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Curl Junkie Coffee-Coco Curl Creme-Lite, 8 fl. oz.

Our appropriately titled “Coffee-Coco Curl Creme-Lite” is a wonderful alternative for those with people with wavy-curly hair (2a-3b) who may have found the original version to heavy for them. Need help creating defined, moisturized curls? Our appropriately titled “Coffee-Coco Curl Creme-Lite” is a wonderful alternative for those with people with wavy-curly hair (2a-3b) who may have found the original version to heavy for them. Our CoffeeCoco Curl Creme-Lite can be used on wet hair to enhance and define curls without weighing them down, and can be used on dry hair to revive 2nd day hair or kill frizzies, add moisture and shape/definition to all types of hair (2a-4a). This is really good news for those who can’t use sprays to revive their curls! 96% natural/naturally derived ingredients. Give everyone curl envy!

Key features

  • Enriched with Authentic Monoi Coconut oil, Coffee Bean & Mango butters
  • Lightweight, conditioning, curl & wave-defining formula
  • 96% Natural/Naturally derived ingredients!

Honest reviews


Love this product

I have been shopping around for hair products for my curly hair because the products I used to use simply no longer cut it and my curls were starting to unravel and frizz. I tried Curl Junkie based on the reviews and have been using the products for about a month now. I have noticed that my curls are going back to their happy, healthy selves again. Out of all the products I’ve tried, this is my favorite. It does what it claims. Up until trying this, I had never found a product that went in dry hair and made it look fresh and well groomed. This does. Every time. The only reason it get 4 stars is because of the scent. I am not a fan of fragrances being added to products. It isn’t a bad fragrance – smells like a tropical drink – however, I’d prefer either no fragrance or scenting it more naturally, with essential oils rather than perfumes. But, all in all, this is a great product.

Jamie Callaway, NE

Didn’t Do It For Me.

I tried the coffee-coco curl creme-lite and was very disappointed. I have used the coffee-coco creme, which I like, but find it too heavy and thick for my 3b curls. So I decided to try the lite which left my hair frizzy and curls were all over the place. I tried it on wet hair which is too lite and on dry second day hair which created more frizzy. I do not recommend this product.

Elena Sidney, KY

works on dry hair

I use this to touch up dry curly hair that has gone flat. It has a nice scent and adds some extra hold. I also sometimes spritz dry hair with a bit of water and then add this to give my hair some extra bounce.

Esperanza Deerfield, IL

Absolutely love this for my fine waves!

I started following the Curly Girl method (no silicones or sulfates) just under six months ago, and some Curl Junkie products –including this Curl Creme Lite — were amongst the first few products I ordered. I absolutely love the CJ line, but this particular product, combined withCurl Junkie Curls In A Bottle!, 12 fl. oz., leave me with consistently great-looking hair! (For more information about the Curly Girl method, seeCurly Girl: The Handbook.)My hair is wavy and fine, but I have a lot of it, and using this really brings out the waves and also gives my fine hair the protein that it needs. I use about three or four quarter-sized dollops of this on my shoulder-length hair, top with some Curls in a Bottle, and add someFarouk Systems Biosilk Style By Farouk Systems For Women. Rock Hard Gelee Firm Hold 6.0-Ounce / 150 Mlto hold the waves. The result are waves that help make my hair the best it’s ever looked.I also use a small dab of this on my second-day hair to revive it and keep it looking fresh.This also has a wonderful smell to it that’s a combo of coconut and coffee.Although the bottle is about 8 ounces, it lasts a long time since you use so little. I use it about twice a week, and am about half-way through the bottle.Overall, a great product and one of my Holy Grail hair products!

Carrie West Rupert, VT

If I could, I’d give is 6 Stars!!! This stuff is da bomb for refreshing curls

Okay, that holler you heard? Yeah, that’s me in Miami howling at how fabulous this stuff is to refresh second and third day curls to give them renewed moisture and clumpage and defrizz. Oh, my gosh. How good is this stuff?Crazy good.It’s got a creamy consistency, smells like a melange of mango and coconut–so delectable–and it has various uses. The original use was as a curl styler on wet hair. I have not used it like this–yet–though other gals on my curly hair forum have raved about it as a lightweight curl styling creme for summer that doesn’t weigh down hair and adds great moisture.I’ve used it as a curl refresher on second and third day hair. If you have curly hair, you know that it looks great day one, and by day two, the curls are starting to either droop or dry out or frizzing up or unclumping. Something is happening. Well, this remoisturizes, helps defrizz, and encourages curl to spring up again and even, on me anyway, reclump. It’s DA BOMB!!!!In combination with the exquisite miracle called Curl Junkie CURLS IN A BOTTLE (a curl definer, shine-inducer, frizz-diminisher par excellence for dry and frizz-prone curly hair) is a killer styling duo. I’m telling you. If you have curly hair and want a quality, botanicals-filled product that smells nummy and makes your hair happy—try this. TRY THIS!!!!!!!!!!!I do recommend you google up the Curl Junkie site and Naturally Curly and do searches on youtube, cause lots of us curlies are raving about this stuff.NOTE: I did try using it on wet hair rather than my usual use of it dry, and it was not so great. First day hair was floofy-droopy. However, it somehow morphed better day by day, and I got to third day hair that looked way better than first WEIRD. The order is generally the other way (great first hair curls, worse day by day). However, the curls were revived by adding CCCC Lite to DRY hair each day, so, this confirms this product works supergreat on dry hair. On me, not on wet hair. (And while some ladies love it on wet, I’ve heard from two who have the same issue as me using it on wet–floof and droop. YMMV)UPDATE, July 2010: Okay, I’ve discovered that this is GREAT as a curl enhancer on wet hair when used in combination with Curls in a Bottle (by Curl Junkie) as a serum on top of it. Really nice voluminous, springy curls–frothy, airy when diffused–that withstood Miami summer humidity heat quite well. So glad I didn’t give up on using it on WET hair.

James Bradford, VT