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Curve Soul By Liz Claiborne For Men. Cologne Spray 1.7 Ounces

Launched by the design house of Liz Claiborne.

Key features

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  • This item is not for sale in Catalina Island

Honest reviews


Smells like standard Curve

I bought this based on the rave reviews for it. I thought this would have some type of masculinity to it considering it’s look and the name “SOUL” but I honestly can’t tell the difference between this and the original Curve scent. Now I guess that’s a good thing if you like a sweet and light basic cologne smell, but I like a bit more masculinity to my colognes. I wouldn’t mind wearing it out and I will be testing the effects of the scent (unknowingly, lol) on the women I am around to see if it’s worthy enough to wear. The main reason behind my use of cologne is to help attract the opposite sex, and I noticed most women are attracted to a woody and spice scent. If you’re like me and looking for a Curve with a nice spice and masculinity to make women from all corners of the earth float to you then I’d suggest Curve Kicks or Curve Connect. If you’re looking for something to wear casually to smell “good” in the day time then I’d recommend this. Again, not a bad scent but not my ideal type.

Lisa Homer, MN

Great Experience

Extremely fast shipping. Paid for regular shipping rates (not overnight or two-day) yet the product arrived in 48 hours. Product was in new condition as stated. No deceit, all facts stated on product description were true, great experience. Will be a return customer.

Claudine Saxonburg, PA

It’s got Soul…but already over the fragrance…

I bought this on a whim, considering the price was right. At first I loved it – it’s a combination of spices that at first is very inviting (and very different from the original Curve). But after about a month or so, I’ve gotten a bit bored with this fragrance and it’s on the shelf. I will still wear it when I’m out of something else, etc., but I wouldn’t recommend it to others. I do, however, really love Curve Wave.

Stacy Powhatan, VA

Wife magnet

Bought this for my husband. He usually likes the original curve scent. But we wanted to try something new. So I got him this. I cannot stop sniffing my husband. Incredibly manly smell, sexy. If you want a great cologne for your husband or boyfriend, I would highly recommend this. Although, be warned… you may have random people coming up to you trying to sniff you 🙂

Caryn Wellsburg, NY

so much product for the price!

this is a great price for the amount of product. I was surprised by how giant the bottle is! Love this scent on my boyfriend!

Saundra Butler, NJ


This perfume is simply wonderful. It lasts the entire day. I use it for my sons and even when I wash ther clothes, the perfume lingers. Plus the price is reasonable.

Lorena Loomis, WA

I have Soul..!! Great scent, but needs improved longevity…

Guys… I probably have seven (7) – maybe more now that I think about it – other Claiborne (i.e. Curve) fragrances and would say that I am a fan… I received Soul as a Christmas present (and four other bottles) from Sweetie and I love it… (there is some sentimental value in there too..)Soul is a very pleasant fragrance that reminds me of the original Dior Fahrenheit, opening with a blend of aquatic, herbal, and “woodsy” notes then settling into a musky fragrance that is easy on the nose. It is not too distant from the original Curve. I am, however, disappointed in the projection/sillage and longevity of Soul, finding it only has (at best) average longevity – lasting about 3-4 hours on the skin and clothing. I prefer a solid 8 hours that can get me through the work day. The solution is simple – pack the bottle and reapply as needed – I just did during the lunch break..!!Today is the first day wearing Soul and no compliments, i.e. the Wow Factor, have been received yet. No worries though – Sweetie has already “blessed” the juice with a thumbs up and a “whoa, that smells great – what is it..??” comment when I took it out of the bottle. It has potential.Soul is packaged nicely and gives the impression of something more expensive. I am very fond of the Soul label, highlighting the words, “Love”, “Passion”, “Hope”, and “Truth” – words to live by… Minor deduction in “cool points” on the nozzle – while the amount of spray is generous and sufficient, it looks “cheaply” manufactured. Again, slight deduction, from a nicely designed bottle/label.For those enthusiasts with a big collection, or those on a budget, the real beauty of Soul is the price/value. Similar to other Claiborne fragrances, a large bottle can be purchased for under $20.00. Great deal (and scent) for the money..!! Soul also offers great flexibility/versatility to be worn during any season, time of day, or any event – I think it will work well for any occasion.The tally for Soul is 4.3 stars out of five – if the longevity were greater, it would probably be close to my Top 10 list. Ride the wave and don’t ask where it goes..!!

Carey Togiak, AK


This is a popular one but I think it just don’t last long enough. I’m not even using cologne any more. The casual parts I’m from are too pathetic to even bother.

Sonja Mullinville, KS

Great Priced Product

Out of all the curves to choose from (and there were many) This was the best deal. I had never smelled this cologne before I bought it, but the reviews and price had me convinced. It smells great. It arrived quickly. I would buy from this seller again. I have no complaints. Packaging was cute too. Also I am a girl if that helps male buyers. I bought it for my man. 😉

Shawna Queen Creek, AZ