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Cucumber Infused Facial Cleansing Wipes, 33 Count

Remove make-up, cleanse and tone in one easy step with Body Prescriptions®facial cleansing towelettes with cucumber. Infused with cucumber extract, these facial cleansing wipes clean your face naturally. Just wipe your face with a cleansing cloth to clean. There’s no need to rinse. This convenient pack contains 33 facial pre-moistened cleansing wipes . Put the power of cucumber to work for your skin with Body Prescriptions.

Key features

  • 33 count pack of fragranced cloth cleaning wipes
  • Formulated with essence of cucumber and natural extracts
  • Removes dirt, oil and make-up without rinsing
  • Refreshing scented cloth pre-moistened cleansing wipes
  • Great for removing makeup without water.

Honest reviews


Not Recommended

These cloths don’t clean any better than any other brand I have used. The reason they get a one star is because they smell like a diaper. The citrus odor is mixing with something else in the cleanser and it is so foul that I cannot use it on my face. I used it twice, but had to dump the rest. Back to the drawing board for you.

Katheryn Alvord, IA


I wash my face in the morning in the shower, so I lazily just use facial wipes to take off my makeup at night. Most facial wipes these days are textured, to get a deep clean and help exfoliate. These are flat. Flat and limp. Flat and limp and very thin. Blech. They don’t feel like a nice facial cloth; more like the cheap towelettes you get in a rib restaurant to wash your hands. While they get the makeup off, my face just doesn’t feel ‘deep cleaned’ after I use them… more like ‘wiped off’.2 stars because they do take the makeup off well, and I like the smell.

Luann Biwabik, MN

Clean well, pleasantly scented

I really like these face wipes — I found the smell to be refreshing and delightful, a little citrusy, and maybe just a tad medicinal, but not bad at all. The cloths are nice and large, and they do an effective job of cleaning and refreshing my face. The only reason I gave them four stars rather than five is because the texture of the cloths seems a little off — a little too polyestery and not enough soft and cottony. I think these would be better for oily to normal skin rather than drier skin,

Young Keensburg, IL

Too dry and has sulfates and parabens

These wipes were not saturated enough and it felt like I was wiping a mostly dry/barely wet wipe against my face.Also ingredients listed include sulfate s and paragons, so probably not great for sensitive skin.I had to wipe quite firmly to get makeup off and rub repeatedly because of lack of saturation,

Catherine Wallops Island, VA

Another Non-Product

I was eager to try the new facial cleansers. First off, they smell great, although it worries me what they had to do to get that smell. I used it for the first time after being out all day. I felt like I had to put a lot of effort into getting my makeup off. After using this product, my face did not feel clean and I felt that I needed another product to complete the task. This happened several times.I also find it confusing that you are told to use this product on your lashes and around your eyes, when it comes with a warning not to get it in your eyes?For these reasons, I don’t feel comfortable with the product. I would not purchase them.Jodie Marino Nachison, spouse

Celina Guilford, NY

Just okay

Using one of these wipes to clean my face made my skin sting. These wipes are loaded with artificial fragrances and preservatives. If you have allergies, you might want to find a more natural wipe. I gave these three stars because they do brighten my skin.

Lola Fall River Mills, CA

Cleans and Softens Skin, Has a Pleasant Fragrance

I really like these cleansing cloths, because unlike some drugstore brands I’ve tried, they removed ALL my makeup.Here’s what I was wearing:BB creamconcealercream blushmascara (NOT waterproof)lipstickHere’s how I used the cloths:Took one cloth, wiped it over my entire face, finishing with the eye area. Turned the cloth over, wiped again. Then, I rinsed with warm water, took ANOTHER cloth, and repeated the above.I’m writing about the way I used them, because the directions do NOT say you must rinse after using. I just prefer that.As to how they cleaned: after using the FIRST towel (one side) there was NO makeup left on my face. I used the second side of the towlette to be sure, but it came away clean.So why did I use a second wipe? For the softening effect, which I knew I’d rinsed off.Ingredients include: glycerine, castor oil, lemon fruit extract, ginko biloba leaf extract and ALSO a number of other, chemical ingredients, including sodium lauryl sufate and methylparaben.For those who object to parabens in their products, those chemicals I listed might be a problem. Also, if you object to products made in China, be aware that these are produced there.As for me, I liked the job these did cleaning and softening the skin, and the fact that they have a mild, pleasant fragrance made them even nicer to use.

Debbie Monument, CO

Where’s the Juice?

I have placed these wipes in my car to be used after a run or for us to use the wipes for a fast clean up for our family. There is not one scent of any type of citrus in these wipes and I did not find them refreshing after a long run to wipe my face as it was dripping with sweat. As for cleaning our hands after a meal it left a bad smell and our hands did not feel clean at all. Baby wipes do a much better job then this product I must also add any Walgreen’s or CVS brand wins hands down. I will not be purchasing this item. One final comment I would like to make towards the runners, bikers, walkers, etc If you want a cool refreshing way to clean your face I highly recommend Burt’s Bees wipes especially the sensitive skin product (cost is about &8.99 but so worth it)

Shawna Rock City, IL

A Wipe For All Reasons!

Just received these the other day and they are my new fave cleansing cloth. I am addicted to cleansing cloths anyway…I have tried all different kinds! My favorites are the ones that easily wipe away eye makeup, lipsticks, glosses and BB creams. So far these have been perfect for all of the above plus they have that extra added advantage of adding some Vitamin C to my regimen. They opened easily, they have a nice light fragrance and they are doing the job they were made to do. I am a new fan!

Ashley Ashville, NY

Great, but containsGinseng and Ginkgo Biloba

After receiving this product I found that I could not use it on my skin. It has Ginkgo Balboa and Ginseng extract which I am allergic to. I did use the product on my granddaughter’s face. It does remove makeup easily. It leaves the skin feeling soft and according to her refreshed. It has also helped reduce the acne breakouts. I will purchase this product in the future for my granddaughter

Hannah Carey, OH

Simply Ineffective

While these wipes smell nice and come in a convenient package, they are not effective at removing makeup. My wife complains that she needs to rub her face excessively, which leaves her skin red and puffy. It seems that any antioxidant effect the vitamin C infusion might give is nullified by the inflammation caused by the required amount of rubbing. Perhaps someone with less sensitive skin would fare better.

Evangeline Agate, ND

Smells nice

I’m always hunting around for the perfect makeup remover wipes that don’t burn my eyes and don’t have my wiping over and over again trying to remove every trace. I don’t wear a lot of makeup, just some mascara and BB cream under the eyes. When I first used these, I found the fragrance to be great, it’s refreshing and clean and it didn’t burn my eyes at all. I also liked that my face didn’t feel entirely stripped afterwards, it was pretty soft, except for the eyes which took excessive passes to get all the makeup off. Besides those few things I did like, otherwise they’re too dry to really moisten your makeup and remove it. I found myself working on removing my mascara for at least 5 minutes (at a leisurely pace while watching a movie, but still…). Because of that, my face felt like it’d taken a beating in the eye area. I also took a look at the ingredients on the back and none of them stood out as something I’d be happy to use on my face with the big displeasing ones being SLS, parabens and fragrance. I had high hopes for these but won’t be returning for more.

Brooke Watson, MN

Good wipes

Cleans my face well with the added benefit of vitamin c which has been a proven anti – aging ingredient

Ophelia Lodge, SC

Effective cleaning, pleasant scent

These are fairly gentle cleansing wipes. Compared to the Noxema wipes, these wipes don’t feel as abrasive, and they don’t leave a lingering tingle the way. Noxema wipes do. Still, they do a fair job of cleansing (they seem a little less effective, but not much). The slight citrus scent is also pleasant.

Juliana Joanna, SC

A good makeup remover/face refreshing wipe!

These wipes work great- although I honestly have not tried them with waterproof mascara because I don’t wear it. I have fairly dry skin so a lot of times products like this exacerbate my dry skin- but I have been using these for almost a week now and I haven’t noticed any issues with my skin type. I love love love the refreshing citrus scent they have and my skin feels smooth and soft after I use them (usually right before bed). I recommend these- especially if you are fond of the scent of citrus which I definitely am.

Lola Sanborn, MN

Fresh, citrus smell

These are really nice cleansing wipes. They have a fresh citrus smell and have not dried out at all in the packaging. The don’t take off makeup quite as well as some other wipes I have used, but they work pretty well. I just use two instead of one.

Barbra Ivor, VA

Citrusy, no-rinse face wipes

(Review for yellow, citrus packet) I was really surprised that these clean the way they do. The ‘wipes’ are thin sheets, with no bumps to offer any scrubbing action. I was very skeptical but it does work. A single sheet can clean my oily face, heavy foundation and eye liner. And as advertised, no rinsing required. It doesn’t leave skin too dry the way most cleansers do. Love the light, citrus scent. The packet reseals itself once opened, so a great option to take on trips.

Daisy Promise City, IA

Very Refreshing

So I loved these! I came in late from traveling all day (1.5 hour delay at one aiport put me 4 hours behind in getting home. Don’t ask.) So I was exhausted. I put my stuff away then laid down. I realized I hadn’t washed my face. Grabbed one of these wipes and WOW. I was shocked by how good my skin felt afterwards.I will be getting more of these when they run out. My skin felt like I’d applied a toner to it. The next morning I still felt like my face had just been washed. I guess I am now an evangelist for these things. :DSeriously, I’ll be putting some in my car and a pack at work so I have them whenever I need them. I’m not saying it replaces warm water and a good cleanser, but it certainly stands up to the job of handy wipe when you need it.

Lucia Westhope, ND

Okay, caused breakouts

This wipes work fine for removing make up or freshening up your face but they made me break out. I’m not sure if it is the Vitamin C or something else added. They smell nice, so I am keeping them in a drawer at work for occasional use of freshening up or when I spill something on my clothes, they have been useful for that. If you have sensitive skin, you probably don’t want to use these. I also think you can certainly find another product for less money that works better and isn’t such a waste of product.

Gwendolyn Castle Rock, MN

Easy, One Step Skin Cleansing

These Vitamin C infused facial wipes are the answer to my night time laziness dilemma.The wipes have made it very easy to cleanse my face before bed with just one simple step before applying my night moisturizer.Since I do not wear makeup, I cannot comment on how well the wipes remove makeup.They have a very faint, pleasant smell. They do not overdry my sensitive skin nor do they irritate my skin.While I still use my multi-step cleansing routine in the morning (olive oil mixed with rose water massaged on to my face before shower, then reapplied after shower and wiped off with a moist cotton pad), I love not having to repeat the process at night.Great idea!

Velma Shrewsbury, MA

a little vitamin C never hurt

I use wipes to take my make-up off the minute I get home and then do a deeper clean later. These are good, not too thin, or scratchy. They do a good job of getting everything off, except mascara. I wear several coats of regular mascara and it gets most of it off, but not all. They have a nice smell and leave my skin feeling clean and fresh.I doubt that I am getting much from the vitamin C or other ingredients from the wipes, but even a little bit can’t hurt.

Maria Merritt, NC

Good First Impression

Was curious about this product given the vitamin C infusion, so gave it a try. I got the orange fragranced one – which doesn’t seem to be available at this moment on amazon for some reason.Sometimes, these are called facial cleansing wipes, sometimes make up removing wipes. I’m a man, so I used them for just plain face cleaning.They smell like orange juice at first, but it drops off to a light orange smell quickly. Feels refreshing after wiping down the face with them.Seemed to lighten up a dark spot I have on my skin on the first use and continued to do so. Vitamin C is supposed to do that. Need some more time to see if that lasts.The amazon discounted price of about $5 seems OK for a product like this. The retail of $20 seems too high.

Germaine Elaine, AR


I use facial cloths all the time, particularly in the winter when the furnace is on and drying out my skin. These cloths are larger than all of the ones I’ve used previously, about twice the size, actually. However, I do prefer the Kroger store brand, as well as Noxema’s over these because well, they just do a better job and smell better. These have a very weird smell – I have no idea what the other reviewers mean that they smell like orange juice – they don’t. Mine were just like a medicinal smell – nothing sweet or fresh about them. They don’t remove makeup very well, and forget the eye makeup part. Doesn’t remove that very well at all. So, looks like I’m sticking with Noxema’s and Krogers brands. At least my face won’t stink. Sorry, although they’re very soft, they just don’t clean as well as they should.

Earline Somers, WI

A Wonderful Alternative To Normal Cleansers

I found the Vitamin C Infused Facial Cleansing Wipes to be a wonderful product!!! They completely remove the makup from my face and this is done without leaving my face feeling either greasy or overly dry. In addition the wipes make my face feel revitalized and fresh (must be the Vitamin C).Overall I found that the product was much better than either standard wipes or soapy cleansers. Two big thumbs up on this one!

Lakeisha Cayuga, IN

Gotta love this product!

Terrific stuff. Really terrific stuff. My daughter, who experiences stubborn acne, has been using countless over the counter products for her face. Some are innefective, and others are pretty harsh. She LOVES this product. It smells nice, isn’t harsh or abrasive and doesn’t sting. And best, and most importantly of all… it WORKS! We will definitely be keeping this product on hand!

Hannah Catlettsburg, KY

Really gentle

These per-moistened wipes are so soft and gentle but manage to get my makeup off pretty well without leaving my face raw and dry. I’m not sure how the Vitamin C makes these different from other face cleansing wipes, but there is a very very faint scent of fresh oranges which is not at all overpowering and really refreshing (you can only really smell it if you put your nose right up to the wipe or to the pack of wipes.) It didn’t sting my eyes, which is a problem with a lot of face wipes out there and I love that the product wasn’t tested on animals. For what it’s worth, while the package does say "designed in the USA", the wipes are made in China.

Sarah Amboy, WA

Good, not great

These cleansing wipes do the job, and have a nice scent and feel. Are they better than other wipes I have used? Not really. They’re good, not great.

Bobby Rockwell City, IA


These are a decent facial cleansing wipe. They smell very refreshing and they clean well. I didn’t see anything particularly amazing about them, they are just a decent product!

Briana Broussard, LA

Very effective

I was able to easily remove full make-up with one wipe, in a matter of seconds. The wipes are not at all irritating and are extremely effective.

Diane Hubbard, NE

Not sure these are “special,” but they do the job!

These seem to work pretty well as makeup removers. I’ve used them on everyday makeup, as well as on full face paint, and they powered through all of it. The extra orangey-smell is nice too. I’m not sure how much good the "vitamin C" part is doing me. I haven’t noticed a difference. So I’m not sure if these are any better than regular face wipes. But they do feel lovely!

Janice Glencoe, OH