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D.U.P Wonder Eyelid Tape Mild – 120pcs

D.U.P Wonder Eyelid Tape Mild – 120 pcs Keep your double eyelid for whole day Only 0.09 mm, extremely thin transparent double-sided tape. Soft and gentle feeling adhesive.

Key features

  • Peel the eyelid tape from the sheet gently and apply to your eyelids
  • Tapes is very thin, transparent, and it have adhesiveness
  • Make eyes like natural double eyes
  • 120pcs
  • Straight from Japan

Honest reviews


Works well

This is the first time I used something like this. It takes a bit of practice but it works pretty well. After one day after I took it off it stayed at the crease. I heard your suppose to wear it for 22 hours a day for 3 months for the effects to be permanent . So if that’s true then its a good alternative to surgery.

Sherry Keystone, SD

Love these!

Been wearing these about a year & am waiting to get the face & eye lift Spring 2013…am 57 y.o. I’m happy w/these til I can get the lids lifted. These have helped w/the loose skin folds on my upper eyelids. Don’t use a cream or eye shadow on your lids b/4 or these won’t stick. I’ve found if I don’t place one just right i can add another…then use a mineral blusher on the lids, applying w/a small brush & “dabbing” my eyelids AFTER placing these on. Then I apply white or lighter color eye shadow just under the browline & that seems to make the eye lid appear more open. These are great for women my age and I’ll continue wearing them until I don’t need to any lonoger. (Even my Botox Dr. hadn’t noticed them til my last injections-pointed them out to him…said he’d never noticed them b/4).

Charity Roxton, TX

Great Product

I wanted to wait a few months before I wrote this review…This product is great for people who want double eyelids or want to correct their eye crease. This is the third time I’ve ordered this product and I’ve already been seeing some great results:) You can’t wear this in public because it IS noticeable but I like to wear this at home and to sleep. If you do need to go outside with it, wear some dark sunglasses (it’s summer so nobody will care). Also, to apply it, I found tweezers easier to use than the applicator they provide. In the beginning, you might find it hard to put on, but after the fifth time, you get the hang of it. Also, I can say that this product is definitely better than eye glue….

Casandra Brooke, VA

Who Needs the surgery after discovering this product

I have monolids and have been considering the eyelid surgery for quite some time now. I am lucky to have round and big eyes just no extra lid. So before going through with the surgery I wanted to try these out to see if having the crease would make much of a difference. These were easy to use and I am considering not proceeding with the surgery, but instead using these moving forward. They give my eyes the natural crease look, they are sweatproof, and sleep proof too. I accidentally purchased the mild adhesive so will try the extra adhesive on my next order.

Naomi West Sand Lake, NY

eyelid tape

the tape sticks to my lid pretty well, but the sticky parts will stay on my lid when I take the tape off. but overall, it’s a good product

Janna Lake Pleasant, NY

Succeed !!!

I am in the process of turning my eyelid into double eyelid. I use this product every night during my whole sleep. And now I succeed being double eyelid. Love it so much !

Elsa Ozark, AR