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Curel Skin Nourishing, Deep Conditioning Lotion for Dry, Rough Skin With Shea Butter, 13fl.oz pump bottle

Curel skin nourishing deep-conditioning lotion for dry, rough skin.

Key features

  • Intensely moisturizes and deeply conditions to smooth away dry and rough skin
  • Popular variant for the consumer who seeks the added benefits of shea butter and ceramide therapy
  • Moisturizer with shea butter instantly revives and smoothes away dry and rough skin

Honest reviews


Where is the Honey and Vanilla?

I received this bottle today. I read and reread the ingredients and I do not see where there is any honey or vanilla! I ordered the brand simply because it advertised the honey and vanilla. I went to have a pedicure and the girl used honey and vanilla on my feet. She told me that there was a lotion that had these ingredients in it. I will have to wait until I visit that salon again to get the name of the brand that she uses. I am somewhat dosappointed.

Antoinette Saint Joseph, MN

curel skin nourishing lotion

I have very dry mature skin and this did absolutely nothing for it. I ended up returning it. Says it is mild enough for the face but the next day my face broke out.

Jacquelyn Oaklyn, NJ

Good for sensitive skin

Perfect, light natural scent. Normally I have to buy unscented for my sensitive skin, but this doesn’t even irritate my face. It’s emollient and absorbs well with no sticky residue.

Adeline Saint Matthews, SC

Really moisturizing

I suffer from extremely dry skin and I also have eczema on my elbows. This is a really moisturizing lotion,thick and creamy. My dry eczema patches have improved greatly. I still use pure shea butter on my elbows, but these days I don’t need as much.

Florine Smithfield, UT

Soft, soft skin

This lotion smells fantastic – and the fact that it comes in a pump means I don’t have to get my lotion-y hands all over the bottle as I try to apply it. It’s a pretty large size so it lasts a long time even if you’re liberal with your application. It also sinks in *really* quickly so you don’t feel like you have to wave your hands around to get it to dry; I use it after I wash my hands and it sinks in almost instanteously. Plus, for the price ($6 – or less thru subscribe and save) it’s a great deal.

Marcia Houston, DE