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Dabur Vatika Enriched Coconut Hair Oil 150ml

Premium coconut hair oil enriched with henna, amla, lemon and five other trusted herbs. Includes 2 bottles of Dabur Vatika Coconut Oil 150ml.

Key features

  • Premium coconut hair oil enriched with henna, amla, lemon and five other trusted herbs
  • Provides natural nourishment to your hair, giving it body and radiance, taking care of the critical balance of nutrients
  • Ensures deeper oil penetration to give your hair and scalp complete nourishment for problem free, healthy hair
  • Strengthens the roots of your hair, to help maintain their health and natural thickness
  • Contains 2 bottles of Vatika Oil 150ml

Honest reviews


It works

I use this as a scalp oil and it does leave my hair a lot softer. As far as making my hair thicker, Im not sure, my hair has always been thick so I can’t really vouch for that. It has a pleasant smell, it kind of smells like a coconut pastry, if you do not like coconut or REALLY sweeet smells than I would not recommend this, it is quite strong. Im vegan but this product is only vegetarian. I did not realize that this had milk in it so when Im done with the last two bottles I will not be buying again. Still a really good scalp oil, it can also be used when flat ironing hair. It leaves a really nice subtle shine.Full list of ingredients:Coconut Oil, Neem, Brahmi, Fruit extracts of Amla, Bahera and Harar, Kapur Kachri, Henna, Milk, Rosemary Oil, Lemon Oil, TBHQ, Fragrance.

Ophelia Hightstown, NJ


I guess this product is exactly what was advertised, but still not what I expected. It is a very viscous oil, and wil make your hair greasy and slimey when you apply it. It is recommended that you leave it in your hair overnight, but don’t do this unless you want your pillowcase to look like the bottom of a french fry basket.This oil does not smell anything like coconut. My kids think I smell like rotten pickles when I use it. I think it smells more like an Asian seafood marinade. Regardless, it’s not a look or smell you will find desirable.It congeals to a solid between uses, and has to be heated to turn it back into a liquid. Not interolerable, but inconvenient.As for the effect on my hair, I can’t say as I have noticed a significant difference. I have been using regularly for about 2 weeks, and while I have no particular complaints about my hair, neither have I noticed any difference in it. I have to believe that I can get similar or greater benefits from other hair oils with less of these unpleasant other qualities.

Ivy Bend, OR

LOVE this oil!

I use a variety of oils on my hair and this one is definitely a favorite of mine. I love coconut oil, so the fact that this product is a combination of that and other great oils/ingredients convinced me to buy it. (I’d been hearing a lot of good things about this product as well). I have long, thick, relaxed hair, and I use about a quarter-sized amount on my entire head of hair after moisturizing. It makes my hair very soft, shiny, and manageable! I am on the fence about whether or not I like it better than plain coconut oil, but it is at least just as good! I was a little afraid of how it would smell since I’d been reading generally negative remarks about the smell, but I actually like it. It smells lemony, with a hint of coconut. The lemony smell makes it smell a bit like a cleaning product, though, but it doesn’t bother me.The only thing I don’t like about this product is the packaging. There is a hole in the top of the bottle (you need to puncture it in order to make the hole) that you have to pour it out of. The oil comes out quickly, which means that it’s easy to pour out more than you need. It also gets pretty messy because what didn’t go into your hand after you’re done pouring will leak down the side of the bottle (this is also a waste of oil!). Additionally, I live in Chicago and it’s winter, so I have to heat this bottle up every time I want to use it because the coconut oil solidifies in cold temperatures. A jar would be a much more appropriate container for a coconut oil-based product.Here are the ingredients, for those interested: Coconut Oil, Neem, Brahmi, Fruit extracts of Amla, Bahera and Harar, Kapur Kachri, Henna, Milk, Rosemary Oil, Lemon Oil, TBHQ (t-butyl hydroquinone), Fragrance.

Erica Salem, UT

great stuff

i have been using coconut oil on my hair for a long time but this stuff is like coconut oil on steroids. for the past few years my hairline has been receding. my mother and grandmother also had receding hairlines so i thought that would also be my fate. after using this oil for a few months, i noticed my hairline growing back. i almost have the hairline of my youth. i used to wear a glue in weave and the glue removal left my hair broken and thinning. my hair was so damaged that i had to do ” the big chop.” i decided to go natural after that. i find my hair is much thicker now and really strong. i will still use coconut oil on my skin but i will use vatika on my hair.

Octavia Cuddebackville, NY

Depends what you’re looking for….

I got this to try because, honestly, I was feeling a little too cheap to shell out so much money for moroccan oil and wanted something that would make my hair super soft and manageable. I put this on one day while hanging out at home and left it in a few hours. When I washed it out, my hair was soooo soft, silky, and shiny, I couldn’t believe it!I was having a few issues with flaky scalp at the time and this helped a lot with that too. However, I noticed after using this twice that my hair (I have very thick, curly hair that is a light brown color) was significantly lighter in color…it almost reminded me of how my hair looks after swimming in a chlorinated pool, though that wasn’t the case. After that happening, I did a little research, and apparently, this product contains something (I don’t remember the exact details) to help preserve it that is actually a bleaching agent and not good for your skin/body! I ended up tossing it and am now looking for something different – but I’m going to look into the ingredients better this time! Some reviews I came across of this product mention that it helps with gray hairs, and this might be true, so if you’re needing help with that, you might like it. Another thing I’ll mention is that this is kind of stinky…not what you’d expect from the name “coconut hair oil” – it also has henna and lemon or something like that in it too that gives it an odd smell, almost like a gross rancid smell.

Socorro Potterville, MI


I was less than impressed with this coconut oil for the hair. It didn’t do a thing, didn’t even smell good at the very least so needless to say, it was a waste of money and worse yet, it cost almost as much to ship as I paid for the product. Will not be ordering hair products anytime soon.

Shirley Coal Township, PA

awesome surprise!

I’ve been using this product for a month now and I received a great surprise. This product actually darkened my grays and greatly reduced the amount of visible gray hair. It does contain henna, so now I can hide my grays without having to buy hair dyes anymore. A little goes a long way! Great value for the money.

Pamela Spirit Lake, ID

Not for me

My mom gave me a bottle of this stuff to try, and honestly I was not very impressed. First of all, the fragrance they put in it is definitely unique… and not something I’m a fan of. Second of all, one of the times I used it the top (not the green bottle top but the white top on the inside where the oil comes out) came off while I was squeezing it (because it was having a hard time coming out) and the stuff went everywhere all over my bathroom mirror and sink and all my products/stuff. Was not very happy after that and ended up just throwing the little bit that was left away.I think I’m going to just stick to my plain old coconut oil. I use it on my hair as an overnight treatment or a pre-shampoo treatment (I let it soak in my hair & scalp for at least 20 minutes before washing). I love using coconut oil too because I can mix it with castor oil and sometimes a little raw honey for a real sweet treat for my hair -makes it so shiny and healthy.I’m sure this stuff is good for your hair (of course it has coconut oil in it, which has been proven to protect and nourish hair) but I’m just not a fan of the bottle design or the smell/fragrance in it (especially when I can make my own concoction using essential oils for smell like lavender and then my own oils with coconut oil as the base).So, thanks Mom, but this one isn’t a keeper for me. 🙂

Carmela Salisbury, CT

Used on natural and relaxed

Tried this a couple of years ago on natural hair with good results; used on braided hair, even better resuslts. A friend used a bottle of mine on relaxed hair and had phenomenal results. In a matter of weeks, had significant growth and less breakage. Basically, with continued use, experienced improved and more impressive results. On grey hair, did not notice a color change, but definitely a sheen; on flatironed hair-softer, silky, body and sheen. This may not be the experience for everyone, but it worked here. Love the scent, kind of reminds one of incense. Initially purchased on Amazon, but also found in local Indian grocery stores.

Candice Whaleyville, MD

If you have fine hair, please read….

I really wanted to try this because of all the great reviews. I have very fine hair and since I use natural shampoos, it can be a little on the dry side. So, I purchased this wonderful coconut hair oil to help. I should have tried it out on the weekend to make sure the effect if would have on my hair. Needless to say, I didn’t….. so before I left for work one day, I washed my hair and put this oil on, then let it sit for a few minutes before I washed it out. Then I went to work, letting my hair dry naturally (I don’t ever blow dry my hair). But, it never dried…actually, it was saturated with oil still even though I washed it out. Thank goodness I never put conditioner on the top part of my hair, only from the crown down. Otherwise it would have been so much worse! I took an early lunch to run home and shampoo my hair again. Thank goodness I don’t live very far from my job! It felt so disgusting and oily! The girls at work thought it was pretty funny, and I had to laugh, too. It was seriously oily!!! So, after I washed my hair with shampoo, (I obviously didn’t condition again!), I sat in front of my fan to read and let my hair dry. After it dried, my lunch break over, I headed back to work with nice clean hair. I was really impressed with how shiny and soft my hair was after it dried, especially because I didn’t condition it after washing it again. Normally, I always have to condition, otherwise my hair is a tangled mess. But, I didn’t want to chance having greasy hair still, so I took my chances. So, please learn from my mistake….if you have fine hair this is what I recommend… Wash your hair, then apply this coconut oil and let it sit for a few minutes, then shampoo your hair again…. and let dry. And you will hopefully have wonderful soft and shiny hair like I did. I am very pleased with this product, after finding a way for it to work for me. I highly recommend it!

Ronda Lorman, MS

The best hair oil

After reading a lot of the reviews on here, I can’t believe how dumb people really are. Coconut oil hardens when it is below 73 degrees. You can pop the bottle in the microwave for ten seconds to get it soft again. Anyway, I think it smells amazing, I saturate my hair with this before coloring with henna and indigo. I occasionally will leave it on overnight, just make sure you put a towel on your pillow or put a shower cap on.

Wilda Loysburg, PA

Great natural hair product.

I was a little surprised by the size of the bottle [5.07 oz each]. Anyway, I like how it makes my hair feel. My hair is soft but this makes it feel even softer. The product is very thick so a little goes a long way. I love using it on freshly washed hair. I use a small amount [the size of a dime] and rub it on my ends and through my hair. It has a nice citrus like scent which I like. It doesn’t weight the hair down while giving the hair a nice sheen. I love the fact that ALL the ingredients are natural and beneficial to the hair.

Anita Timberville, VA

A little goes a long way

I was pleasantly surprised by the product, makes my hair very soft. Be warned… a little goes a long way, you do not need a lot to cover your entire head. The shipping cost was too high, I will purchase product again, but will order from a different source.

Marjorie Osage Beach, MO

Excelente producto!

Este aceite es excelente! Lo compre para mi hija que tiene el pelo largo y rizado, con sus clases de natacion lo tenia muy opaco y reseco. El aceite le sano el cabello, ahora esta de nuevo sedodo y manejable. Yo no lo habia usado porque tengo el cabello muy corto y temia me quedara grasoso. Para mi sorpresa me le da volumen y se ve mas sano y brillante. Yo lo recomiendo ampliamente.

Carolina Prairie Du Chien, WI

Love this stuff!

I am an African-American woman with natural hair & had read many blogs of “naturalistas” who praised this product to the skies as an effective pre-poo so I decided to give it a try.I knew that the Vatika was a solid product that I’d need to warm in order for it to liquify so I placed the bottle in a bowl of moderately hot water for about 5 – 10 minutes. Afterwards I saturated my hair with the oil, finger detangled, sectioned then covered with a conditioning cap for 1+ hour(s). Next I rinsed the Vatika out of my hair with cool water before co-washing it. My hair is left feeling super soft & moisturized since I’ve added the Vatika to my regimen & I love the smell once it’s warm & liquified – lemony graham crackers.I’ve been using the Vatika oil since late August 2012 & although it doesn’t cover my grays nor change my hair color, I have noticed that I can go longer between color touch-ups. Prior to using this oil, I needed to touch up every 4 weeks but since I started using it I have gone as long as 8 weeks before needing to refresh my color.It also works well as a moisturizer for my twists & scalp; my hair doesn’t feel overly moisturized or weighed down and I usually apply it every other night.The Vatika didn’t work as a sealant or leave-in for me: it didn’t seem to work well with the moisturizer I used (Shea Moisture Coconut/Hibiscus Smoothie) and my hair was rather frizzy after a braid-out.I do agree with a previous comment that depending upon what you want the Vatika to do within your hair regimen, you may have a positive or negative experience with it and thankfully thus far, my experience has been beyond positive.

Betsy Guadalupe, CA

I like this but it is oily

If you sleep with it overnight, be prepared for oily hair for a few days (even if you wash it). However, it does help making your hair look oily. I don’t care for the smell. I would try other products once I finish this one. I would recommend it for dry scalp. I don’t have that problem but it was nice on my hubby’s hair. It is worth a try if you have dry frizzy hair.

Martina Ravenna, OH

Back for more! Read about solidifying.

I was overseas for a little while and I watched what the Indians and Nepalese do with coconut hair oils (this Dabur oil is also made in India, but this particular one from Amazon is made in Europe). They apply in the evening and keep it on overnight (you should wrap your hair or use a protective pillow case) or if they’re not going anywhere they’ll comb it through their hair and braid it until they’re ready to wash it out. I’ve started doing likewise and now have more manageable, tangle free and silky hair using this product. The coconut smell is great and natural like real coconuts and not artificial. It doesn’t take but a few drops to cover my long, thick hair, and the applicator makes it easy to get just the right amount. It washes out easily. I wash my hair twice leaving the shampoo on for a few minutes the second time through and rinse well. I use my regular conditioner. I was very happy to see there was no oily buildup. I use this product about once every week or two.Update: The product does solidify (natural coconut oils do this when they get cool below 75 degrees), but that doesn’t mean it has gone bad. You just remove the rubber part and squeeze some in your hand. Rub your hands together and the warmth will liquify it instantly. My hair has never looked better. I love this stuff! I have less dandruff, my hair color is more uniform, my waves are more defined and surprisingly I can go longer between washes.

Anne Burkes Garden, VA


I really like this stuff! I use it for a pre-shampoo treatment and add it to my deep conditioner. The smell is kinda like an earthy. lemony type situation. It’s kinda strong and can stick with you for a bit, but I don’t find it terribly offensive. I’ve only used it a handful of times, but I’m looking forward to the benefits of lessened hairfall and increased growth and strength from the additional herbs.

Mercedes Totowa, NJ

I know it’s oil, but there is such a thing as too oily.

I appreciate that it comes in a 2 pack, but it was way too difficult. Number 1, it was impossible to get out without assaulting the bottle, finally gave up an scooped it out. 2. It was in a solidified form, that made it difficult to gauge about how much oil I was really getting until it was too late. It’s just not for me.

Arline Lake Como, PA

Great product

Tried practically every natural oil to seal my (Natural African) hair, but my ends still remained dry and shedding constantly. I even tried other coconut oils, (pure, organic), but ended up eating them on some pancakes, (which was very good, let me say…..:)) but it didn’t seem to do much for my hair. Vatika, was a last result and I am very very satisfied. Noticed result pretty quickly. Less shedding when I washed my hair and my strands feels notably softer. I love it so much I order two more bottles before I finished with the first one.

Tisha Harris, NY

It’s so so of a product

Doesn’t smell that great and I haven’t seen any improvements with following the directions printed on the bottle. I have dry, coarse hair with dandruff and was looking to make my flakes go away along with softening my hair.

Letitia La Crescent, MN

A Keeper!

Fabulous deep conditioner! The herbs literally tingle on your scalp and hair. I bought my 300ml bottle for $4.00 at Lakshmi’s Cupboard (an online store) – it was totally worth the price. My hair detangled so much easier when I used it – felt softer too when it dried.

Lizzie Frost, MN


This hair oil is amazing, I try to use it three times a week, and it makes your hair soft, and the shine is amazing, also it helps your hair have less tangles in it! which is always a big plus for me, Also if you give this about a month or a month and a half you will all of a sudden notice a big difference in your hair length, it starts growing fast after that, it did for me. I realize everyone’s hair is different. I love the fact its full of great ingredients for your hair, and knowing that coconut oil is one of the oils that is proven to actually penetrate the hair shaft, is a Major plus. You should give it a try, especially for the price, you may find out its what your hair has been looking for, and if it’s not for you, then at least your not out a fortune! and girls you know what I mean; because their is many of products we all purchased for our hair for boo-koo bucks only to find out it didnt work! that’s a true kick in the gut, I know.

Alissa Payson, AZ


I have dry blonde brittle hair … I’m trying to grow to my mid back . I am 39 and swim a lot . I started sleeping in this not really thinking it would do anything but the next day after I wash it out my hair is alive and shiny and feels sooo good !! Def will keep in my regimen. This was great price though ill probably just buy at Walmart now .

Serena Bremond, TX

makes my hair really shiny

my hair is very shiny and healthy now since I’ve started using this… my hair is thicker too now… I love it!

Hallie Mc Mechen, WV

I love IT

Hi, I must say I am extremely happy with this coconut oil. I love the smell. It has a soft scent to it. I am Hispanic, and my hair is naturally oily in the roots, but my ends are dry, After a few applications (daily for 1 week) I must say I can see the difference. My hair is getting in a much better shape and is extremely soft and has lost of volume. I also recommend Godrej Nupur Mehendi Powder 9 Herbs Blend, as it restores your hair to a much healthier condition… Overall this product is a must!

Emilia Brookfield, MO

Love this stuff!

I like to use this combined with other oils for my custom made hot oil treatment that I use twice a month. I also add a bit to my deep conditioning mix.

Sue Rumsey, CA

Wow what a great buy!

I LOVE THIS OIL……and I don’t see what all the fuss is about getting the product out of the bottle!When it arrived it was already liquefied due to the heat outside.I punched a huge hole at the top of the bottle with scissors and that took all of a second…I decided it would be perfect in an applicator bottle..poured it in there and that was hassles etc.It did turn back into a solid so I just put the bottle in hot water and after a minute or two it was back to its glorious self lol.This is really a great buy…you can’t beat the price and you get two bottles.I put it all over my daughter’s wet hair she has soft curly hair and then cleansed it..her hair was super soft and her scalp isn’t dry like it was before…I put it on my scalp while my hair was dry and it is soft and shiny! MY HAIR IS COURSE LOL BUT IT will work on a lot of different types of hair..give it a try.

Maryanne Edwall, WA

Doesn’t smell as bad as everyone says!

I haven’t used this very long. I don’t mind the smell. I have transferred it to another bottle to be able to heat it up and us more readily. I think it is a great oil for hot oil treatments and deep conditioning. I was already using coconut oil on my hair and I think this will be even better since it has herbs in it to help with the hair.

Jamie Bloomfield, MO

The best hair oil ever!!

This coconut oil is absolutely the BOMB!! My hair loves it so much. Great great product!! As soon as my oil is low I’m definely ordering more and more. I got this oil because of a recommendation from a YouTube member and I’m glad I did.

Tori Sheldon, ND