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Cristophe Professional Volumizing Spray Tonic, 6 Ounce

Cristophe Profesisonal Volumizing Spray Tonic adds fullness to fine, limp hair and helps you create a full body style just like Cristophe. Special thickening ingredients deliver long lasting volume without weighing down your hair. This salon formula nourishes and adds body to eliminate flat and lifeless hair.

Key features

  • UV protectors that protect against sun damage and color fading
  • Creatine to provide strength and improve elasticity
  • Vitamin C for shine and vibrancy
  • Paraben free, state-of-the-art formulations
  • Cristophe Salon developed and approved; Not tested on animals; Color safe; Paraben free

Honest reviews


this product will make your hair feel thicker

Although I do not hold it against the product, a good amount of the liquid was spilled during transit (so much so that the post office called our house before they delivered the package). With all the spilled liquid, it was hard to not notice the scent before anything else. My wife’s first impression of the scent was that it was that it really has a pleasant smell. It isn’t overwhelming; it has more of a clean and fresh scent.Although some people have complained about the pump, my wife’s opinion is entirely different. She really likes how the pump doesn’t spray everything in one place and makes a mist that really allows for better coverage.For people with oily hair, one has to be careful in not using too much of the product as it can make hair feel oily. I would give the product 5 stars if it had alcohol in it. It is really hard to find products on the market today with alcohol in them, which really helps people with oily hair. So if you have dry hair, this product should be ok for you and will make your hair very soft. Overall, this product will make your hair feel thicker.

Lori Derby, CT

Perfect lift and volume

I normally wear my hair in a tousled beachy bob, using Beach Chic texturizing spray on my hair and this Cristophe voluminzer on my roots. I love that this spray truly provides lift and volume at the crown and doesn’t leave my hair feeling stiff or sticky. I also use this on my roots when I wear a sleek straight style and it gives my hair the perfect lift that it needs. The key is to spray it on damp (not drenched) roots and blow drying it. Without the heat from the blow dryer it won’t have the same effect. I’m a fan of this voluminzer and will continue to use it.

Rachael Manati, PR

Good Product…Beware of Leaky Package!

So first off, It Works! There is a noticeable difference in the volume of my hair when I use Cristophe Volumizing Spray compared to when I blow dry my hair with no product in it. In the past, some volumizing products have made my hair frizzy, but I am pleased to see that this spray keeps it smooth. Plus there’s no flaky residue or stiff or heavy feeling. It works, and it works right!The description says the product is activated by heat. I spray it on my roots, then blow dry my hair. The result is a fuller looking head of hair.When I received this package in the mail, it was wet. It didn’t take long to figure out the Volumizing Spray had leaked. The cap had come loose during shipping. That’s one risk of having a liquid shipped.

Margot Claridge, PA

Volume for long straight hair

I have fine long straight hair that is flat down even after a blow-dry with a round brush. I have tried different volumizers. Few worked well because it was either too greasy or too stiff. My first time with Cristophe product was this volumizer. I really liked it! It does create some volume without stiffening my hair or leaving an oily feel to my roots. It also has a great smell! It did not feel like I had sprayed anything to my hair at all, which was quite amazing. After spraying this into my roots and blow-drying my hair, my hair is bouncy, clean and smells great.My only complaints: First was the packaging. When I received it, it was leaking through the package. They should have sealed the top. But, that is not to say the product was flawed in any way. Secondly, it takes quite an effort to push down the top and spray. That is fixable, and hope they could do something to improve it.Overall, I am happy with the product and will certainly buy it for myself, recommend it to others.

Camilla Kissimmee, FL

pumped up the volume!

This is the first product by this company I have used. I love it! I will definitely by more when this runs out and will try other products by this company in future. I have fine hair so have tried many volumizing products over the years. This is one of the best. I used by itself and then with mousse by another company. It does well own its own and with the other product. I did not have to redo by end of day. Today I wore a knit hat and usually my hair would be flat afterwards, but with a little mussing it went back to awesome. It also leaves my hair soft. I totally recommend to anyone but especially those like me with fine hair.

Evangeline Spencer, SD

It doesn’t do much of anything for my hair

This item was given to me for my review.Cristophe Professional Volumizing Spray was difficult for me to even push the atomizer button. That might change with use, but I have tried it several times, and it still takes both hands. The spray comes out as a fine mist, which I really liked. The scent is almost nonexistent, and I really liked that, as well, but the product does not seem to work on my hair. My hair is fine, but I have a lot of it, and this volumizing spray did not provide volume or really hold my hair. It is possible that it might work best on fine, thin hair, but that’s not me.

Kathrine Pope A F B, NC

faulty bottle

I have thin thin hair, that will only get volume if I am on a roller coaster or if I spray the ever lovin crap out of it with aqua net. I didnt have high…get it…high hopes for this spray and well truthfully it DOES give some volume if I use the correct brush and use all my arm muscles to get it right.Its just okay. smells good though! also tiny thing..the sprayer wouldnt spray. I had to replace it with another bottles top.

Misty Cadiz, KY

Does a great job

I was eager to try this product this morning and am really pleased with the results. It offers more than just lift. My hair is quite thin and limp and I really need something to add umph. I’ve tried many shampoos and conditioners and some do a good job, but the moisturizing shampoo I like the best in winter when my hair is very dry doesn’t have the volumizing effect and some conditioners make my hair easy to comb out but even more limp than usual.This spray not only adds lift and volume, but acts as a sort of detangler too so my comb out was easier. I’ve been looking for just such a product since a similar one I liked was discontinued. I’m so happy to have found this. You don’t need much. The spray is fine and didn’t make my hair much wetter thereby lengthening the drying time. I didn’t do all the sectioning and root spraying per the directions, just sprayed it around my short hair and got my same quick blow drying time I usually do. I was able to brush my dry hair without flyaway which in itself is great in winter. Then I finger wave it and spray it. I got just the effect I hoped for and will rebuy.

Wendy Soudersburg, PA

Like this product a lot

Too often when I’m reviewing a product like this it is sticky or hard to work with. I didn’t find this at all. As long as you use the hairdryer right after applying this, you’ll find that it works very well. It doesn’t leave a residue or make your head crunchy, and does give it some night height and body.

Mamie Cohasset, MA

Gave me the Big Hair I wanted!

Cristophe Professional Volumizing Spray Tonic gave me the ability (with work) to get the ’80’s hair I’d been longing to create again! Using the correct round brush and hot irons, I got a special occasion look WITHOUT ugly stiffness that kept the fullness I created all evening. Not only did it give me fullness, I was able to keep the fullness for the next day without reapplying.The scent is excellent, I was not left with “hair-spray-dandruff” — the awful condition you get when regular hair spray begins to flake off on your clothing if you run your hands through it. I love this product and will definitely keep this as a part of my arsenal of beauty products. Anything that can make my hair look fuller is fabulous!!

Graciela Mehoopany, PA

This is indispensible–who knew???

I ordered this product based on the good experience I had had with this company, Cristophe’s shampoo, which I liked so much I actually HID it from the rest of the family.I am have the same excellent experience with this volumizing hair tonic. I can’t believe I have this much HAIR after using this tonic!As I have next to NO hair, to see my locks looking thick and healthy is a "tonic" for me! I actually have begun taking certain hair vitamins because the results of the way my hair looks is making me so happy I want it to look even better.This is the most positive experience with the battle of my hair I have had in years. If you try it, I hope it works as well for you! Keep in mind it is a cosmetic type effect — you are not fixing your hair when you use this. It is just that it really makes it look fuller in appearance, at least it does in my case. Thanks, Cristophe Professional Volumizing Spray Tonic!–jean

Constance Woodstock, VT

Growing on Me After a Frustrating Start

I have baby fine, long, straight hair. Giving any kind of volume to my roots is a tall order. As time has gone by, I’m actually starting to like the results I’m seeing with the Christophe Professional Volumizing Spray, but not without some frustrating starts.I don’t know if it’s because it was shipped in the middle of a deep freeze, but when I opened this spray (which has a non-aerosol pump), it just would not depress. I tried multiple times, taking the nozzle out of the bottle each time. I would finally get it to release the volumizer, making a mess of my bathroom counter and mirror, only to put it back into the bottle to have the same problem all over again. This went on about four times and then just when I was ready to give up, it started working correctly.I’m glad it did because I’m definitely noticing some body as a result of this product.How I use it: 1. I let my hair air dry while I’m brushing my teeth, putting on jewelry and applying makeup. 2. Next, I section my hair, spraying the Cristophe tonic directly to my scalp. 3. Then, using the volumizing attachment on my hair dryer, I dry with my head flipped over, concentrating the diffuser at the roots. When I flip back over, I see results that typically only happen with a professional blowout.And speaking of professional, this product smells like it comes from a high-end salon too. It’s a pleasant, subtle smell, though, not an overpowering perfumey one. The heat from my hair dryer brings it out, but I don’t go around gagging on it the rest of the day.I’ve been using Pantene Pro-V Expert Collection AgeDefy Advanced Thickening Treatment (;=1392679300&sr;=8-5&keywords;=pantene+pro-v), which I was quite happy with, but I think I like this volumizing spray tonic even better, at least equally. And, it’s slightly less expensive.

Marilyn Wewahitchka, FL


My hair is fine and thin and it is hard to find product that will give it enough volume. This product has done that. I was sceptical at first but thought I would give it a try. It exceeded my expectations. I have used Christophe products in the past and have been delighted with them. This product definitely meets the standards of the Christophe brand. It is easy to use, just follow the directions of spraying near the roots and blow dry into your favorite style. Lasted until I washed my hair 2 days later. I will definitely purchase on a regular basis.

Polly Rena Lara, MS

Love this product!

This is a great product for building volume. I have color-treated hair that’s naturally wavy; I’m always concerned about the safety of the product on my hair, plus frizz issues. This product is great at both. It has a pleasant odor – not too perfum-ey. It also doesn’t get sticky or build up. I love that I can get Adele-like styles with ease – I’ve been told my hair often looks like I just left a stylist. This product is a keeper for me!

Rebecca Nelson, WI

No stick hair with fluff

I have very fine hair so I was excited to try the Cristophe Spray Tonic. I had to push the button several times for the pump to work, I can imagine this may clog in future. Once I got it going, I pumped a fine stream throughout my roots per the directions. Next I blew it dry. The results – my hair was fluffy but not as full as other products I use.One thing I really like is the no stick feel. Some volumizing products leave hair feeling sticky and tacky but with Cristophe hair feels soft and supple.I will play with it some more and see if I can get the volume it promises.

Jewell Conway, MO

Provides volume

Nice product which definitely increases the volume of my very fine hair when I use it before blow-drying. The scent is a little strong for me, but it is pleasant.

Willie Bellerose, NY

Smells wonderful and provides great lift

I have color treated, medium texture hair that has a tendency to feel and look floppy mid-day. This product helps add body and volume without leaving my hair feeling heavy or sticky.The smell is very refreshing. I also typically shampoo every other day and on my "off" days of shampooing, this works particularly well. I lightly spritz my roots and shoot some hot air through my hair while finger styling it to achieve a refreshed look. Again, the smell is amazing.I would definitely consider purchasing this product in the future if it’s priced competitively. I use several professional grade products from different manufactures (shampoo, conditioner, dry shampoo, gel, volumizing sprays, etc.) and this product is a very nice addition with what I currently use.Why only 4 stars? – I have never found a hair product that provides consistent, long term results and this product is no different. It is a VERY good product but like most others, it needs to be cycled out occasionally to give my hair some "rest" to achieve the best results. I personally think most products (even salon professional grade products), through time, leave a bit of a buildup and you simply have to switch the products around to achieve the best results.

Harriett Middlebrook, VA

This is wonderful

I have very fine hair that tends to be weighed down by heavy sprays, so this volumiizing spray does a wonderful job in giving my hair some lift. I also learned that to get the most our of limp hair, it is best not to twist your hair up in a towel once you have washed it. Just lightly towel it dry a bit and then go straight to your blow dryer. I lightly sprayed this tonic on my hair and then dried it upside down with a flat brush. That helped to lift up the top so it wasn’t as flat as normal. This spray also isn’t drying which is a big plus.

Elise Shapleigh, ME

Lovely scent

I did not realize that this was mainly for very fine hair. I have fairly thick hair, although it’s thinner than it used to be. However, my hair is long and gets flat and straight, so it needs volumizing. I was hoping this product would do the trick. I applied it to the roots of my dry hair and used my comb to lift the hair while I blow dried it, but honestly I could not tell any difference at all when I was done. I think you need to have thin hair for this to work well. The scent, though, is delightful. It’s a fresh, clean scent, and I will keep using this anyway just so my hair can smell so pretty.

Hillary Andover, MN

Useful but not perfect – still, a keeper

Almost perfect but the last star I’ll save for personal preferences. This spray works best when applied to dried hair – it is not intended to be applied to damp hair and then blow-dried which is the way to use most ‘volumizing’ products. It does a very good job of adding texture and height to roots, but then it causes you to use the hair dryer AGAIN to dry the product after you’ve already dried your hair. I’m always skeptical of hair products I have not tried – so many do not do what they are advertised for, or add what stylists call "separation" which is basically the stringy look of dirty hair and is only accomplished by using oils. The Cristophe Volumizing spray keeps the greasy look to a minimum and does add volume, but I couldn’t see that it added shine.What I liked: this is really great for the "day after" hair, when I’ve fixed my hair (stubbornly flat, uncurls, non-frizzy, thick but fine, generally fly-away and lifeless) with other products including Paul Mitchell gel, blow drying, sectioning with curling iron along with spraying Suave hair spray on every section as it goes into the curling iron. I use a 1" iron about 18 seconds on each section, along with spray before and after, just to get a lifted, not curly look – just so you know how obnoxiously straight my hair is. Then the NEXT DAY, when the hair is flat from sleeping on it, that is the time for the CRISTOPHE SPRAY TONIC to lift and fluff the roots. The second day, I find I do not have to re-apply the hairspray to get volume and lift.What I didn’t like: Having to blow dry a second time. If I use nothing but this product my hair is almost as flat as if I had used nothing. The second day’s hairdo is decidedly heavy. Without the CRISTOPHE spray I usually get three days from a hair-do. With it, only two. It refreshes the volume, but adds enough other stuff that my hair cannot go a third day.Sometimes you really need a second-day pick up for your hair, some days you’d rather have a vacation, so I use this stuff for traveling when I’ve got talks to do on consecutive days.

Edwina Marlboro, VT

Didn’t do much

I was very interested in trying the Cristophe Professional Volumizing Spray Tonic. I had to spray several times to get the pump working and it was very difficult to actually push down. After several uses it is still pretty difficult even. I washed my hair and then towel dried it and then sprayed this at the roots of my short hair. I then began to blow dry with a round bristle brush. I didn’t notice any difference in my hair if I would have left it with no product except it had a nice smell to it.

Ericka Hallsville, MO

Extra volume for fine hair and works as a texturizing spray.

I have very fine, long hair that tends to get limp if I don’t use products. I first tried it on wet hair and then blow dried, using a round brush. The product gave me extra volume without sacrificing shine or smoothness. Next, I sprayed it on dry hair and found that it gave my hair extra texture, which was very useful for putting it up for work in a messy bun. It’s also helpful when using a curling iron to get more volume. If you want smooth, straight hair, however, it’s probably best used when your hair is damp or wet.Two complaints: First, the smell. Although other reviewers liked the smell, I didn’t like it all. It fades away quickly though, so not a big issue. The second is that the pump is difficult to press down, as other reviewers have pointed out. I have to use my thumb and press hard. Not a deal breaker, but slightly inconvenient.

Letha Jeffers, MN

Pleasant and effective.

Pleasant smelling and effective. A little seems to go a long way. Experiment a little – I found that it can cake up if you use too much. It holds fairly well in a high humidity environment. This amount will last me forever.

Sabrina Elbow Lake, MN

Professional Quality

So I don’t use this personally. But my wife wanted to give it a try so I thought I’d get it for her and share her thoughts. She gives it two thumbs up. If you follow the directions and spray on the roots of your hair it helps a lot.It also doesn’t leave your hair scrunchy and dry. She has been really pleased with it. Her hair is thick and long, and also straight. So I’m not sure how it would work with curly hair. Anyways, I hope this review helped.

Laverne Dearing, GA

Nice but … !

Not sticky. Pleasant, light fragrance. Doesn’t make hair crunchy. Adds a bit of sheen. Adds a bit of volume. I followed the directions to the T and used the product on several occasions. The fullness did not last as promised: "a long lasting full body style." I was never thrilled with the result, nor was I unhappy with it. The most important thing is that it DOES add a bit of volume without doing anything unpleasant: bad fragrance, stickiness, stiffness. However, I get better results with my Pantene Expert Collection Age Defy Advanced Thickener Treatment or my Lottabody Setting Lotion or even a touch of hairspray at the last.But …the pump is soooo incredibly hard to depress. I have strong hands and it’s still a major effort. Normally, I wouldn’t comment on the pump, but several other reviewers have had the same difficulty with it, so it’s not just my unit. The pump resists being depressed and then sticks and won’t come back up for a full second or longer. This makes using the spray really difficult and I find myself uninterested in using it again. It may even be that the difficulty of using the pump causes me to under-utilize the spray. So, if I find the pump working more easily over time and if I find the spray gives more volume, I will DEFINITELY update my review. Until then, my recommendation is that this is a good product, poorly packaged. 4 stars with a possibility of moving to 5.

Stacy New Boston, TX

Helps a little bit

I have very fine, very straight hair, that doesn’t like to stay put unless I smother it with hair spray, essentially creating a clear coat over my hair style. So I was excited to see a spray that would claim to help volumize my hair.I have tried lots of different products on my hair. So far I have found very few that really work.This product seemed to help volumize my hair some, but it lasted only about five minutes before my hair drooped again. It is not meant to be a hair "spray" like "Aqua net", or "got2B" as you spray it on your roots only.I tried putting it on damp hair, as directed, and blow drying it gently with a medium-hot setting on the blow dryer. I held the hair straight up with a comb while drying it. This added a slight bit of lift to my hair, but not incredibly noticeable.I then tried spraying it on dry hair, at the roots (as directed.) Got slightly better results, with a little noticeable lift.Tried spraying it on dry hair, holding it up, and using the blow dryer a little, and results were about the same.Tried pairing it with mousse, and that didn’t go so well. The mousse made my hair look greasy and weighed it down again, defeating the volumizing spray.I guess I’ll have to stick with the expensive brand from the hair salon, darn it! but I have hair that doesn’t like to hold a curl for very long. Maybe you will have better results.

Earnestine Summerville, PA

Good volume, nice fragrance

Christophe Professional Volumizing Spray Tonic is an easy to use pump that brings renewed life to hair. The pleasant fragrance offers a bit of aromatherapy as you spray the roots of damp of dry hair. After drying the roots of hair and styling, it is obvious that this tonic has given your hair a little lift. My hair looked and felt fuller. My only gripe with this product is that the spray was difficult to put exactly where I wanted it because the spray covered such a wide area. Other than that, I would definitely add this product to the list of root boosters I prefer.

Nanette Paoli, IN

Cristophe Professional Volumizing Spray Tonic, aesthetically pleasing package, mediocre results

Any hair product that advertises “adds volume” or “adds fullness” to fine, limp hair, I buy! The inside of my cluttered bathroom cabinet attests to that fact! So Cristophe Professional Volumizing Spray Tonic was a “must get.” The product arrived to me, an excited consumer. When I saw the an aesthetically pleasing red/grayish color combination of the bottle, I couldn’t wait to try it. The bottle itself is durable, especially in consideration of the relatively low-cost factor of the spray.Obviously the package put me in a positive frame of mind, and I expected a product that delivers great big hair. I must say, I followed the directions, sprayed the product directly onto my roots, gave it the old college try–on both dry and wet hair–over and over, but achieved no dramatic effects of any kind. No smell, no effect, no nothing. Yes, hair is not left sticky or stiff, but you might as well save a few dollars and use nothing, `cause nothing plus nothing really equals a big fat goose egg, but no big fat hair.Stacy Lytwyn, Marketing Guru/Motivational Speaker/JournalistAuthor: CONSUMMATE CONNECTICUT: DAY TRIPS WITH PANACHEAce Blogger: WTF: Where’s the Faith, […]

Lea Deerfield, IL

It Seems To Work

I have been using this product for a few weeks now. At first, I didn’t think it did anything. I then reviewed the instructions and read some of the other reviews to see if I was using it correctly. With the information gathered, I have been using it on wet, clean hair and immediately blowing it dry and it seems to add volume that stays for a couple days. It also depends on what products I use to wash and condition my hair. Some of them, though they make my hair smooth and shiny (protein conditioning), rob my hair of volume that even this spray cannot replace.I have fine hair, though it’s not terribly thin, and a layered cut. I use a curling iron frequently to try to add volume and bounce. This product does seem to work for me without adding any heavy, sticky residual like some other products do. Awesome!I will continue to use this bottle (there’s a lot left!) and update if I have any additional information. I would encourage you to give it a try at least, when it becomes available. It’s not the most expensive of products and I believe it works.Update- I have one, small frustration with my bottle. The plunger sticks! It’s been doing this for weeks now and I’ve tried washing it and rinsing it out with no change. I don’t know if it’s just my bottle or what, but it’s aggravating. It takes me at least twice as long to spray my hair as I’m constantly fighting the sprayer! Other than that, I love this as I’ve continued to use it. I just hope that the next bottle’s sprayer isn’t the same.

Lucile Seven Mile, OH

Good product, Redken is better

I usually use Redken products (from paste to hairspray to, well, everything). I tried this because of the good reviews. It is a good product, it does hold your hair, but it makes the hair look greasy. Redken holds without looking greasy or dirty. You can run your fingers through Redken hairsprayed hair and it moves, but it still holds and looks stylish and professional. For your reference: I’m a person of Indian ethnicity. So, what can I say? Your mileage may vary.

Enid Florence, WI