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Cucina Coriander and Olive Tree 33.8 oz Purifying Hand Wash Refill

Lime zest & Cypress scent Made from extracts of natural oils, with moizturising power of olive oil Contains 33.8 fluid ounces,Made in Canada organic supplies always are healthier the big tub of hand was allows you to refill in every room great for people who has never used the hand wash before This soap will match the toughest oils, dirt, and garbage to keep your hands perfectly clean. This soap will make you want to get your hands dirty just to see how great it will make your hands feel and smell. The large size will last forever especially since it doesn’t take much soap to clean your hands.

Key features

  • Made in Canada

Honest reviews


Smaller than expected.

I had a larger bottle in mind when I ordered this. It does clearly say 33.8 fl oz but, from the picture, I had a gallon size jug in my mind’s eye. That’s my issue, not the product or the product page. I absolutely love the scent of this soap. I had purchased the boutique glass bottle at a little mom-n-pop gift shop during a recent girl’s weekend away and fell in love with the scent. My husband does NOT like the smell. The scent does remind me of a man’s cologne…and what woman doesn’t love the scent of a good smelling man? Ladies, give this a whirl. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. I hope not, anyway.

Jacquelyn Tow, TX


I’ve spent a lot of money buying top line products for my kitchen in the past few years and always come back to this brand. It is actually worth every penny and you only need a little to rid hands of kitchen smells, cut grease all while smelling so nice (unisex) and leaving hands so soft. I can feel the olive oil in the soap while washing hands but it does not leave hands oily. This product is wonderful. I decided to replace the soaps in my guest bath with this and the matching lotion which is also incredible and use in kitchen as well. In fact I will eventually replace all my bathroom hand wash with this. The scent is lovely, fresh and clean. Coriander and Olive is my favorite scent in this line and I also use the dish washing soap and hand creme. Be on the lookout for some of the beautiful bottles offered with this hand wash. They are ever so classy, classic and effective. You will fall in love with this refill as it is price effective.

Nicole Elk Grove, CA

I am addicted to its wonderful smell!

This soap is great. And, as my headline states…the scent is very addicting…and, because i wash my hands many x’s a day, it’s a nice treat throughout the day.

Anna Sandborn, IN

Great Product

I bought this along with the Cucina wire set that holds Cucina soap and lotion in a cute wire holder. I’ve refilled the set 3 times and still have a lot of soap left. It’s a green way to use Cucina soap and I love that.

Darcy Harmon, LA

Wonderful kitchen soap!

I love this soap — it has fresh, clean scent that isn’t too feminine or too flowery to be used as a kitchen soap. I buy the large refill and use it to refill a decorative dispenser that I use at my kitchen sink.

Hollie Allen, MI

Great soap

I use this hand soap in my bathroom. I love the smell of it and plan on using it in the future. I think it’s a little expensive but worth it.

Anna Queenstown, MD

Smells heavenly

I LOVE this hand soap. It is spendy, but considering it makes me smile every time I wash my hands, I’d say it’s more than worth the money. (I do bring out the cheap stuff when the grandkids are here — I don’t think they’ve developed the discernment to appreciate the finer soaps in life. lol!)’

Madge Kensal, ND

Nice Scent!

I initially bought the hand wash/hand cream set because I thought the containers were cute and unusual … but now I’m hooked on the scent of the hand wash … a nice fresh/clean/earthy scent, and I now order the refill. I get lots of compliments from guests, so I often follow up by giving them a gift set.

Tami Hitchita, OK

Nice smell, softens hands

I discovered this in Montreal while on vacation and am now delighted that I can purchase refills back home. Please do not stop selling this wonderful hand soap for the kitchen.

Hallie Silver Plume, CO