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Cuba Variety By Cuba For Men. Set-4 Piece Variety spray With Cuba Gold, Blue, Red & Orange & All Are EDT spray 1.17 Ounces

Cuba by Cuba for Men – 4 PC Gift Set 1.17oz cuba gold,1.17oz cuba blue, 1.17oz cuba red, 1.17oz cuba orange

Key features

  • These are not real cigars
  • Packaging for this product may vary from that shown in the image above
  • Variety Cologne with cuba gold, blue, red & orange

Honest reviews


Great Scents

So I got this for my husband and took the chance without knowing what they smell like. My husband and myself really like all of them except for the red one but 3 out of 4 isn’t bad. I gave it 3 stars because we didn’t like all the scents but the price and shipping were fabulous. I’m happy with my purchase and would recommend to others.

Geri Manor, PA

Not for me

.As a retired military I avoided odors for years. In the field a soldier must avoid being easily detected. Scented body products are common offenders. Now that I am retired, I decided to look for products with an attractive scent.Cuba Variety allowed me to test four scents. On my first test (a spray in the air), I did not like any of them. They each reminded me of room fresheners .Then I realized that any cologne will smell differently when it interacts with the human body. So I tested each (one at a time over four days) and noted my reaction.Both the Blue and the Red smelled to me like a sort of perfume and hence not as masculine as I wish. The Gold smelled fine, but the odor did not last long and reminded me of after shave. The Orange lasted longer than the Gold, but smelled a bit like flowers.One concern may have effected my results. I am disabled and not very active.Cuba Varity doesn’t work for me, but may work better for more active men.

Bridgett Winston, OR

Sure to find something if you’re over 30

I personally really liked the orange and gold. They where a bit different and yet had a DIY of a unique quality to them. Blue I couldn’t stand it smelled like a fake Forrest to me. Red smelled like a fifty year old European should be wearing it. Though my brother liked the blue and didn’t mind the red. I guess it’s all preference. At this price you’re sure to get something you’ll like and they’re great for traveling or gym bags. The lasted 5-6 hours for me on skin. On clothes all day.

Naomi Mount Sterling, IA

A good deal

Ordered this for my hubby. He likes all the different scents. So do I, because I can’t keep my hands off of him! And, the price for the four was a pretty good deal, too!

Leanne Herlong, CA


This is truly a great gift for the men in your life. Very high class, and impressive. Therefore, I would strongly recommend the purchase of this product. DAME HILDA

Dena Berlin, MA

Stocking stuffer…

Great for small present for a man. I got this for my son for Christmas, and I did not receive it until well into January which was over a month after I ordered. That was during the UPS debacle and bad weather events.

Alissa Redfox, KY

Great to attract ladies guys

He’s not disappointed I gave this rating because this cologne is a Great bargain for 4 different Scents. They all smell Nice and I get many comments on what I might be wearing for that day. I have many choices from one day to the next. This product has met his Expectations! A friend of our has this Product and once I smelled them, I just had to have it for my husband. ThanksUpdate March 23, 2014 his still loving this

May North Lawrence, NY

Only one smells good.

Out of the four scents only one doesnt make me gag, I cant even remember which one it is because its at work and doesnt get used much

Herminia Rhodell, WV

Ok, but scent is fleeting

Two of these smell pretty good. Fresh, fragrant, deep smells. But, after 15 minutes, the scent is nearly gone. The last two, one is very mild, and the last will give you a major headache. Still, I give three stars because at its price, you can always ask your wife/girlfriend to carry it in her purse so you can re-apply as needed.

Germaine Lamar, IN


Wow, $12 for four fragrances.These really impressed me. I am a collector of colognes/fragrances, and I am happy I bought this set. These look great on my shelf with their extremely unique bottles!I bought this set for three reasons:The first reason I bought this set was for the pure novelty. Just look at them! Cigar shaped bottles, very cool.The second reason I bought them was purely for Cuba Gold. Cuba Gold has been compared to Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier. I love wearing Le Male, but it’s an expensive fragrance. So why not wear it for nearly 1/5 of the price? And along with that, I get three other fragrances.The third reason I bought this set was for the value. 4 fragrances for $12, which comes out to about $3 each. I’m sold.So, which fragrances smell the best?Gold: This fragrance has been compared to Le Male. I understand the similarity. It is very similar to Le Male. However, it is more subtle and there is less of a cinnamon note in Cuba Gold than there is in Le Male. Very soothing scent, and it has lasted anywhere from 5-8 hours on my skin. Smell: 9/10. Longevity: 5-8 hours. Projection: 6/10.Orange: This is a very citrusy scent, but surprisingly long lasting. It lasted about 4-6 hours on my skin. It smells like Sunny D. Smell: 5.5/10. Longevity: 4-6 hours. Projection: 5/10.Red: Tobacco. This is Cuba’s tobacco fragrance. Definitely the most mature smelling of the bunch. This is definitely a winter scent and not everyone can pull it off. Some people have compared the smell to Burberry London, but I don’t get that at all. This is a harsh tobacco fragrance, but not entirely displeasing. I wear it every now and then. Smell: 5/10. Longevity: 6-8 hours. Projection: 6/10.Blue: I never wore this fragrance. It smells very similar to Chrome by Azzaro, which I also have. However, this fragrance is harsher in the opening and smells a lot "cheaper" than Chrome. With that being said, it is a summer fragrance. Since I never wore this fragrance, I can only rate the opening smell at 4/10.Overall, Cuba Gold is the best. But why not buy the value set? It makes a great novelty, and the price simply cannot be beat. These are quality fragrances. I would have paid $20-25 for this box set.Buy/Try/Pass: This ranks as a definite buy.

Terri Hudson, SD