shedding I can always depend on this product to whip it back into shape. A little goes a long ways, I notice that my hair is literally thriving from this product. I highly recommend this product to others. I always have at least 3 bottles handy at a time because I use it so much, and HATE to run out.

Kathryn Florence, SD

I don’t care for the smell, but it’s a great hair product

I love Vatika Oil (which is a really mix of coconut oil, neem, brahmi, amla, bahra, kapur kachiri, henna, rosemary oil, lemon oil and milk.) It comes in a pretty, well-designed green bottle that almost looks like a piece of art on the shelf. don’t like the smell of oil (that sometimes smells a bit like rancid mothballs.) But, I can deal with the smell, since you’re only supposed to keep it on for a few hours or overnight.The milk is also a mild form of a light protein treatment (but I’m sure heat would be needed).So far, so good. I have less breakage and my hair seems to be growing a little bit, and thickening. When I leave it on overnight, (unlike other oils), my hair seems to become extremely moisturized from Vatika. My gray hairs don’t seem to be darkening any, however, in spite of the addition of the henna. You only get 10.14 fl oz per bottle, but this should last for a while. But, I suggest, depending on what the Amazon prices are, comparison shop to get the best deals.

Rosie Bradford, RI