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Curve Wave by Liz Claiborne for Men, Cologne Spray, 4.2-Ounce

Launched by the design house of Liz Claiborne in 2005, CURVE WAVE is a men’s fragrance that possesses a blend of musk, mint, juniper, and liquid oxygen. It is recommended for daytime wear.

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Honest reviews


Like This A lot

I was worried I would not like this but I bought it for my husband anyway. I have to say it smells great. Almost like Coolwater for women but with a manly twist. Fresh and Clean. I couldn’t stop sniffing my husband, he likes it too but mostly because I keep sniffing him!

Jamie Sargent, GA

Curve Wave Cologne by Liz Claiborne

You can’t go wrong by choosing this cologne, it is really nice, not overbearing, last awhile and you get recognized quickly, as you pass people in the market place, work or gets you noticed, I highly suggest this cologne and I highly suggest getting it off Amazon, the price is unbeatable !!!

Faith Joshua Tree, CA

Can’t smell after a while.

I received a gift box of this product and other Curve colognes years ago as a teen, this was one of my favorites and also one that I got a lot of complements on. I’m now a young adult and am searching for nice colognes to wear on dates and to work so I purchased this. After years of not having it I was excited to try it again. I sprayed it on and was hit by the same aroma I used to smell as a teen, however as the day went on the scent faded away to nothing. Maybe I just got used to the smell, but when I was a teen I only had the sample bottle (about 1 oz) and I would apply the equivalent to one spray onto my neck and I could smell it and got compliments the entire day so I don’t believe that is it. This lasts about a hour. I usually work around women so I use them as tests (unknowingly lol) for my cologne, I also use Curve Connect and I get the most compliments on that throughout the entire day, but this…nothing. I don’t want to use Connect for work because to me the smell is too intimate and should only be used on dates so I’m searching for a nice cologne for work. Something a bit sweet but masculine would work for me. It smells nice to me and I know it smells good to women but I am disappointed on it’s poor duration. I will try two sprays next time and see if the duration and strength increases without over doing it. The smell is very nice and I do not want this to go to waste.

Carissa Lodi, MO

4 stars for curve

it was a gift for a young boy and i felt the packaging was very nice and also the scent was very pleasant.

Tabatha Harbor Beach, MI


This smells so good! The price was amazing and my dad, husband, myself, and my mom all think that it smells amazing!

Erna Tetonia, ID

Have not used it much yet…but I am happy

I purchased a lot of colognes all at once on Amazon,so I have not used this product much, but it seems nice.Obviously it will not be as glamorous or have the longlasting smell as a really expensive cologne, but for theprice this is still a dynamite deal!!!!

Charlotte Dayton, PA

Love it

I don’t wear cologne much but this smells amazing it’s not strong really light when i first got it i fell in love with it right off back i would say buy it great price

Miranda Bridgeport, NE

good stuff

I bought some for my girl. She loved it. You really cant go wrong with any curve products. Would recommend. All my girlfriends love it. Stay up player. ……

Bessie Mint Spring, VA

Family and friends

I bought this as a gifts for family members and friends so I cannot rate this product at this time.

Kaitlin Golden, MO

Clean & Perfect for Summer 2011!

When I smell the original Curve cologne, it reminds me of college and takes me back a number of years. Would I wear it today – no, I personally wouldn’t as I find that unique, distinguishable “Curve” scent to be ideal for the under 25 crowd.However, while searching for Men’s Cologne on Amazon, I stumbled upon this and figured, “Hey, for this price, if I hate it, I’ll just give it away.”Well, Curve Wave did not disapppoint, and I will not be giving it to anyone! It is an excellent “next step” for the mature Curve enthusiasts – fresh, clean. It does not resemble the original Curve in scent, but rather, has a very “summer-time” scent that isn’t spicy or musky.The item arrived quickly and I give both the vendor and the scent 5 stars!

Clarissa Alton, IA


Bought this for my cousin because he needed to smell good in the office but he’s used it all up so second time I’m buying.

Sydney Jasper, AR

good product

if you are a fan of this brandname cologne, purchase it. Good price here, less than going to a department store.

Ina Roll, AZ