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Package includes:1 X CyberStyle(TM) 10PC wearable nail art soakers Ongle acrylic removal

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Eh its okay

These work okay I actually put the saturated cotton in the tip then put it on worked great for soak off gel nail polish

Deborah Courtland, MS

Does the job, but…

I’m happy that these do what there supposed to do, but they do leak depending on your movement or hand position. They also do take quite a bit of remover a lot more thn you would need with cotton and foil. Over all I am happy bc it does what it claims to do, which is soak your nails and remove the polish. For the price I would say get it.

Latoya Crown Point, NY


but I didn’t expect it not too. You do have to use a lot of polish remover to get your whole nail in there but also I’m not surprised about that. Works like expected but went back to the foil and cotten ball method after the hassle of filling these up.

Tanisha Avila Beach, CA

It’s okay

It doesn’t come in the container and its nothing really fancy or anything and I haven’t used it yet but it came super fast! So that’s a plus!!

Adrian Verona, IL


I hate sitting for 20-30min soaking my nails in a bowl and not being able 2 do anything else. Plus i always get remover all the way up to my knuckles and some how i always end up spilling or splashing some remover out of the bowl. This little thing is amazing. I can walk around my house, play on my computer u name it because the remover doesn’t come out and i swear it breaks down the acrylic,gel whatever u have on ur nails way faster than soaking them in a bowl. If i had to say 1 thing bad about it would be if u have big fingers like my thumb it kinda starts to hurt after awhile because ur fingers r kinda crammed down and surroanded by this plastic. But thats what makes the remover not come out. I bought 3 of these 1 for me 1 for mom and 1 for my friend. And they loved it.

Suzanne Lula, GA

Deserves ZERO stars

These are completely worthless and cannot be used as intended because the pink part crumbles and rips immediately upon use. It simply is not acetone resistant, and that’s what is needed to soak off acrylics. Good concept, faulty execution in materials.

Janis Nappanee, IN



Kelli Talofofo, GU

Five Stars

Dry handy

Hope Bradenton, FL

soaker tips

these are good but not fabulous. The plastic rubber openings for your fingers become rigid and loose their elasticity after a few uses. I am still using them but I did have higher hopes.

Jeri Rosalie, NE

amazing nail soakers no more spills.. just soak and wipe.

Love this no more spills or getting nail polish very where theses nail soakers are amazing and they work very well

Earline Brainerd, MN

painful and leaky.

These do hurt your fingers because they are tight. I wear a 6 1/2 ring size, so my fingers aren’t large. The also leak. You have to keep your fingers facing down to prevent excessive leakage. Great idea. I do like that you can pour your leftover chemical back into the bottle to reuse. I scored them lower because the do cut the circulation off. I also tried them on my grandmother and they were painful for her as well.

Adrienne Dubois, WY

nice product time consuming work

Helps me take my nail polish soo much quicker than soaking a cotton ball with nail polish remover. It just takes so much time o fill them in and return the nail polish to its oriinal container but still deserves 5 stars

Yvonne Woodacre, CA

Don’t waste your money

I waited about 1 month to get these. They are not acetone proof. Your better off soaking cotton balls and wrapping your fingers with foil. I used these immediately. I immediately lost two. The rubber broke down. I haven’t used the rest. I’m just afraid ill be disappointed.Not worth the wait. Thank goodness they didn’t cost much.

Jordan Mendenhall, MS

10 pc wearable nail art soakers

This is a good product and if used correctly, is very convenient to have while doing your manicure. It’s very effective in removing your nail polish and artificial nails. I would recommend this product.

Cathryn Roosevelt, MN

hated it

hated it it was a waste of money put my fingers in these they must have been dry rotted because they started splitting and cracking. they were a waste of money

Andrea Bellaire, OH

nail soakers

I hate it because when I used it for the first time, I just put the acetone inside it and when I put my finger in it all of the broke

Maureen Indore, WV

great concept

this is a great concept however it was difficult go get your thumb in. When i removed my thumb it tore the soft plastic part around where you insert your thumb. After about 2 uses all the tops started to break. I was very disappointed but not mad because it was cheap so you get what you pay for. I think overall this product just needs to be made with better materials to make it a success. The seller was great with speedy delivery

Fay Blandville, WV

so cool

i have never seen these before and was just scrolling through and had to get them because of the great price. The only downfall is sometimes the rip on the rubber part but they still work perfectly fine.

Alyson Nenana, AK

great idea

This is a great idea I just found them to be more trouble then anything else plus they dug into my fingers and hurt.

Diane Whitewright, TX


I think these are well worth the money for someone who soaks off their own nail like myself. They keep things from being messy. I Love them and I think they are a real good idea!

Sandra Chrisney, IN

Nice concept

Its a great idea but the fall apart after 1 use. Its like the polish remover damages the pink part. They did send me a replacement set but they did the same thing. 🙁

Agnes Lewis, WI


I didn’t order these I actually ordered nail polish cages to keep from smudging your nail polish but I got sent these in stead.. don’t have any use for them but keeping them bc it’s a hassel to send them back

Marva Minneola, KS


I ordered these to soak off gels and acrylics, but if you put acetone in them they fall apart!!! If you dont have tiny fingers then you will split the tops open any way… NOT WORTH BUYING!!!

Amber Coward, SC


I had great customer service with these, and they were really great. I think that mine was just a bad batch because all of mine leaked, but I really enjoyed the customer service.

Antonia Highland City, FL


I use these like another reviewer suggested, by soaking the cotton ball and THEN putting your fingers in these really to hold the cotton and contain the excess acetone. It’s easier than trying to keep foils from unraveling all over the place and falling off.

Queen Sitka, AK


These work very well, I even used them on my toes. Its best to hold your hands down when you wear them so none of the liquid leaks, but they are pretty snug. Try not to use too much acetone. To save I only fill 5 at a time and then once it’s done then do the other hand. Neat product, it’s not messy, prevents spills and it saves time and space.

Camilla Lawrenceville, VA


Works well but you have to take them off one in a wile to scrub at the nail. Also if you leave them on to long your fingers start to burn

Teresa Arcadia, LA


Fits snug to finger and will stay no matter what. I put them on to soak off nails for 30 min. Nails must stay facing downward or it will leak a little

Ida Richland, OR

coolest thing ever….BUT

i wouod give this a five star if they didnt leak i thought this was so cool until i used them i wish i never bought them now

Jeri Port Washington, NY

Good Nail Soakers

these Nail Soakers Are very nice and just right for my fingernails i have glitter Nail polishes so am going to try them to Remove my Glitter Polish From My Nails And Shipping Was Faster Than I Thought it Would Be and there was no Damage

Elba North Garden, VA