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D.U.P Wonder Eyelid Tape Extra – 120 pcs

Click below for English instruction:

Key features

  • Double Eyelid Tape

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Why is sticky on BOTH sides? It makes my makeup go on weird and you can see the tape, not to mention it really irritates my skin….fail.

Dianna Bulan, KY

It really works

I ordered these in the hopes of lifting my droopy eyelids due to age and they work. I have tried other eyelids tapes and glues in the past and most of them are either visible or they didn’t stick for long on my oily skin These in the other hand either though they long very narrow are strong enough to hold for up to 12 hours on my eyelids and the best part is that you can’t see I have it on.

Tanisha Buckman, MN

A real eye opener!

If you go with the Extra hold version, they hold quite well. Instructions are in Japanese but there are pictures and they are simple to follow. They provide a plastic tweezer that is good for getting one edge of the tape onto the tweezer for easy application without touching the sticky side. Remember to leave the white paper on until you have positioned it on your eyelid. The white paper will separate at the middle and will come off easily.Make sure you have CLEAN skin … NO lotions, makeup, or anything on your lids.***Update*** After a week I have gone through 36 pieces simply because of trial and error but I think I’ve got the hang of it now. You will find you need to place it lower than you may think, and I also realized that I cannot place it exactly on one eye as I do the other because my eyelids are a bit different so I have a little bit of a different approach for each eye. Using these is actually easy and effective. Tape is very strong and stays put. There are 120 pieces for 60 uses minus your trial & error throw-aways the first week! I find the tweezers good for getting the tape on, but the instructions show them used to press the lid inward, but that does not work because you end up sticking the tweezer onto the very sticky tape. The biggest challenge I have now is getting it off. It sticks that well! As a testament to this item, I just ordered 2 more packages!

Jana Edelstein, IL

Works for caucasian hooded eyes!

I just got it today and tried it right away. It works! I’m a Caucasian and I have hooded eyes. Both my parents have hooded eyes. My eyes looked fine when I was younger cause I still had a little bit of upper eyelid showing. So, I could put make up and enhance my eyes with it. But over the last 5 years as I approached 30, I noticed that the hood above my upper eyelid sagged very quickly and noticeably. So that it started resting on my eyelashes. It changed the shape of my eyes, made them look smaller, tired and the make up didn’t help any more. I was getting frustrated and was considering Botox, which is a toxin… omg, I didn’t want to do it. I started cutting thin scotch tape stripes and use them to lift my hood. It worked fine but I couldn’t use it with the makeup because it would become noticeable. So, these strips work kind of like an eye lift surgery. They tuck away extra skin into the crease, the skin from the hood and the eyelid stick together and create a new crease. Now, I can put makeup over the new crease. I love them!

Rosa Bolivar, NY

What an awesome product!

I just started using these a week ago and I have to say they are amazing. I was always bothered by my left eye because it doesnt have a double eyelid but my right eye does. This double sided eyelid tape did wonders for me, it is practically invisible, no one will ever notice that I even have it on. I am a lot more confident in showing my eyes because I used to have my bangs cover my left eye since I feel that my uneven eyelids are extremely noticeable. Very satisfied with the product, I hope it can actuallly help make a crease for my left eyelid:)) will definitely buy more when I run out!

Joanna Mc Naughton, WI

Always hard for a beginner!

Never used Eyelid Tape before, and try this for my first product. As people said, it is easy to use because the instruction is provided. But, it’s always tricky for a beginner, especially using the eyelid tape. Tried many times since it has 120pcs, I don’t have to worry about how many I tried. I think it works well, and you cannot see yourself wearing eyelid tape when you put it on. Need to pratice more!!

Jannie Baylis, IL

Finally I found the right double eyelid tape for me…

Finally i found the right double eyelid for me… It’s easy to apply, in just a few seconds, already done! unlike the fiber one… More important, it’s not visible! even u don’t put any make up(-;

Francesca Kotzebue, AK

it works

A friend of mine recommended this as I was looking for some way to make my eyelids even. I’m Chinese with double eyelids, but last year the crease on my left eyelid somehow switched higher and it just made my eyes look uneven. My friend told me there’s a Michelle Phan tutorial online about how to change your crease. And here I come.So now I use this on my right eye and have been wearing it only during the night. As many have menioned before, this is a STRONG tape. You will probably spend several sets to practice, but removing & reapplying is painful. It’s too irritating and I feel that I may get a looser eyelid if I use it for months. but it stays tight. I’m still trying to find a way to remove it, as I can only read those Chinese characters on the instruction (it’s a Japanese product) and so far didnt see anything about how to take it off gently. I think water helps, yet it’s still irritating.I’m still on my first week. Will update when I see a result!

Matilda Park, KS

Great idea

This idea is great. Unfortunatley, it did not work well for me. I guess, for me, if the strips were witderit would have done a better job.

Adrian Honey Grove, TX


i tried this other brand that amazon sold… umm talk about having to explain to strangers wtf was on my eyelids.. this D.U.P brand is very thin, strong, and DOUBLE SIDED (WHICH IS A MUST). It does a great job of glueing both skins together on ur eyelid so it really doesnt show much in public.. i feel much less self conscious wearing it to work. it is a little bit trickier to put on since it’s double sided. i find using tweezers was easier than using their funny protractor device it came with. give it a try! as far as progress on my double eyelid…. i wear the cheaper crappier ones to bed and use the D.U.P brand during the day… my lids are still not staying in by themselves but i’ve only been consistently at it for a few weeks. will update in future….biggest tip on applying these tapes:**** get all lotion/grease off ur eyelid… i use a cotton swab and use that pore astringent stuff to get rid of excess oils.

Pam Alfred Station, NY

great for eyelid tape

got this to try before my blepharoplasty, and they do work well. a little tricky to figure out in the beginning, but just takes practice.

Robbie Eunice, LA

Probably takes a lot more practice to master the art of applying it

I watched videos and read some people’s blogs of how to apply it. I practiced a few times but never got the knack of it. I do feel it’s a waste of my money.

Shari Earlville, IA

Worked for a few hours

As a sixty-something I bought this eyelid tape after watching several youtube examples of how to apply it. The strips are very tiny and must be handled carefully, although they are not difficult to apply. After being applied, they work exactly as they say they will–for three or four hours, then the adhesive seems to give up. The strips are virtually invisible so the worst that can happen is that the adhesive lets go and I go back to looking like a sixty-something with baggy eyelids. For that reason, I cannot recommend them.

Eloise Lockwood, CA

perfect for monolids

takes a bit to get used to using, and the edges are too pointy so i have to cut them off or they irritate my eyelids. but the double sided tape works wonders!

Rochelle Sabana Seca, PR

Extremely easy to apply compared with the Fiber tape

My third pack. Extremely easy to apply compared with the Fiber tape. I always use it when I m in a hurry and need a perfect eye shape.

Lakesha Stanton, NE

Good but difficult to put on

Maybe I was not good at this, but it took me quite some time to put it on. It did make the eye look more pretty.

Leanne Joiner, AR

it works

It works for me to even out my right eye lid with the left one but if I want to put eye make up on, one sticky side always comes off and start to show — still a good product but not quite for me.

Concetta Ord, NE

Just OK

These are okay for a couple of hours. If you have oily eyelids like I do, they will not last very long. Some parts held the skin very well, but the ends didnt hold well at all making the eyelid look a bit strange. It takes a bit of practice to find the optimal spot for application. I threw them out and wont repurchase.

Selena Sutter Creek, CA

Good product

Its really expensive, but it was worth it. It works really well once you figure out how to use this properly, but still it takes a while to see permanent results, everything has a process. The thing is, it is still pretty noticeable, and I highly suggest don’t wear it in public, or else it’s really embarrassing, learned that the hard way XD.

Erika Herron, MI

Opens hooded eyes

Thanks to a youtube demo, I can now easily apply the tape to open up my hooded eyes. I don’t use these every day, but when my allergies are bad or I have not had enough rest, these little tapes do an excellent job of removing that dull, tired look from my eyes.

Mabel Honey Brook, PA