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Curl Junkie Coffee-Coco Curl Creme, 8 fl. oz.

An all-in-one styling product and leave-in conditioner with a light hold. Make super moisturized, defined curls and coils with this rich, bestselling, styling creme! Combines the moisturizing properties of a leave-in conditioner with the hold of a light styling gel. This all-in-one product can be used in place of a leave-in and styling product. It is rich in exotic oils and moisturizing natural ingredients including Agave Nectar, Aloe Vera and Vitamin B5. This product now has a creamier consistency, but the same great ingredients! Helps to impart hydration to dry hair and smooths out curls. Especially wonderful in dry (&/or cold) weather. 97% natural/naturally derived ingredients. Give everyone curl envy!

Key features

  • An all-in-one styling product and leave-in conditioner with a light hold.
  • Enriched with Authentic Monoi Coconut oil, Coffee Bean & Shea butters
  • Rich, moisturizing formula
  • 97% Natural/Naturally derived ingredients!

Honest reviews


Double/Duty Curl Creme

Curl Junkie would be a fitting moniker for myself! How easily I can be seduced by a luscious, hard working, curl creme. I’ve fallen for this creme, yes I have. It doubles as a moisturizer and leave-in. I got nothing but moist, shiny, well-defined curls with this lovely creme. I want more! I consider it expensive, it’s definitely a luxury creme, but so worth it. It really took care of the humidity, didn’t have a frizz-curl worry. I’ve got a lot of it left and I have long hair. So, give it a curl, I mean a whirl, you won’t be sorry. I gave 4 stars due to lack of coffee fragrance. It smells more like a coconut fragrance to me.

Bette Big Clifty, KY

Not an All In One.

I have used coffee-coco curl creme three times, each with somewhat different results. The first time I used it on soaking wet hair as a conditioner, leave in and styling product. My hair was very soft but also very frizzy. The second time I used it, again on soaking wet hair as a conditioner, leave in and added more coffee-coco to style and used a light amount of gel. This time my hair was weighed down by the amount of the product and still somewhat frizzy. The third time I used a different conditioner, used the coffee-coco creme as a leave in and used my normal amount of styling gel, air dried and my hair was silky soft and no frizz. In all of my applications, the product left my hair so soft and shiny. It defined my curls and used in the right amount it does not weigh down the hair. You have to be very careful in the amount used because the product is thick especially for the curly hair that does not require much product. I loved the result from the first use, but did not work well as an all in one product as defined on the label, it works best with an added styling product. It has definitely become a regular product in my hair care routine. One thing I don’t like too much is the smell though it does not leave the smell in your hair.

Amber Floriston, CA

Excellent curl creme for all but fine hair

This is an excellent curl creme for all but fine hair. I think some fine haired folks will be able to use it but it is a heavy product so they might want to just ease up on the amount used.We use it for my daughters mixed curls which vary from waves to more tightly kinky hair and two distinct hair strands on her head. This does wonders for her curls–makes them soft, touchable, with great hold and no gel needed. It enhances them and creates this beautiful texture to them where they are very nicely rounded instead of going every which way.Yes this product is on the pricey side but for those of us who are determined to embrace our curls and stop spending 100’s of dollars on products designed to straighten our hair including flat irons and silicone serums the cost is well worth it. I am teaching my daughter that she does not have to be like everyone else with fake straightened hair that is quite damaged underneath. Her curls are a part of her body and I want her to be proud of herself and the gifts she has received instead of trying to be something she’s not just to be like everyone else.I’m sure not everyone will share my opinion. That’s o.k. We love the entire Curl Junkie line and have found that using such great quality products both of us get hairompliments!

Deloris Ellerslie, GA

Pretty good!

This product does not fail to do what it claims – it makes your hair TIGHT. I had the kinkiest curls after using this creme. It looks fantastic, but my hair came out scrunchy and gel-like, even when using a modest amount. I recommend one use this product the night before directly after washing hair. Then, the morning after, wash hair with water (and maybe a little shampoo/conditioner) and you will have beautiful, curly, non-scrunchy morning hair!

Carolyn Juliette, GA

Really good, but it’s a luxury purchase that I can’t always afford.

This stuff is great for my 3C biracial (black/white) curls, which are thin and very parched. My curls might not be AS weighted as I would like, but they look and feel so healthy. The smell is great too, unique; the coffee hint is very slight. I just wish that the price wasn’t so high. Because of that, I’ve switched curly leave-ins, but Curl Junkie is one of my favorite curly brands.

Courtney Fayetteville, TN

Love love love it!!

Smells great, works wonders for naturally curly hair that gets dry and needs lots of moisture and conditioning. Did I mention it smells great? It is a heavier product but that is what my hair needs. Definitely worth a try, a little goes a long way so it lasts a long time. I have been using this product for about a year now and am really happy I found it. I live in a small town so there are not many choices for curly hair products around and this ships and arrives fast so… great product, comes to my door…It doesn’t get any better than that .

Kelly Eureka, WI