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Cristophe Professional Glossing Shampoo, 10 Ounce

Cristophe Professional Glossing Shampoo provides instant shine and UV protection for luminous hair and helps you create soft, silky styles just like Cristophe. Exotic Argan and Monoi oils combine to soften hair and protect strands from styling damage and breakage. This lightweight salon formula smoothes the cuticle for glossy, shiny hair.

Key features

  • UV protectors that protect against sun damage and color fading
  • Creatine to provide strength and improve elasticity
  • Vitamin C for shine and vibrancy
  • Paraben free, state-of-the-art formulations
  • Cristophe Salon developed and approved; Not tested on animals; Color safe; Paraben free

Honest reviews


cristophe glossing shampoo

recieved this product today 08/29/2013. could not use or test this product. the usps totally crushed the contents of the package and it was un-useable. so i cannot rate it. that is the reason for the 1 star

Eliza Watersmeet, MI

Very Good Shampoo, But Possibly Toxic?

Here are the shampoo brands I rotate between Shi Kai- Henna Gold, Aubrey- Rosa Mosqueta, and Trader Joe’s- Nourishing Spa. I have fine straight hair and don’t use conditioner. If it wants to tangle I give it a spritz of Aubrey’s NuStyle Detangler.The results from this shampoo mimicked the Trader Joe brand. If you are looking for a gentle non drying organic shampoo, Nourishing Spa is a bargain.The Cristophe shampoo had a nice fragrance, lathered well, and left my hair very soft. The shine factor wasn’t that pronounced compared to other brands I have used. I didn’t need to use any detangler, it combed out smoothly. It gave my hair very nice volume, which was a plus. I would definitely be buying and using this shampoo, if I hadn’t read the label. Here it is:Water, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Sodium Coco-sulfate, Cocamidopropyl Hydroxysultaine, Frangance, Argania Spinsoa Kernel Oil, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Gardenia Tahitensis Flower Extract, Quaternium-26, Glycerin, Quaternium-95, Propanediol, Ascorbic Acid, Creatine, Polyquaternium-7, Polyquaternium-11, PEG/PPG-4/12 Dimethicone, Polyquaternium-10, Citric Acid, Sodium Chloride, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone, Tetrasodium EDTA, Orange 4, Yellow 10The #1 ingredient Sodium Laurel Sulfate, according to the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep: Cosmetic Safety Reviews,6 research studies on SLS have shown links to:Irritation of the skin and eyesOrgan toxicityDevelopmental/reproductive toxicityNeurotoxicity, endocrine disruption, ecotoxicology, and biochemical or cellular changesPossible mutations and cancerYou really need to be aware of what you are absorbing through your skin from cosmetics and various toiletries. Try different organic product brands to find which ones work for you. That’s what I have done through the years. Fortunately my favored brands stay consistent in their quality.Every woman wants to be beautiful. I, however am not dying to be.

June Coleman, OK

Smells good, and is light on the hair.

It’s shampoo. I was tempted to try this because my aging hair can be lackluster. It’s also thick, so I generally use a shampoo with conditioner, which can be a bit heavy on the hair. This is not. But does it make the hair shiny? Not so you’d notice. I get more shine with a leave-in treatment called (surprise!) Shine. But this is a lovely light shampoo, which leaves the hair smelling a little fruity.Word to the wise: You may want to seek this out in your local drug store or department store. It came shipped to me a little gooey, because the lid was loose or worked itself loose in shipping. There was a minor loss of about a tablespoon of the product, which was no big deal. But ordering liquids can be dicey, and this was shipped in a padded mailer, without Amazon’s usual pillow packing and big box.

Adelaide Paynes Creek, CA

Okay Shine. Don’t Like the Scent

Cristophe Professional Glossing Shampoo, 10 Ounce does provide a nice shine. However, I do not like the scent at all. A 10 ounce bottle costs $9. Personally, I would not buy this product. I do not like products with unpleasant scents.

Adrienne Cyclone, WV

very nice

I have to admit I was a little skeptical of a glossing shampoo so when I tried it and my hair was actually shinier and softer, I was surprised. It has a pleasant scent, lathers nicely and rinses clean and easy. I have highlighted blond hair and it’s pretty healthy so I didn’t think it would matter at all. However, this shampoo did make my hair shiny and softer and manageable. I really like it and told my mom and my friends about it and now they’re using it too. I would recommend this if you need that little extra shine and softness.

Leona Interlochen, MI

Work Great but Not Natural

I have shoulder-length colored hair and I usually use Trader Joe’s Citrus Refresh shampoo without conditioner. So that’s my point of comparison.Compared to Trader Joe’s shampoo, the Christophe lathered a lot more and left my hair softer than Citrus Refresh does, meaning I had a much easier time brushing it and, generally, keeping it in some sort of order. It also smells great. So, although it’s more expensive than my normal shampoo, I would probably give it a go.The big minus for it is that its number one ingredient is Sodium Laurel Coco-Sulfate. That’s a cleaning ingredient known to cause cancer. And I probably subject my body to more than enough of those without deliberately looking for more.So I guess I’ll be sticking with my Trader Joe’s shampoo.

Virginia Berlin, MD

Kind of like any other decent shampoo

I am no shampoo aficionado, but do like to try new ones now and then. Still, they almost all seem to have similar ingredients with variations in the additives. This one has the argan oil, coconut oil and monoi oil in it. I never heard of monoi oil and found that it is the oil made from soaking the petals of Tahitian gardenias, labeled as the gardenia extract on the shampoo. It is supposed to be a hair softener. Still, I think by the time the small amount is added into the shampoo, it becomes pretty diluted.I have personally been using pure argan oil (Aura Cacia Argan Skin Care Oil Certified Organic – 1 fl oz) as a facial moisturizer and then use the remaining oil left on my hands to run through my hair. To me, that is properly using the argan oil to its maximum potential. Diluting it in a shampoo and rinsing it out just doesn’t seem to have the same effect. Pure coconut oil can also be used as a moisturizer too.Soooo, the shampoo smells nice, lathers well, doesn’t leave my hair feeling dry or greasy, so in that sense, it is great. I just didn’t sense that it did wonders for my hair. Maybe using it with the Christophe conditioner would have made a difference, but I didn’t have the availability of that to try at the time.

Teresa Berthoud, CO

Great product, fragrance

This is one of the better shampoos I’ve used. Has a nice tangerine color and a great orange like fragrance to it. Foams up quickly and does a great job with my gray hair.A great looking product.highly recommended.

Miriam Littlefield, AZ

Smooths and cleans

I live in New Hampshire and it is pretty dry here most of the time. I normally use a moisturizing shampoo and a deep conditioner and then leave in conditioner on my hair because of the dryness. I have shoulder length, straight, fine hair. I tried this Cristophe glossing shampoo this morning and was skeptical but I have to say, my hair is much more moisturized than when I use my regular shampoo and I don’t have the dry ends and fly aways that I normally have – and that drive me crazy! So, I am very happy with this shampoo and will continue to use it. It works up into a great lather, smells nice and works well. I am also glad it has SPF, which is something I never think to put on my hair or scalp. So this is an added bonus.

Alma Huntsville, TX


Is my hair shinier? One bottle later, I see no big change. This smells pretty, and lathers up like laundry detergent–which is rather worrying!–and looks nice in the bottle. That’s all I’ve got.

Dionne Graves Mill, VA

Didn’t do what I thought it should

With a name like “glossing” shampoo, I expected my hair to be sleek and shiny after washing. My hair was a tangly mess after I shampooed. I wasn’t going to use a conditioner because I wanted to see how the shampoo would do on its own, but because of all the tangles I had to use one. My hair is shoulder length, thick and wavy. I used this shampoo for a week and didn’t notice any difference from using the Suave creme shampoo. Sorry!!If you do buy this, make sure you have conditioner. It feels like it strips all the oils from the hair, making it easily tangled.

Angeline New Alexandria, PA

Nice Shampoo

Cristophe Professional Glossing Shampoo,by Cristophe ProfessionalGel shampoo that lathers nice, not too much, but smooth and light. Has a nice light scent that stays throughout the day. I have normal hair that isn’t dry or oily, and after using this shampoo, my hair felt great and looked smooth and glossy.

Alison Colbert, WA


Very nice. My daughter loved this. Will buy again. She was pleasantly surprised. Enjoyable smell. Luxory in a bottle and all that.

Deann Coudersport, PA

A decent shampoo

I really love the smell of this shampoo. It does make a really nice thick lather. I’d say after a week or so of using this my roots look pretty good and feel pretty good, however, the damaged ends of my hair haven’t really seen any improvement. So it isn’t a miracle formula when it comes to healing damaged hair.Perhaps if i was using a conditioner from the same line I would see a difference?My hair is color treated, and it doesn’t seem to be fading it, also.So I probably wouldn’t go out of my way to get this, but it isn’t a bad product.

Isabella Standish, MI

Glossy but frizzy

The Cristophe professional glossing shampoo did leave my hair very shiny, though a bit frizzy and fly away. The scent is very light and wonderful. Cristophe lathered beautifully and my hair felt very clean. I did have to put product on it after drying because of the frizzy bits.

Brenda Galloway, WI

Easy, Breezy, Beautiful… Hair

My hair is long, probably just below my shoulder blades. I have some grey mixed with brownish naturally blonde highlighted hair. Thick and somewhat coarse and sort of on the frizzy side if left too long on its own, my hair defies straight or wavy definition by being both whenever it likes. You know the type – hair that if it rains curls up into massive frizzy waves while some of it hangs limply stick straight; all of the strands at odds with each other to make for a massively weird hair do. That’s me, yep.If you have read my other reviews, you will see that most things I try are because I can try them free through Vine. However, again, I am ecstatic to report that this shampoo brilliantly handles my maniac hair. Also, it provides sleekness without the heaviness that comes from waxy products. It barely suds up but still does the job.My hair isn’t more shinier than usual, though I use Fekkai products if I want really glossy, shiny hair. However, my hair smooths out so much easier without having to use styling wands or gel on it. So in the morning I do not have to take ages to get my frizziness and cow licks under control. As for the shine, even though it isn’t more pronounced, it has brought out my natural highlights which in turns makes my hair look glossier rather than the dull, limp look I get with other shampoos.Overall, I say for the lack of heavy weighted hair that other shampoos create and the ease with which I can style my hair without frizz and frazzle, that this shampoo definitely goes on my: “I will be buying some more Christophe Professional Glossing Shampoo once this bottle runs out.”

Lacy Creston, WA

Not shiny, but soft

This shampoo purports to make hair glossy and shiny. I’ve been using it for 4 weeks and I note no difference at all in the shininess of my hair. Why 4 stars then? Because it makes my dry over-processed middle-aged hair soft, which is quite a feat.THE GOOD:+ Makes my dry hair soft. I still need a conditioner if I’ve been driving with the windows down (more as a detangler I guess), but I DON’T need a conditioner every day. And that’s a huge deal with my damaged nasty hair.+ Smells nice+ Little goes a long way – nice latherTHE MEH:- I don’t really buy the marketing about “gloss”. I don’t see it.BOTTOM LINE:Nice smell, nice lather, and makes my hair soft.

Mavis Woodruff, UT

Smells great, performs as well as other shampoos like it

I have problem hair. It’s fine and naturally curly, which means it puffs up like a marshmallow in humid weather. In high wind I look like a troll doll. So I’m always on the lookout for hair products to help me tame my mane.I found Cristophe Professional Glossing Shampoo did a nice job gently cleansing my hair and it just so happened I ran out of conditioner the same week, so it had the responsibility of standing alone, too (though I had to scramble to find a leave-in comb through product to get a brush through my hair). So, it performed well. Not exceptionally but well. My hair’s a bit on the soft side, so it really needs shampoos that boost it up a bit and help give it texture. Christophe doesn’t work so great in that way.I’m not sure if I’d also had the companion conditioner it would have worked better, something that’s often the case, so maybe I’m not giving it a fair shake. That could well be. All in all, I like the shampoo but probably wouldn’t gravitate toward it in the future. I need something to give my hair volume and for whatever reason my fine hair just didn’t perform well with this product.

Sydney Bailey, MS

OK for colored hair…

I was concerned about the oil content in this shampoo being greasy (the oils are fairly high on the list), but that wasn’t the case with this glossing shampoo. I can’t say that my hair felt “hydrated” (oils don’t hydrate, but they provide “slip”), but it did NOT feel “stripped & dry” as some shampoo can make my hair feel. It definitely made a difference in the shine, without weighing it down. My hair felt clean & healthy with the faint scent from the product being subtle rather than strong…like “drug store” shampoo. I color my hair every 6 weeks with a deposit only “single process” tint to cover grey (no bleach). My color remained intact & took on a new sheen, you can really see the highlights on my dark hair. I feel this is a great product for all types of hair texture (my hair is coarse & wavy and it gets frizzy in humid weather), EXCEPT bleached or extremely delicate hair since it makes the hair feel “squeaky clean”. Even with the oil content I got a decent lather although it wasn’t super bubbly. If your hair is very oily/dirty with products….you need to shampoo 2 times to get it clean. It’s a great shampoo, highly recommended for the right hair type, even tinted. It does, however contain “cones” (dimethicone) if you have issues with that building up on your hair.Ingredients:Water, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Sodium Coco-sulfate, Cocamidopropyl Hydroxysultaine, Frangance, Argania Spinsoa Kernel Oil, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Gardenia Tahitensis Flower Extract, Quaternium-26, Glycerin, Quaternium-95, Propanediol, Ascorbic Acid, Creatine, Polyquaternium-7, Polyquaternium-11, PEG/PPG-4/12 Dimethicone, Polyquaternium-10, Citric Acid, Sodium Chloride, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone, Tetrasodium EDTA, Orange 4, Yellow 10

Audrey Rockham, SD

A little more shine

I didn’t really expect much from this shampoo, but I can tell a difference. I have long middle of my back, thick and fine hair. I simply don’t have the shine that I once had.My hair was soft and I could tell a difference from the first time I used it. Every time I have used it since my hair is soft and there is a shine that I did not have before. It is not a bright shine, but if you are looking for a little more shine and softer hair this will do it.

Isabella Wadsworth, TX

Cristophe Glossing Shampoo

I liked it. My color treated hair has gotten much, much drier the older I get. I can tell which hairs are gray under the color by the texture and the amazing ability of sticking straight up like a wire.I usually buySebastian Drench Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner Set 33.8 Ounces/1L. The price is comparative to this glossing shampoo.My husband and I used it for two weeks. He used every other day and I shampooed everyday. We used it alone, with its’ matching conditioner, alternated days of using this and the Drench.In the end, I didn’t see any other difference in my hair. That’s not to say that it didn’t work–it worked just as well as the Sebastian products. You still need to use a conditioner.Pros:Smell was greatDidn’t need to use a lot per shampooMade my hair more manageablePrice was pretty goodCons:None

Kelley Lake Tomahawk, WI

Gloss that hair

I love this shampoo! My hair does look glossy after using this product. It also feels clean and full after use. I need to get some other products in this line so I can get the full effect. I also want to add that this shampoo has a nice mild scent that is so lacking in so many products these days.

Kayla Byars, OK

Great scent, and soft hair.

When I contacted the company about the provenance of the glycerin, I was informed that it’s plant based, and kosher certified. Nice!The scent on this shampoo is pleasant, but not overpowering. I have oily hair, so it’s nice to have a product that can get rid of dirt without stripping down the oils so much that my body produces more oil. I also live in New York, NY, which means that there is a lot of stray dust, pollution, and random stuff that ends up in my hair. When I follow up with a basic conditioner, my hair is left feeling really smooth and soft. After a week of using the product (once every other day; I don’t shampoo daily if I can help it), my hair is smoother and softer to the touch.

Lela Curdsville, KY

Nothing special w/ extreme lather

This shampoo has done nothing special for my hair and I really find it average. It feels like it has stripped my hair of natural oils, even though it apparently contains “Exotic Argan and Monoi oils”. I did not find it to “provides instant shine” or make my hair silky, as it claims. It also made my hair rough and tangle-y when wet – I definitely needed to use a conditioner with this product.The one stand-out feature of this product is its extreme lather. Even tiny amounts of shampoo generate tons of lather and it seems to spread throughout the hair well. This amount of lather is totally unnecessary to me, but some may find it “luxurious”. One benefit may be that one can use a lot less of this shampoo than other shampoos, thus resulting in infrequent purchasing of this Cristophe shampoos – this may make it a good value, despite the somewhat high purchase price (compared to drugstore shampoos).I have used inexpensive shampoos in the past that have worked better for my hair. This shampoo may work for others, depending on hair type.

Catherine Richardsville, VA


Really a professional grade product. Both the Monoi and super-fashionable Moroccan oil absolutely provide a slick, and, dare I say, glossy hair experience. Worth it!

Latonya Brownton, WV

Excellent for graying hair

Gray hair tends to be coarser than the original hair that it replaces as I get older. This product does a nice job softening my hair and allowing it to appear healthier and finer. The shampoo has a pleasant smell, with a thick feeling (a little more like conditioner) that foams up nicely and doesn’t immediately wash down the drain after application, leaving time to actually wash your hair while you’re in the shower. Very nice product.

Lesa Emmaus, PA

Good shampoo but I’m not seeing the shine

I’m enjoying Cristophe Glossing Shampoo. My hair feels soft, smells great and is easy to style but I’m not seeing an increase in shine/gloss as the name implies. It would be a solid five stars if my hair looked really shiny!

Jerry Capulin, NM

Really nice shampoo

This shampoo is one of the nicer ones I’ve tried. It lathers well with very little applied and has a lovely, fruity fragrance. It leaves my hair very soft and manageable, far better and softer than many salon-style shampoos I’ve tried. A possible downside: out of curiousity I counted the ingredients, which came out to a whopping 43; a bit excessive, especially the ones I cannot even pronounce, much less spell (in counting the ingredients in one of Whole Foods’ in-house shampoos, there were about half that number). Most of the ingredients in Cristophe that aren’t some kind of compound are fragrance, some of which sound exotic (gardenia is one). It also cautions not to contact the eyes, so I’m guessing they aren’t going to be making any no-animal-testing claims. For all these somewhat negatives, however, I am very pleased with the shampoo for what it achieves with my hair.

Jeri Colome, SD

Fragrant and gets your hair clean, but….

I was hoping to see a difference after using this product for a month since I have been plagued with dull, lifeless and frizzy hair for over a year and a half now. I have tried everything from keratin shampoos to deep conditioners, yet nothing really has a lasting effect. I tried this because of the Cristophe name and because it is supposed to be a professional quality “glossing” shampoo. I love the scent, not too strong yet fresh and fragrant. I love the rich and substantial lather you get out of about a quarter sized squeeze. And it rinses out pretty cleanly with no residue or dried out feeling. Once I blew my hair dry, the scent was activated again so this was a plus, but the overall look was not at all glossy or even shiny. I guess the condition of my hair is so bad that it will take more than a bottle of shampoo to work magic, but I had high hopes for this one. All in all, a good shampoo that will cost you a bit more for the name, and will get your hair clean and smelling fresh. Look elsewhere for a glossy mane.

Sophie Barry, IL

great shampoo

Cristophe Professional Glossing Shampoo is a great product that does exactly what it says – leaves hair silky and shiny and feeling great. Recommended.

Stacy Hortonville, NY