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Crystal Glass Nail File Set , 5.5″ File and 3.5″ File, Free Carrying Case From Sassella

This Crystal Nail File Set, includes one 5.5″ and one 3.5″ file. The 5.5″ file has a delicate hand-painted flower. These elegant crystal files are unlike ordinary nail files that create tiny fractures in your nail which can weaken the nail and cause the nail to split and become brittle. Because the glass file is so hard and the filing surface so extremely fine, you can file in any direction without damaging the nail. It will leave your nails incredibly smooth! Amazingly the glass file works very well on extremely hard nails as well as very soft nails. Since the surface of the glass nail file is so fine and uniform, regular use will actually help grow more beautiful nails, they will be healthier and smoother.

Key features

  • Set includes 5.5″ and 3.5″ file in one sturdy case
  • A permanent file that never wears out
  • Prevents chipping and layering caused by traditional files
  • Filing can be done in any direction. Easy to clean and disinfect
  • Elegant glass files made from crystal in Czech Rupublic

Honest reviews



I love this file! It is so much better than other glass files that I have gotten. It seems to have a finer grit. Love it!

Lawanda Archer, FL


I will never use a metal nail file again. Some say they have gotten glass nail files that. The texture wears off. Not this one. I have had it a long time, used it dozens of times, and it is just like new. Just rinse to clean.

Noemi Camilla, GA

Great product!

I am so glad I bought this! After reading the many reviews and trying to find the right glass nail file I am glad I took a chance and picked this brand. I love using my glass nail file; it makes my nails nice and smooth unlike the emery boards, when I do my laundry my nails are not getting snagged. I also like using this to buff my nails. This glass nail file has diversity because not only do I file my nails and buff my nails, but I have used it to file certain parts of my skin, normally I would just use nail clippers but I decided to use the nail file and it was great. Also sometimes I have nails from the side and I could not find the clippers and decided to use the nail file and it worked well. I have used it on my toe nails and worked like I expected. Care and maintenance is simple, just rinse with water and if you want to use soap every now and again. I highly recommend using this instead of the other types of nail files or even brands.

Dollie Hurley, VA

Best file I’ve ever used!

I heard about glass files awhile back, and I’ve wanted to try one ever since. Since this was my first one, I don’t have any other brand for comparison. And as much as I love this, I have no reason to try any other brand. It quickly files my nails without shredding them (a problem I frequently have with my metal file). I also love that I can clean it by running it under hot water. I plan on buying these as gifts for the lady’s on my list, because I know they’ll love it as much as I do.

Zelma Dwight, KS

improved my nails drastically, need one more for the dog…

wonderful set with an awesomely sturdy case to protect my investment. so far it hasn’t worn out or broken since they’ve been dropped a few times and its still good as new because these were made in the Czech republic and are one piece of tempered glass with an acid etched grit that is so great for preserving my nail length and helps the peelies to completely stop and ridges will never split down the nail. I will be getting one for the dog as its great for that too and much better for them to have their own.

Maxine Stony Point, NY