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Curve Vintage Soul by Liz Claiborne Body Mist for Women, 4.2 Ounce

CURVE VINTAGE SOUL by Liz Claiborne BODY MIST 4.2 OZ “Lily, Freesia, Cactus Flower, Green Lotus Leaf, Jasmine, Blue Tiger Lily, Gardenia, Tuberose, Blond Woods, Heliotrope, Nutmeg”

Key features

  • Design House:Liz Claiborne
  • Product:Curve Soul Vintage

Honest reviews


Hated it.

This is another typical case of blind purchase gone bad. Such a horrible scent! It’s harsh, herbal, strong and really unpleasant.

Jill Sunbury, PA

A great product!

If you want a perfume that does not need reapplying through out the day, this is for you! I will admit that when first applied it is a little strong, but after a sec or two it mellows out into a nice fragrance. The price is great also, and it arrived within the scheduled delivery time. The only problem is that when sprayed, the product does leak some. But, other than that, I will be ordering more of this perfume.

Ellen East Baldwin, ME


Very interesting bouquet. At first, when I smelled it on my GF, it was a bit spicy and strong, but when she sprayed it on after shower and washed off (to get it right to the dry down stage)… very romantic scent, smoooooth, like a fancy caramel liquor blended with white cranberry and peach, a bit flowery too, but even though my GF is far from being romantic, even she could appreciate “a gently spiced up vintage touch…” She says it gives a certain boost of confidence and the scent itself is quite invigorating. I’d also say it’s nice for all seasons, except for hot days. Sure this product is worth $5-$7 delivered to my door. Buying this kind of stuff in any boutique in Manhattan would mean paying a double. So, I certainly would recommend giving it a try. I gave it 4 out of 5 only because I’m sure there is always something better (and pricier too).

Margo Berkshire, MA

For me, not a pleasant frangrance.

Fragrance is subjective, so this might be nice to some people. I have allergies and found it to be too strong.

Abbie Murdock, FL

everybody loves it.

I bought this for my mother and it finished in no time at all. My both sisters and grandmother put down whatever scent they were using and started using this. It smells amazing.

Katheryn Knobel, AR

Smells good

Smells good but its a lot stronger than I expected so be very generous putting this on or you could get a headache or give a headache to others lol.

Rebekah Clare, IL


First smelled it on a coworker and tried it in this spray. It really is a way to smell beautiful without spending a fortune. The only problem is that when using it, the bottle seemed to leak so I just put it in another empty spray bottle after washig and drying it and finished enjoying it. I also love Curve Crush, Curve and Curve Kicks..and yes I would order it again!

Florence Harwood, ND