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Curel Itch Defense Lotion, Fragrance Free, 20 Ounce

Curél Itch Defense Lotion instantly relieves dry itchy, skin and over time, helps control flare ups while re-balancing skin to keep irritation from coming back. This safe and effective formula soothes eczema prone skin

Key features

  • Rebalances pH levels, moisture levels, and cellular turnover to promote healthy skin
  • Received the National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance
  • Soothes eczema prone skin
  • Pediatrician tested – good for babies 6 months and up
  • Dermatologist Recommended

Honest reviews


Best I’ve tried

About 2 years ago, I had my first bout with winter itch and it was driving me crazy! I tried any lotion I could get my hands on but nothing worked. I googled itchy skin lotions and decided on this rather than one from gold bond because this was approved by the National Eczema Association (even though I do not have eczema I figured it would be gentile and effective).This stuff is awesome! I had an itchy rash on my face and found out that it helped clear up irritation caused by my acne treatments as well. Great skin balancer, my face has never been clearer. I was literally torturing my skin unknowingly and CAUSING breakouts before I discovered this.

Sallie San Anselmo, CA

Fishy smell.

I am having problems with my legs being incredibly itchy since I moved to New Jersey. I even went back to my home state for a few months and my legs were fine. I’m thinking it’s the water in the house I’m living. Anyway, I found this online and asked my fiance to pick it up on his way home from work. I expected the 13oz or maybe the 20oz, but he came home with a 25oz. The 20oz with 25% more free. SO much lotion for a first try.I’ve been using it for about a week, in the morning after I get out of the shower, and just before bed.Pros:- It does seem to keep my itchiness to a minimum. I used to get so itchy sometimes that I’d wake up at night to scratch, and when I got up in the morning, my legs would have significant scratches on them that scabbed and took forever to heal. Now I never get to that point.- The pump is pretty handy.Cons:- When I’m applying it, it has a HORRIFIC rotten fish smell. If I had bought it myself, I would probably ditch it and try another lotion. But since my fiance spent 8 bucks on it, I feel like I should use it for a while. I just hate the fish smell.- It does tend to sit on my skin. Even after waiting 10 minutes or so to put on my jeans, it’s still hard to pull them on because they stick to my skin due to the lotion.Bottom line:Works at reducing itching, but smells like rotten fish.

Sonja Comstock, TX

Creamy, No Masking Fragrance, and Does the Job

Some fragrance free products contain masking fragrance – a chemical added to negate all the smells found in an item. This lotion does not have that. I am very sensitive to perfumes in lotions and breakout into a rash or hives. I can sometimes tolerate beauty products with masking fragrance – other times I cannot.This product does not contain a masking fragrance. It is a thick lotion that I like to use on my arms and legs. I find it a bit too thick for my hands. This definitely takes away the itch of dry skin. Recommended.

Tonya Spencer, OK

Nice, not amazing

My daughter has sensitive skin and tends to be prone to the itch-ys. I tried this out as winter came and noticed she was drying out. I had hoped it would cure her small patch of eczema, but it hasn’t. It does seem to work on keeping her skin hydrated and not itchy, though, which is sure a plus. Not sure if I will buy again after the bottle is empty, will probably try something else to see if something is better, but it will stay on the “fall back to” list…p.s. I also useCalifornia Baby Calming Shampoo and Bodywash, 19 fl ozfor her, wich I love.

Sylvia Orlean, VA

Great for Itchy skin

I had bought a small bottle before at ***mart and was surprised at how well it worked. My knees get really dry and itchy. When I apply this it soothes and stops the scratch immediately. Depending how bad you may apply this multiple times throughout the day.

Kimberlee Fort George G Meade, MD

This is okay

This is fragrance free, which I need, and does an okay job of moisturizing, but not as well as I would like. I am 62 years old and have aging dry skin, and have not found anything that works better yet that is fragrance free, so I will keep using Curel until I find something else. The 24 hour moisturizing Curel in the red print bottle works better but is not fragrance free, so it is always a trade off.

Faye Lodi, OH

wonderful for dry flaky skin

I have really dry skin this winter even though I put lotion on every day when I shower. This is not greasy, soaks in quickly and really does help. I had to use so many other products trying to deal with the itching flaking plus buying a humidifier for my home. Plus this was an excellent price on Amazon.

Jessica Dundee, IA

great lotion

this anti itch lotion is greatand the price is really reasonablewhen i buy it in store its over $10definitly orderin again

Katelyn River Ranch, FL

It’s okay

For me, it’s not the best for anti-itch action but it does help. I find Aveeno or Physiogel AI work much better for me.

Leann Iron River, MI

So far, so good

We just started using last week, and so far we like it! My husband has very dry skin and it is working quite well for him. I will give more feedback after we have used it for a while.

Lessie Fort Walton Beach, FL

Great for eczema

My son had eczema as a baby, and we tried many of the creams intended for babies. Once he was old enough I tried this and it works better than any other we used. Also cheaper than many of the others, and the bottle is large so you don’t have to constantly get more.

Lilly Canton, MS