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Cure Series Japanese Exfoliating Bath Towel from OHE – Super Hard Weave – Blue, 120cm

These extra long, lightweight, quick-drying towels will have you putting away the loofahs and wash cloths for good. Comes in super hard, hard and medium weave textures, and 4 color choices. Product Size: 28cm x 120cm (approx 11 x 47 inches)

Key features

  • Made of textured nylon, in a stronger weave well suited to exfoliating all over body Makes luxurious lather of almost any soap, and longer length lets you reach your back effortlessly. Softens skin, stimulates circulation, helps reduce cellulite Rinses easily, dries quickly and hygienically for multiple baths or showers Made in Japan, comes with English ingredients and usage instructions.

Honest reviews


Best bath towel I’ve used at home, in hotels & camping (just make sure the product matches your order)

Overall, I highly recommend Japanese exfoliating bath towels. They are easy to use, even easier to keep clean and their portability makes them perfect for weekend hotel stays or camping trips when the standard washcloth just isn’t up to the challenge.The seller lists these exfoliating bath towels in three categories: ‘Super Hard’ (blue), ‘Hard’ (green and pink) and ‘Medium’ (yellow and blue). Pay close attention to the kanji symbols on the front of the package. The Japanese description (chou katame) in the supplied photo is correct for ‘Super Hard.’ I ordered the ‘Super Hard’ weave, however the towel received was labeled ‘futsu,’ which means a normal weave grade.I returned the item. I contacted the seller to ask if they could ensure shipment of the correct weave but I did not receive a response, so I found another supplier.There is nothing wrong with exfoliating bath towels with normal weave grade but once you have tried the ‘chou katame’ variety you won’t return to softer grades.Rating: Three stars (two stars deducted for mistaken shipment and lack of customer service).———————JULY 2013 UPDATEI’ve ordered this bath towel a couple more times since the experience detailed above with no problems regarding the weave grade. I raised my review rating from three stars to five stars as a result of these additional (positive) experiences.I especially recommend this bath towel for campers and hikers. The towel dries quickly. It is great for cleaning off trail dust and mud with a minimum of soap and water.

Anastasia Spring Church, PA

Not All Exfoliating Cloths Are Made Equal!!!

I was on the fence about trying out this cloth. I had been using a different one (the Earth Therapeutics Exfoliating Hydro Cloth) for a while, it was a bit cheaper and was getting the job done just fine. However, I’d been hearing all these great things about the various brands of Japanese exfoliating cloths and how they are the best cloths you can get…so I said why not, and splurged on this particular cloth (I wanted the super hard weave, I guess I’m a bit of a masochist). Let me tell you, this thing is AMAZING. My original attitude was “come on, how much better or different can one cloth be from another?!” VERY different and WAY better! First of all, this cloth is huge, which I love. You will have absolutely no problem reaching any part of your body with this thing, I don’t even have to open it all the way to wash my back with it. You only need a small amount of cleanser to get a ton of lather and the cloth rinses clean very easily and it also dries quickly, so you don’t have to worry about mold/bacteria infesting it. I love the super hard weave as well- you don’t need to use a crazy amount of elbow grease and you’ll still get great, invigorating exfoliation. And don’t let the name deter you either- my skin tends to be on the dry sensitive side but I’ve used this cloth several times already and haven’t had any issues with redness or irritation from the super hard weave. My skin has never been softer, smoother, or more glowy and healthy looking from any other exfoliating product I’ve used. I’m hooked for life, this thing is totally worth the cost and I wholeheartedly recommend it! X-D

Leanna Hulbert, MI

Great exfoliation sensation

This is a great product. I like the exfoliating sensation and it makes me feel cleaner rather than using a regular wash cloth. I didnt give it five stars because the product is very thin and lengthy so I have to fold it several times before using it to wash.

Antonia Clay, AL

gets you clean

I ordered this after all the good reviews on amazon. That is why I love amazon I can usually make a very informed choice before I purchase something. This scrubby towel is great. Especially if you have ketoris pelosis or however you spell that, little bumps on your arms possibly legs. My kids and I have it and this really helps scrub it away. I feel very clean after a shower.

Claudia Conway, MI

Japanese exfoliating bath towel- love it!

I love this bath towel! It is super exfoliating yet gentle and is easy to use. I love that it can be scrunched up like a bath puff or used open for areas like the back. It washes out super easy and drains/ dries quickly. I will be buying again.

Jaime Prather, CA

Works well

I love this thing. Wasn’t sure about it when I ordered it but its really easy to clean your back with this thing(especially the part berween your shoulders that is impossible to reach). Just the right amount of scratchiness. I was using a back scrubber brush but this is much easier and quicker. I’ll probably pick up another one when it wears out.

Marie Cummings, ND

Excellent quality

I have bought bath towels from Target in the past and they lose the roughness to them within a week. I have had this for almost a year now and it is still just as rough as when I purchased it.

Dorthy Hardyville, VA

Great Scrubbing Action

I was doubtful when buying this product that it would even be decent, but am glad I did as I really like it. I always hate that loofas only last a small period of time and are hard to rinse off so end up getting gross fast (plus I’m a germ freak). This product scrubs well – I actually like it better than a loofa, and is easy to rinse and hang.

Maura Phillipsburg, MO

Nice scrubby

You can spend $3 at Target for a scrub towel, and you’ll get $3 worth of use from it. Spend $8 on this scrub towel and you’ll get a lot more than just $9 worth of use out of it! It’s long and thick, with a good texture for the whole body and for me, great for my face as well. But if you have sensitive or delicate skin on your face you might want one of the less coarse towels in this line. In the long run I have no doubt I’ll be using this scrubby towel a lot longer than the $3 Target one I just tossed out because it was already unraveling.I plan to buy a 3-pack next, then I won’t need to buy another one for at least a year or so. =)Happy scrubbing to ya!

Nadine East Carbon, UT

Serious Exfoliation!

I had been using a body scrub to exfoliate, but decided to try out one of these scrub towels. This one worked wonderfully and my skin felt so much smoother after using it, more so than after using a scrub. I will continue to use this once a week as I dont wont to over do it.

Sheree Oakville, CA

Great towel

Okay I was a bit afraid of not getting the genuine article but the product is made in Japan and it gives a nice brusque wash (not painful but you know you are scrubbed). I like the texture and after leaving the shower I feel that I did a decent job of exfoliating. This in combination with a great skin cream will have your summer arms and legs looking silky and without a flake of dry skin.

Marian Floyd, VA

Fiance Loves these – Hard to find in retail stores

She uses these due to exfoliating properties. It is a bit ‘rough,’ so it does the job well. These also last pretty well, at least a few months apiece before needing replacement with another. I bought a few packs at a time, so I should be good for a year or so.These are pretty large, so you can wash quite a bit of surface area at once, or ball it up a bit. As far as bath towels go, these are top notch, and hold up well.Also, I got fulfillment from "ZACCA SIZO." I someone else complain of incorrect ‘hardness of the weave’ – this one seemed to get it right.

Dorothea Winston, OR

great for exfoliating

This exfoliating bath towel works particularly well after you take a bath but I also use it every day when I take a shower. It does a great job removing dead skin cells but it’s a little coarse, so I would only recommend it for your body, not your face. I use it with Dr. Bronner’s soap.

Eliza Lapoint, UT