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Cristophe Professional Extra Strength Hair Serum, 1.8 Ounce

Cristophe Professional Extra Strength Hair Serum conditions hair to help you create silky smooth styles just like Cristophe. Special protective ingredients help shield your hair from damage due to heat styling and UV exposure. This salon formula makes your hair feel softer and look healthy and shiny.

Key features

  • UV protectors that protect against sun damage and color fading
  • Paraben free, state-of-the-art formulations
  • CristopheSalon developed and approved Not tested on animals Color safe Paraben free

Honest reviews


Is it the real thing? or a knock-off?

I have one that I purchased in a drug store (which is almost out) so I decided to buy one on-line. The texture is definitely different as I did a side by side comparison and the online version is thinner and you need to use more of it if you want the same effect. I don’t know if perhaps the formula has changed, but if it did – I don’t like it.

Rhea Roebuck, SC


First it makes my hair smell sensational.Next is makes my hair feel so luxurious.It is easy to apply and so far after a few days of use see results which are good enough to say I am going to put this on the shopping list.Very pleased

Patty Brea, CA

Love, love, love it!

I’m always on the search for *something* to make my thin, dry hair soft and shiny. I have that kind of hair that isn’t straight and isn’t exactly curly either. It’s impossible to comb after washing unless I use something. My hair has a slight wave and as the humidity increases, it becomes fly-away and even thinner looking. A lot of products work to smooth my hair on the first application, but over time, they seem to become less and less effective.This hair serum actually seems to make my hair soft and after a couple of weeks, it’s still working. I don’t have to use much, even though my hair is slightly longer than shoulder-length. And it doesn’t look oily/greasy either after I use the serum. It gives it a healthy look without making it seem just "dirty" or greasy.This may be the final answer for me. It certainly makes my life easier when combing my hair after a shampoo. Frankly, if you have thin, dry hair, I think this may be the perfect product for you.

Lillian Chester Heights, PA

Cristophe Professional Extra Strength Hair Serum

Cristophe Professional Extra Strength Hair Serum is great for giving my hair a shiny, finished look without being over-the-top "producty" or greasy. I like the texture, the scent, and the ease of use!

Kathy Shoreham, NY

Helpful even for fine hair

I am always attracted to the promises made by hair serums–i.e., that they will leave hair “smooth” and “shiny.” Unfortunately, my hair is VERY straight and fine, and most serums I have tried in the past have just weighed it down, leaving it looking stringy or greasy.Given my past experience, I was very careful when using this product. The directions recommend dispensing a”dime-sized” amount into the hands and rubbing the palms together; I dispensed no more than a large drop onto my fingertip, rubbing it lightly between my fingers and then dispersing through my damp hair. I was pleased to see that this product actually DID add some shine to my hair without weighing it down; it also helped my hair from getting that “messy” look towards the end of the day.I will experiment more with this product to determine if it is even more versatile for me. But so far, I am happy with it, and given that it is available at a reasonable price, I would recommend it.

Elisabeth Stonega, VA

Shiny Hair, Tames Flyaways

I have thick, wavy, shoulder length, colored hair. This product adds shine and dimension to my locks without weighing it down. You do have to be careful to use a very little bit of this product because otherwise – oily disaster. So follow the directions, less is more. As I’m reviewing this after receiving this for review, I just saw that it costs under $10. I was thinking that this bottle would be worth the hefty price tag because it would last for so long, even using it every day. But there is no hefty price tag! Now I am even more in love with this product and will be buying this serum when a refill is needed!

Natalie Dennison, OH

Helps Damaged Hair

Cristophe Extra Strength Serum is a silky formula that really helps hair that’s damaged by heat products. A little of this tames hair, helps with split ends and restores shine. The product, even if it’s a little bottle, goes a long way and just a few pumps on your shampooed, toweled off hair really makes a difference when you style your hair.This serum is especially helpful to thinner, dryer hair. My hair soaks it up and is very shiny and easy to style with a hot iron after I use it. The formula itself is a silky liquid and it can weigh down hair and make it greasy if too much is used. I try to focus on the dry parts of my hair with this product and it really helps. I’ve not heard of this brand before, but if I see it in the store, I will definitely buy it in the future because it’s not expensive and it works well, it’s especially great during the summer to protect hair and restore body and shine.

Freda Littlerock, WA

Works well, but left my fine hair feeling oily!

I should start out by saying I have baby fine hair…. This serum works well but over the course of the day, my hair began to feel greasy and it went flat. It did make my hair shiny for about 4 hours before the oily feel set in. I think if I had "normal" hair or thicker hair it would work great. I do not recommend this for fine or thin hair though.

Mandy Gerald, MO

Stylin’ Like a Boss

I have no clue who Cristophe is, or what hair styles he (or she?) creates, but apparently my wife knows and does, so I picked this up for her.She seems to really like this hair serum, and says that it makes her hair softer, thicker and gives her hair more body, and my wife can be kind of picky about the products she uses on her skin and hair, so if she give this a rave review, I’ll agree.

Alexandria North Fort Myers, FL

Seems familiar

I have used other products similar. The consistency is a little thicker, like a weak gel. It protects the hair during styling, if you use too much it will your hair will be like an oil slick. Just a dime size amount. This serum seals ends and fights frizz.

Nettie Delcambre, LA

love this serum

My hair is long, thick and frizzy, especially in the summer and spring months. Color treating has caused split ends that just won’t go away. I had a serum I liked but it isn’t carried at my store, so I was glad to get this Cristophe serum, which has been an absolute lifesaver. The drugstore brand I usually get takes 10-15 pumps to get my hair under control, while Cristophe only takes about four, and those four pumps control much better. It’s a light serum so you don’t get any chunky spots in your hair. It also dries quickly enough (without drying the hair itself) that you don’t end up leaving the house before the serum has "finished" — you know how it is, you get your hair all together but it’s still a little damp and you don’t realize it, and an hour later your hair has curled up and is four inches shorter than it was when you left. You don’t get that with Cristophe, probably in part because you don’t have to use so much.The scent is good, and though the bottle is small, because you don’t use much it will last forever. I’ve used it six times so far and it doesn’t even look like I’ve touched the bottle. Definitely give this one a go.

Ava Allentown, PA

Glossy and smoothed out

I use a lot of hair products, especially smoothing serums for flyaway and thick hair. I have to use it after washing or my hair looks like straw. I found this product to be just as comparable and effective as John Frieda’s Frizz ease or Loreal. It works well, has a pleasant scent, and lasts a long time even for a smaller bottle.

Marilyn Wabash, AR

Seems okay, if not entirely useful

Both my wife and I tried this stuff out and found it to be more or less okay at first, as it went on smooth and seemed to be absorbed pretty well by both hair and scalp. It felt okay and made me think my hair was a little more “lustrous”. The next day when I put it on, it seemed like my head was used to it and I didn’t really notice that the serum was doing anything. I went without using it for a while and tried it again. Again, it seemed like it was making my hair a little softer and shiner, but it was hard to tell. My wife (with much longer hair than mine) said much the same thing: It works but doesn’t really have lasting effects. I think for a periodic “rejuvenation” of damaged or “fatigued” hair, it’s a pretty good product, but I don’t see it being anything that should be used very often or for very long, which is why I give it three stars.

Krista Kilmichael, MS

Small Quantity Though This is a Very Effective Hair Serum

The Cristophe Professional Extra Strength Hair Serum works very well at softening hair. The fragrance is neutral and it is very easy to apply. The downside to this product is that it comes in a very small quantity. Most of the other serums I have purchased were close to double this size. The Cristophe serum does seem more effective than most which means you can probably use a smaller quantity than the competition but the fact that you are limited to half the amount of most other products prevents this from being a 5 star product.

Clare Wakita, OK

Nothing great or special about this shine serum

There is nothing special about this serum which is equal to any oily shiny glossing material you can put on your hair. It does come in a neat little pump bottle and Does impart some shine to my platinum blond hair, but no more or less than any other drugstore brands. Years ago we used brilliantine. This is less oily and gooey than that stuff was, but just as mediocre.

Kim Olney, MD

Shiny Smooth!

I have very, very curly hair. And as other curly girls know, curly hair can sometimes become coarse and dry. This serum was a God send! With the summer heat hitting fast here in the northwest, my hair was becoming a very dry mess. I smoothed a small amount of this product onto my wet hair after showering (sometimes, these serums can be so heavy!) and blow dried as normal. My hair was so soft!! Even after my straightening iron. I have also used this product on my wet hair and then allowed it to air dry and I was very impressed. My curls were not weighed down at all. They were shiny, bouncy and light,, but no frizz! I will definitely be buying this product again!

Lawanda Peru, NY

Just a little bit does the job

Hair stuff isn’t high drama, but not everything does exactly what it is supposed to do.This does make your hair shiny and soft.It does not have a scent or at least not much of one, if there is. So, there are no issues with conflicting scents between your perfume and this serum.It worked well on a toddler’s long hair, as well as adult hair. As a bonus, it also removed a mysterious very sticky substance from hair (No idea what it was, but the serum got rid of it.)This isn’t magic, but it did consistently deliver soft, shiny hair that felt and looked healthy. It works great on long and shoulder length hair, and it seems more manageable.

Lynda Daufuskie Island, SC

Repeated use diminishes positive effects

The first time I used the product, I noticed a definite gloss, shine, and less frizz in my hair. My hair seemed to ‘stand’ a little more than usual so I took that to mean that added volume was another positive side effect of using this product.But after the second, third, fourth, fifth uses, the added shine wasn’t as shiny as it was the first time I used it, and my typical frizzy-ness was coming back.

Rhonda Corydon, IN

Gets better after 30 minutes

First of all the directions on this bottle are ridiculously small. EVEN with glasses on I could hardly make them out. Here they are: Pump out enough product to form a dime in your palm. Rub hands together and apply to hair.At first I had to use two dimes worth – my hair is really damaged. After about 30 minutes my hair straightened out and was gleaming – the frizz was all the way down. Really great job. Wait for it though :-)Some oils have a great scent to them – this product has no smell – I kind of like the stronger smelling products – that is the only negative – and for people who do not want scent, this would be perfect.

Deena Monticello, GA

Great for reducing the post-shower static!

I don’t have long hair, but I do have that super-static post-shower hair that makes styling infuriating. Using this product, though, has been so great because I don’t really feel like spiking it in the hot Arizona summer, but it still gives my hair enough form and shaping abilities to not have to worry about using stickier or tackier product. It also gives a really nice sheen and softens it even more. And with my regular length, this stuff will last forever, since I only use a dime-size amount per use.Really highly recommended.

Darcy Goliad, TX

Good stuff!

I wish I’d found this product sooner! I have always had frizzy hair that unfortunately isn’t also curly. So when my hair frizzes I don’t even get curls out of it, just a bushy head of frizz. I just got home from a trip to Florida where the humidity left my hair looking like Bozo the clown’s hair. I have tried lots of anti-frizz products only to find that most of them make my hair feel very heavy and even more difficult to style than usual. This product is a light, liquid-y serum that is colorless and odorless. The instructions say to work a dime-sized amount through the hair and style as usual. I’ve been using it for a few days now, and I can really see and feel a difference in my hair. My styling routine is very low-maintenance. I like to wash my hair in the shower in the evening, let it air dry before bed, and then style it in the morning with a curling iron. Since using the serum,my hair is not frizzy and feels smooth yet doesn’t feel like it has any kind of product on it at all. The package also says a small amount can be applied to dry hair to further control frizz, but I haven’t needed it for that yet. All in all, this is the best anti-frizz product I have ever tried and I only wish I’d had it in Florida!

Tia Yoder, CO

“A Little Dab’ll Do Ya!”

Wow! It’s a good thing I read about this product before I just started globbing it on. It is concentrated to the nth degree! After shampooing, I skipped using regular conditioner so that I could get the full effect of Cristophe Professional Extra Strength Hair Serum alone. Since I concentrated it almost exclusively to the bottom six inches of my hair, it worked fabulously well. It looked as if my split ends and frizz were gone (almost) and the crown of my hair (sans conditoner) had a nice fullness that often gets flattened by conditioner.In essence, I really do like the effect this product had on my hair, which is way past my shoulders, curly/wavy and color-treated. If it can tame that, it can tame just about any head of hair. In truth, I don’t think I would recommend this to someone with a pixie, because the conditioning effect would be overkill. However, this is awesome for long hair that needs some TLC.

Violet Sumner, MS

Love this serum by Christophe!

Please don’t overdo this by applying to much of it–it is very potent. After all , it does say EXTRA STRENGTH right in the name.Try a smaller amount than you would anticipate, or plan to head back to the shower! That is what I did. The next time I listened to my serum bottle! Then all went swimmingly.It could be too much the first time you use it too, unless you like a heavy greasy feel to your locks! Learn from my mistake if you decide to try this reasonably priced product.When you get the amount required just right for your hair type and length, you will be really pleased with the way Christophe cares for your hair! I have loved the results I get with Christophe shampoo,and now I love this serum,.. After I wised up and paid attention to that label: Christophe Professional Extra Strength Hair Serum!Not a big bottle but gives big time results!thanks!jean

Aisha Danese, WV

Use sparingly!

This hair serum works great for keeping my hair frizz free. I live in the South and the humidity here is unreal. I put a tiny drop in the palm of my hand and then use my other hand to run the serum lightly over the ends of my hair. If you put too much, your hair will be flat and greasy. I never put it on the roots, though.I flat iron my hair and don’t have frizzy hair after using this. Pay close attention to the amount you use. You can tell how thick it feels when it’s in your hand. You’ll need soap to rinse it off your hand. I’ve used Cristophe hair spray and it’s a great product as well.

Autumn Kelton, PA

Make ladies and their hair happy

So my wife, the hair and face product diva was my test subject for this. This is not goopy or oily nor too stiff when dry. It has near perfect hold for styling and even for my wife’s (thin yet oily) hair (she let me write that) this product worked well. It’s not part of the daily routine but certainly used many times for quick styles out to the market and around town. Like others have said, moderation is key. This little 1.8 ounce bottle will last a while.

Ruth Athens, MI

true love!

I’ve been using this product now for 2 weeks straight and the difference in my hair was noticeable by my husband who said, “wow you’re hair feels so soft”. What woman doesn’t want their man to say this? I can’t think of any. This isn’t greasy, it’s soft in your hands. Yes, it looks like oil…but it’s not greasy. I use it on damp hair and sometimes to refresh my hair I use just one tiny drop rubbed into my hands and against my dry styled hair to get rid of flyaway frizzies. It’s a small bottle but to be sure, it goes a long long way. I haven’t even made a dent in my bottle after 2 weeks of consistent use. So worth the reasonable price. Will buy this forever.

Dawn West End, NC

Nice product

Works nice. It goes on a little sticky to damp hair for the first minute but then smooths out. Leaves hair silky and shiny with just a few drops. Highly recommend.

Jodie Huslia, AK


I have thin and fine hair and am always looking for products to give me extra strength and volume that will give my hair some shine as well. A dime size amount worked into short hair does the trick for me. If your hair is longer [below your shoulders] perhaps a bit more may be needed but not much. A little bit does go a long way with this product. I use a Christophe Pro styling spray also and add this afterwards to my wet hair and get remarkable results. If I do not intend to style my hair I use this product alone and the results are the same–full body shine.

Corine Partridge, KS

Good by itself: GREAT with Chi Silk Infusion

I used this product by itself and it was okay…it didn’t blow my socks off, but it wasn’t bad.It only takes a few drops worked from the ends to the roots, combed through, and then blow your hair dry with medium heat, to see the results–less flyaway, less breakage. Very nice :)Then, on a particularly hot and dry day here in Southern California, I combined it with my standby-Chi Silk Infusion.CHI Silk Infusion Leave-In Treatment, 12 OunceWOwZa! My hair looked 100% better! Each alone did a good job, but together they did a GREAT job.I have long, fragile red hair. It breaks easily and falls off in handfuls when I’m stressed or don’t eat right. Since using the combination (about a week now), I have seen a marked difference in both breakage and hair loss (and I’m eating a lot of junk food lately–it is finals time at the University).My boyfriend has noticed such a difference in my hair that he has started using the combination on his, too, and sees a big difference, too. (He has scruffy cut, fine gray hair.)It doesn’t seem to fade my color, and leaves my hair looking really good–people think I actually style it now. haha.I recommend it highly–especially in combo with the Chi product.

Brandie Okeana, OH

A dime-size drop will do you

I used this after trying Frederic Fekkai Apple Cider Shampoo (and Tigi Bed Head conditioner, in the interest of full disclosure). After the shampoo, conditioner, rinse, Toni & Guy conditioner (another Vine find), blow-dry, setting the hair, I was ready for the Cristophe, which coincidentally arrived at that juncture.Two dime-size drops smoothed into my hair, a second setting with hot rollers, ten minutes to write a review, take out the curlers…and the resulting curls/waves are smooth and silky for an important evening out!

Josefina Westwood, CA