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Crystal Essence Chamomile and Green Tea Roll On Crystal Body Deodorant 2.25 oz Roll-On

Crystal Essence Chamomile and Green Tea Roll On by Crystal Body Deodorant 2.25 oz Roll-On CRYSTAL ESSENCE CHAMOMILE GREEN TEA ROLL-ON Combines the stress reduction of Chamomile with the powerful anti-oxidants of Green Tea in a roll-on which goes on lightly unlike most roll-ons on the market today. How to Use Apply to clean skin.

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  • Crystal Body Deodorant

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I bought another product (Kiss My ****) and even though it didn’t have the itchy aluminum stuff in it, it made me itchy anyway…why?…it has LICHEN in it! I am allergic to just about everything, esp if it’s green, so I couldn’t use it. Plus, it really didn’t work so great anyway. I bought this Crystal Essence product in Lavender (never have had an issue with lavender flowers, ironically) and it WORKS GREAT, DOES THE JOB, AND I AM NOT DIGGING AT MY ARMPITS NIGHT AND DAY! I can not say enough good things about this product. I am buying more, in different scents. Give it a try, it truly works.

Shelby Shumway, IL

cat pee smell?

I saw the wipes in a postpartum kit that used to be available. So I bought the wipes and the roll-on.I used the roll on always on a clean underarm.Day 1: really overpowering smell of deodorant but after sitting with my arms up forever it dried and the smell went down.Day 2: noticed a weird smell in my apartment but couldn’t put my finger on it. I thought hey I’m pregnant…maybe it’s me that smells like that.Day 3: CAT URINE smell coming from my arm pits….I asked my husband to smell and he about gagged and said it smelled like cat pee! So I washed it off and went back to the stuff I had been using.Day 4 to now: it’s just sitting there barely used…..because it made me smell like a litter box…

Erin Stewartstown, PA

Love this!

I use this every day, and it works great! I’ve been using salt deodorants for a few years now, and this is my favorite. Most of them are scent free, or a little too earthy, but this one smells very nice. Its a light smell, but enough that I still feel protected like a traditional deodorant/antiperspirant. It dries quickly, and I’ve never had any problems with it wearing off later in the day.

Janet Sage, AR


This stuff is awesome. I bought it from Rite-Aid. The only downside to this product is having to let it dry before getting dressed, although it doesn’t leave residue on your clothes if it doesn’t fully dry. I put it on as soon as I get out of the shower since I’m always in a huge rush to get to work in the morning. I figured I would sweat more since switching from the antiperspirant to this stuff, so that’s why I waited a few weeks before leaving a review, since I know the aluminum can stay in your system for a while, which will prevent you from sweating for at least a few days, but maybe I don’t naturally sweat as much as I thought. I’ve been using it for about 3 weeks now, and I haven’t sweat much since then, although my job is not physically demanding. I have not used an antiperspirant since I started using it. I don’t anticipate being able to rely on it during the summer, but for now, I love it. And knowing I’m not pumping aluminum into my lymph nodes makes me feel like I made a really healthy decision to start using this instead. 🙂 This is definitely worth the purchase. If you put it on immediately after getting out of the shower, there’s no body odor smell all day. The pomegranate smells really good, but is light, and not at all overpowering. Love it!

Jade Hyde Park, UT

Not A Keeper

I decided this New Year that I wanted to overhaul my cosmetics. I have eaten a vegan diet for a long time, but have remained resistant to changing my products over. Crazy, I know. I’ve just covered my eyes and ears and done the “lalalalala” thing over the overwhelming amount of chemicals and nasty ingredients still in my life. So now the party’s over. The ‘Great Deodorant Switchover” has alomst become the undoing of me! I finally got it right in my head that I might have (shudder) wet pits, but smelly pits…n%^%#$g way! I’m a hairdresser and these pits dangle over people’s noses all day long. Oh the horror. I have tried six other products,also not keepers (be on the lookout for those scathing reviews). This product at least made it to 2-Star status. It did manage to work for nearly 4 hours. Keep in mind I am Super-Active and live in hellishly hot and humid Florida, so 4 hours here is an achievement. Application was fine, but reapplication was pointless. Scent was pleasant and quiet enough. The sad truth was I can’t use this and then subject others to the stench that follows. Moving on, I’m online today to order the Weleda Rose………….

Maude Utopia, TX

It’s natural and smells GOOD!

I didn’t purchase this product on rather at a local Health/Herbal store. I really like the smell and the fact that it doesn’t have aluminum chlorohydrate, paraben free and hypoallergenic.

Stefanie Johnsonville, SC

Works pretty well

Not bad for a natural deodorant. I guess it does the job and helps prevent the bad odor at the end of the day. Could have had more fragrance IMO.

Josefina Munday, WV

The best Crystal fragrance!

I’ve tried the lavender and pomegranate scents of Crystal and this one is by far the most pleasant! Of course, it is not an antiperspirant, just a deodorant, but it still reduces perspiration pretty well. The problem with lavender is that after a few hours the scent changes to an unpleasant B.O. smell. The pomegranate holds up better and at least still smells like a deodorant even after 8 hours. The chamomile/green tea keeps the pits smelling good for a whole day!

Anita Tuckerton, NJ

This stuff is AMAZING!

Search no more for deodorant. Though it not not technically an antiperspirant, it does the job, and does it well. It is safe and free of all of the nasty things that are in all of the brand name products out there. I am trying to go natural and organic in my life and have tried Tom’s brand, within an hour or so, it has lost its effect. Crystal on the other hand, I can go all day and still not smell anything! It’s AWESOME! Recommend to anyone.

Monica Madison, NC

Smells good, works good

I was very pleased when this deodorant arrived. The scent was quite pleasing without being so overwhelming with perfume. A real plus is that the ingredients are all natural as well. Okay, this may not get you through a workout, but other than that, the smell lasts and no need for any reapplying. No stains on your clothing and no burning after shaving your under arms, oh yes, because there’s no alcohol in this! Great price too because you’d pay more at your local drugstore, Target, or even Wal-Mart. I am glad I bought this and to know that it’s animal free makes it all worth it!

April Shirley, NY

Suprisingly Effective!

I was pleasantly surprised by the scent and the efficacy of this deodorant. This lasts all day. I don’t have to re-apply but keep it in my purse just in case. And the scent is sweet but not overtly sweet. I also like that it’s natural. We need to be careful about the harsh chemicals we put on our skin because our skin is an organ as well. It absorbs any and everything. I love this stuff. I like to buy this in bulk so I don’t run out.

Taylor Vallecitos, NM

Works just as good as the other stuff… Just Better 4 You

I have recently decided to turn to natural products just because everything else irritates my skin and I saw some documentary on the cosmetic industry about how it is a waste land for harmful and toxic chemicals and how the FDA does not regulate ingredients being put in cosmetics including deodorant & make up… So… with that said I got on this natural trip… This Crystal Mineral Deodorant works just as well as any other deodorant and it smells really nice… Umm.. It doesn’t prevent any sweating I guess if it did it wouldn’t be “natural” but it definitely prevents odor so I like it.. I’ve purchased it in several other fragrances and they all seem to work well.

Coleen Asbury, MO

It’s the best I’ve tried yet!

I had been using Burt’s Bees herbal deodorant because I wanted something that wasn’t toxic to my body…but I still wanted to not stink! I really liked it but for some reason it stopped working for me. So, since I wanted to try something else that would work better I searched around on Amazon and found this gem. First of all, I was never a fan of roll on deodorant but I wanted to give it a try since the reviews were great. I am so impressed! The pomegranate scent is not over powering…it’s actually very pleasant. The scent wears off for the most part so I never had to worry about it clashing with my natural perfume oil I wear. This deodorant works all day for me….and I wouldn’t say I am a super active person. But, there are moments that I am really glad I’m wearing a good deodorant because, let’s face it…I live in Texas…everyone sweats here! I’m giving this 5 stars! I can’t wait to try the other scents, too!

Ina Eyota, MN

Great Product, Great Smell!

I used regular deodorant for most of my life and made the switch about a year ago to natural deodorant. I started out with theCrystal Body Deodorant Stick 4.25 Ouncesthat worked well, but I hated that sometimes I would not get it wet enough or too wet. When I discovered this product on I was eager to try it. I have now been using this product for 6 months and I love it. For myself natural deodorant does not work as well as your traditional aluminum deodorants, but if you want to go the natural route Crystal overall is one of the better brands. This is the 3rd Crystal product I have tried and it is by far my favorite. I also use theCrystal Body 30009 Spray Deodorant, 4-Ounce Spray Bottles (Pack of 6)in conjunction with this if I think its going to be really hot out or if I know i am going to be doing a lot of physical activities. This product works well but it’s not perfect. I do tend to be a tiny bit stinky by the end of the day. It’s not bad enough that anyone else can smell it or notice, but since I have used both aluminum and this I can tell the difference.Key Highlights- The pomegranate smells fantastic- Easy to role on & the roller works well- Good size for travel, meets TSA requirements- Keeps me fresh most of the day, may need to re-apply if you sweat a lot- Will not stain your cloths if you don’t let it dry all the way- No more discoloration either on the underarms of my clothing, which was something I hated with aluminum deodorants.Wish Amazon sold this in bulk discount and put it on Subscribe & Save!

Pamala Ellis, ID

Great stuff!

I was looking for a more natural deodorant to replace my Arm and Hammer Essentials Natural Deodorant. So I read the reviews and looked at the price…and decided to try it. Well so far it’s been such a great product! And it’s even more natural than A&H! I will be buying this again 🙂

Cara Kennedy, MN

good protection, doesn’t stain clothes, smell ok

I was surprised how well these deodorants work! I love using it with sleeveless shirts cause it doesn’t leave white stuff all over them like other deodorants. I tried this one and chamomile/ green tea one. I prefer the smell if the orange one. This one , despite my love if lavender, at least to me ends up smelling like sweat after awhile but once I reapply I’m OK. I love the orange one better. I want to try pomegranate. I haven’t tried perfume free one yet.

Selina Poyen, AR

Smells great and it works

I’ve been trying to find a simple, natural deodorant that does not contain aluminum chlorhydrate. I tried Tom’s of Maine and it had the amazing ability to make me smell about 5 minutes after applying–ew. Browsing in CVS one day, I saw that this was on sale and decided to give it a try. I was skeptical at first. But it really does work. Note that this is a deodorant, not an antiperspirant, so it can’t be expected to make you sweat less (not that commercial antiperspirants ever managed to do that for me anyway). It lasts all day for me and with the 90-100 degree weather we’ve been having lately, that’s no small feat.It smells really good while applying; the pomegranate scent is very fresh and pleasant. The scent is extremely mild, however, and after a few hours I don’t notice it at all. Although the scent fades, the product continues to be effective long afterward.Overall I’m very happy with this product. I plan on trying the lavender and white tea one when I’ve used up the rest of the pomegranate.

Amanda Ogilvie, MN

nice scent

I love the crystal deodorant cause they smell nice and they are natural and no chemicals. I carry one of them around with me and they are small to easy to take them every where. I recommend it.

Carissa Onyx, CA

Perfect product. Will never buy another deodorant. Ever.

I have this is this scent and pomegranate. I love both. I have the most sensitive skin one can imagine, this has NEVER once bothered me even if I use right after shaving. PERFECT.

Ivy Aguilar, CO

My favorite.

If this is your first look into deodorants without aluminum (the disgusting toxin in every single normal deodorant… with links to alzheimers…), let me tell you that I have tried MANY aluminum free deodorants, and they tend to suck REALLY BADLY. This brand does very well. I highly recommend it.Stops odor all day, without giving you cancer. 😛 Can’t beat that. Gets a little funky if you try to wear it a second day without a shower though, so I don’t recommend it. Others will suffer.Even though it says chamomile and green tea, it smells like orange to me, which I like better anyway…

Caitlin Eldon, MO

Natural Formula Didn’t Work & Irritated Skin

I have been trying to avoid aluminum based deodorants in favor of natural formulas and had heard great things about Crystal brand deodorant. I thought that I would try the pomegranate scent as it smells light and fresh. The deodorant goes on smoothly and clear with no residue. There is a light scent, but nothing overpowering. Unfortunately, within a few hours of putting this on for the first time, my underarm became incredibly irritated and broke out with an itchy rash. While this may not be the typical reaction, for people with sensitive skin, this is not an ideal deodorant.

Ashleigh Pigeon Falls, WI

awesome for pregnant ladies

so after i found out i was pregnant, i literally researched day and night about all natural skincare products that are baby friendly. this stuff smells soooo good and is very refreshing for my pits! after hearing about how ingredients in deodorants are causing all these health problems, this is an awesome alternative. a little more expensive than your typical drugstore deodorant and doesn’t last as long, but at least i have a peace of mind that i am using something that is not harmful for my body and my baby

Marcie Drakes Branch, VA

Pretty good!!!

Fast Shipment!!! Works great combine when combine with baby powder!!!! I would defininely friends and family to use !!Love the smelll!!!

Eloise Mc Rae, GA

Didn’t Work For Me

This product did not help with underarm odor or sweat. I don’t really like the smell. Will not buy again.

Gladys Blanford, IN

Pomegranate works for me!

My crazy cousin walks into thanksgiving raving about crystal antipersperant (sp?). you wet it and wipe it on. She dragged it out of her purse. and she wanted me to try it. I declined, for the obvious reasons.The next day I bought the roll on pomegranate, instead of the crystal you wet and apply, as the roll on is more convienent. First time in years I have not itched! great smell that dissipitates.1. Apply to clean DRY skin2. Let dry before dressing.

Yvonne Thomaston, TX