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Crystal Glass Dappen Dish with Stainless Steel Lid

dappen dish with lid

Key features

  • Crystal Glass Dappen Dish with Stainless Steel Lid.
  • Can Also Be Used For Holding Powder or Liquid
  • ~2.5″ Tall.

Honest reviews


Great product

This product comes with stainless steel lids; however, I do not think they are stainless steel. They have since tarnished and we ordered these for Christmas 2013. That does not mean we do not like the product. The lids fit well, and we have not experienced any evaporation. For safety precautions we do not store acrylic liquid in the bottles when not in use. One day I knocked one of the bottles on the floor, but the lid did not come off. I was impressed and was pleased at how cute the jars were. My daughter was pleased as well.

Alexis Grayville, IL

great buy!

I use this for my acetone to clean up when polish, it is a little to big for the monomer liquid, but is nice and sturdy.

Ana Chatham, LA


This is a very useful product I really enjoy it. It is a good size and the top cover is great to keep your monomer from evaporating.

Caitlin Grafton, WV

very nice

Recieved in great condition ,product very nice just like the photo you can use it for your liquid or powder .

Cassie Prosper, TX

love it!

I love this product! Lid is a plus for the liquid I use to do nails. I would recommend this glass to anyone!

Lynn La Salle, CO

its ok…i guess

biggest problem was the lid does fit securely which means evaporation will still occur and odor remains an issue. the glass was lovely though perfect size, bigger than the tiny plastic dappen dishes. just gotto figure out how to secure the lid or just use it for powders only n be careful not to tip it. siiiighhhhh

Alexandria Bellmore, IN

Dappen dish

Love this dappen dish, the lid prevents file and dust from entering into the liquid. It is also large enough to save time from having to fill all the time.

Agnes Cedar Brook, NJ

Jar with lid

I thought it would be great to have this to help save on evaporation and odor but the lip of the jar has a bump in it so the lid does not fit like it should. Kind of disappointing but I can still find a use for this item. I ended up using the lid for another container I already had (fits it perfectly) and I still like the jar, just going to use it for something else. This is mainly why I only gave it three stars.

Loretta Stilesville, IN

so cute

It does the jobIts small but able to put liquid acrylic in itI would just see if they can wrap it up in bubble wrap or somethingSafer cuz mine came in usps wrapped in news paperBesides that great product.

Ramona Goodland, FL

One Star

the lid does not fit not cool

Alexandra Upton, WY

Love this dappen dish!

I absolutely love this dappen dish. It is perfect for the acrylic monamer, or the acrylic powder. Several other uses for it as well. I use it for the liquid, when you go to take the excess off your brush this dish doesn’t wobble or go to topple. Perfect for use while doing acrylic nails. Also,it arrived a day early from estimated delivery that was set. Just overall pleased with the product and the seller.

Georgina Auburn, ME

Love it

So cute…and nice sizes..i will get more of thisLove it so much..nice glass.And it looks as a pictture.

Gwendolyn Salisbury, MO