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Cricket Ultra Smooth Hair Pick Comb infused with Argan Oil, Olive Oil and Keratin

Light textured anti-aging cream especially recommended for normal, combination and dehydrated skins or as a day cream for all skin types. Moisturizing and self-rejuvenating properties. It is traditionally used for its sensory properties and dermo-protective ingredients (omega-3 and tocopherols).

Key features

  • The Pick Comb (2.75 inches wide x 6.75 inches tall) lifts and adds volume without combing. Especially effective on curly or thick medium to long hair.
  • Reduces frizz, glides through hair easily, ergonomically designed
  • Combs are sanitizable: feel free to wash this comb in warm water with antibacterial soap.
  • Does not leave reside on hands
  • Package will secure oil and keratin for 3 years; once opened, the keratin and oils very slowly evaporate over time

Honest reviews


It’s okay

Didn’t realy need this brush i don’t know why i purchase it! it might be good for other’s but for me just setting in the corner

Evangeline Gabbs, NV

Very nice

Well constructed with strong tines. I’m not sold on the infused plastic actually helping make hair softer, but even without that the pick is a decent buy.

Juliette Corbettsville, NY

Not the old picks I remember

I remember hating the old style picks because they would get caught up in and wind up hurting my hair. This pick does not hurt and it adds volume to my hair. I don’t know whether it is the oils that are supposed to be in the pick, or the materials the pick is made from, but it definitely works for my dry, brittle hair.

Kristine Mishawaka, IN

It’s just a pick

‘Oil infused’ nonsense aside, it’s a nice slick plastic, with a firm feel. It does the job. I don’t know about all the rest, but the price is good and I like the look

Cherie Sherrill, NY

A Great Buy!

This hair pick is very gentle on the hair strands. Well made. One of my favorite hair tools. Great price

Janna Panola, OK

Not convinced it makes any difference

It’s a quality product but I’m not convinced it being infused with oil makes any difference. It does the job

Leigh Port Lions, AK