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Cricket Ultra Clean UC130

Cricket Ultra Clean Section detangles and sections while inhibiting bacteria.

Key features

  • Package includes free travel volume comb.

Honest reviews


Only comb sensitive granddaughter will use – no tangles

I don’t know what it is about these combs that help long hair to detangle – but I’m glad they do. My granddaughter has beautiful long hair, she is attached to that long hair and is also very sensitive to pulling those tangles out. These combs were perfect for her. She loves the bright colors they come in. I wish we could order specific colors – that’s my only down star. I’m going to get some more for Christmas stocking stuffers.

Eileen Newark, DE

Great for detangling and styling

The smaller comb is very good for detangling hair after a shampoo. The larger one I use for styling after blow-drying and straightening for a beautiful textured style.

Concepcion Russellville, AL

If you have curly/wavy hair, buy this item IN BULK!!!!!!!

The big comb–don’t really use or care…but the SMALL one…OMG!!!!! It’s a replacement for a Matrix comb I had forever–until it finally broke. I even wrote to the company trying to get another but they were clueless… I think they might have the Matrix version at Walgreens but I haven’t bothered to check since I found this!!It goes through wavy/curly hair like a dream but doesn’t disturb your curl!! That’s why I was heartbroken when my original Matrix broke…But this is the closest replacement I can find–it even has the same number of teeth!Seriously, don’t even bother with any other combs or brushes no matter how expensive!! This little baby is the HG for curly/wavy hair!!!! This comb is the secret to having gorgeous hair like the Wen girls or in the VS fashion shows!! It loosens your curls and waves but doesn’t wreck them…A godsend!!

Desiree Nora Springs, IA

Love these!!

I don’t understand.. why aren’t these combs raved about??? I walked into my local sallys the other day and bought a few of these combs in different colors since they were only 2.99. And I gotta say I have bought other expensive combs that don’t measure up to this. Love love love these combs!!! Unbelievable! My hair is fine and long but I have a lot of hair though and this comb works wonders. Highly recommend these combs.

Tammy Elberta, UT

good for fine hair

i have very fine hair which is easily damaged by other brushes and combs. these work well for detangling and styling. reasonable price

Liz Mound, TX