Curel Fragrance Free Lotion, 20 ounce

Curel fragrance free original lotion for dry and sensitive skin-20 ounce. Comforts and replenishes dry skin for 24-hour relief.

Key features

  • Formulated with time-released moisturizers to relieve and hydrate dry skin, leaving skin smooth and intensely satisfied for 24 hours
  • Preferred by consumers who desire a lotion without fragrance
  • Leaves skin smooth and intensely satisfied for 24 hours

Honest reviews



Perfect for my sensitive and oily skin. It’s moisturizing, yet not greasy, so I’m able to use in the hot summer months as well. I enjoy the fragrance free…not a hint of smell. And it has shea butter. 🙂

Simone South Boardman, MI

Only lotion there is for my sensitive skin

It took me years going through various brands of lotions to find one that actually worked for me. My skin is dry year round and extremely dry and raw in the winter. Curel is the only one that works for me. It is wondeful to have a lotion that works at a superior level for my dry and sensitive skin without having to go into extra strength forms or other nonsense. And the stated fact that it is fragrance free is thankfully very true and necessary for me. Any type of frangrance becomes an irritant for me due to my sensitive allergies. This Curel lotion massages into the skin and with daily use keeps my skin smooth and irritation free without leaving any greasy residue. It does what a lotion should. It comforts and replenishes exactly as it states. I only use this lotion on my hands, feet and body but not my face. This is not because it didn’t work on my face but I already have a year round face moisturizer I rely on. So if you’ve tried all the different brands and haven’t found what works for you I highly recommend Curel. This form is indeed fragrance free and very gentle for sensitive skin, definitely getting the job done. It’s a must for me.

Holly Saint Marys, KS

Awesome Lotion for Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin, this is a great option for lotion that will not irritate yours skin. I’ve been using this product for years and feel that it’s one of the best lotions available.

Martina Lambert, MS

Works very well for my dry skin but now wary of the preservatives

I like the Curel lotions and have used them for a few years. I have eczema and very dry skin and I have found that the Curel lotion moisturizes well and leave my skin feeling soft and supple. Unfortunately, I have recently discovered this lotion has parabens in it and will not be purchasing again. I recently purchased shea, mango, cocoa butters and other natural, organic oils to make my own products.

Sue Burnside, PA

perfect for my dry skin

I have extremely dry skin and nothing has worked ever. I have spent so much mony on lotions and always regreted the purchase until I got this lotion from amazon. Curel is the best. It works!!! It lasts!!! and I will always use it. Thanks for the miracle.

Alyson Presidio, TX

I really wanted to like this lotion, but I couldn’t. It does get three stars for the fact that your skin stays moisturized for days after using it.This lotion is greasy – which I can’t stand. I am prone to body acne when I am using a product that doesn’t “agree” with my skin. This is one of those products. I used this lotion for several days, and noticed cystic acne forming on the areas I used it (note – I did not use this lotion on my face, so I can’t comment on how great it is for that). I discontinued use, and started using it again after the acne spots subsided… And a whole new batch of cystic acne formed.If you are prone to body acne, stay clear of this lotion!

Doreen Maysville, OK

Kind of waxy.

This lotion was bought for me to help in the process of my healing tattoo over the summer. I needed an unscented lotion for the healing process. This lotion did the trick but it was kind of waxy. And it contains parabens just a warning to anyone who cares about that sort of thing.

Letha Woodward, OK

Best Lotion for Dry, Sensitive Skin

This is the best lotion for dry, sensitive skin. I’ve tried every single lotion available in a drugstore and they are all either not moisturizing, oily, or make me itch. This is super moisturizing, sinks in quite fast, not the least bit oily, and never irritates my skin.

Annmarie Slaughters, KY

This is okay

I need a fragrance free lotion and have fairly dry skin as I am an older person. This works all right and is fragrance free and does not make me break out. It does not moisturize as well as I would like, but maybe nothing will for someone my age. The moisturization does not last very long, either. But it is better than nothing and if I can’t find anything I like better I will continue to purchase it. I recommend it if you need something that is fragrance free. I put some olive oil in it and it works a little better that way.

Aurora Cutler, OH

Favorite hand and body lotion!

This is hands down my favorite lotion. (Sorry about the pun!) The unscented is truly just that. This soaks in quickly and completely. It’s not at all greasy, but is very moisturizing. My skin feels hydrated, not like it’s coated in lotion. My hands get sad and raw in the winter. Other lotions sting when they’re like that, but not this. I actually used it on my face when I was younger and it worked great. This bottle is larger than what I’ve found in stores and this is a pretty good price.

Jo Seal Rock, OR

Works well and no smell!

Works well and no smell! I wanted a lotion that would help keep my hands moisturized without having the overpowering smell that many fragranced lotions do. This one did the trick.

Amber Bamberg, SC