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Cricket: Technique #450 Thermal Brush 3 1/4″

Cricket Tourmaline Technique Thermal Brushes feature tourmaline ionic bristles that infuse moisture into the hair shaft and scalp.

Key features

  • Heat resistant static free bristles
  • Eliminates flyaway hair
  • 3 1/4 inch barrel

Honest reviews


too big

not sure what I will use this for, bah, hurts, did not make me look like a movie star .

Denise Valley Grove, WV

Not all that

This is not anything special for me. I do not see this brush any different from the other dozen brushes I have purchased over the years. It’s just bigger.

Francis Powderhorn, CO

Was a bit worried to use it, but it’s awesome

When I received this brush, ok firstly it is HUGE. I was worried that it’d be too big for even my hair length. I was also worried that it’d damage my hair. Some of the bristles were misshapen from shipping, and it seemed quite rough. I was starting up a proper hair care routine again and I really didn’t want to fall at the first hurdle by ripping out more hair with this!I am Caucasian with very long and thick wavy hair that just does not like to behave. I suffer from several chronic illnesses and as a result my hair was in pretty bad shape thanks to a lack of nutrients and neglect, it was very dry and impossible to de-tangle. By the time I’d managed to detangle it, styling was the last thing I wanted to be doing.I used it today after a few days in of my new regimen, which means that my hair was a lot easier to handle than before. Even so, I don’t think my hair type is particularly easy to handle even when it’s been cared for. This brush is a GODSEND. The size was just right for my length (I would not recommend for anyone shorter than shoulder length because it really is very big) and it cut down the time it took to blow-dry my hair by 3/4. Usually it takes me a good hour to do a BAD job, and by then I want to go to bed, haha. The brush is quite heavy due to it’s size, but as I wasn’t using it for very long that wasn’t an issue. I didn’t even have to use a very powerful or hot dryer; I was using my partner’s which is a terrible travel hair dryer and my hair still came out all yummy and smooth. I don’t even need to run my straighteners through it either which is unheard of for me.If you’ve got long unruly hair that just doesn’t like to be blow-dried, buy this, it really is worth it. I gave it 4* because of the bent bristles issue; I’m a little worried about how long it will last but frankly for the convenience alone this is a fantastic investment.

Terry Ten Mile, TN


Huge. Really speeds up blow dry time. Gives great volume and I love it for blowouts. Glad I purchased 🙂

Leann Fields, OR

Light Weight, Air Circulates Through Brush, Doesn’t Pull Hair

This is actually a salon brush that, for whatever reason, is available by this one seller on Amazon and nowhere else. This brush, though really light weight, is remarkably balanced. It really doesn’t feel awkward to hold, despite its size. Its size makes it easier to dry layered hair that wants to fly away as you pull down through the length of longer layers. This brush isn’t ideal for really short hair, but works on my shortest layers, a few inches past my shoulder, and would definitely work on even shorter layers.. in fact, I think that would really cut drying time.The bristles are firm enough to grab hair, yet I can give a good swipe against my neck behind my ear or even near my jaw and its ok. So you definitely have some learning room to get use to the brush. Being able to grab my hair really says a lot because, though my hair is fine, its wildly full.. I mean wild. My hairdresser rarely sees hair so full. So I have a lot of it. I think that This brush would work well for many hair types.That being said, though my hair is fine, its not really subject to the brush pulling my hair out if it meets the grip of the handle. Theres a bit of a tug but plenty warning to just loosen the hair and its really easy just don’t keep wrapping your hair on the handle and it wont keep pulling. Its designed in such a way this is rarely an issue for me, which says a lot because I have curly hair which means a lot of fly aways.This brush is remarkably well ventalated, probably because of its size. It would probably be even better if the top of the brush had vent holes, like some brushes do. Also, there’s a part pick in the handle. That might be nice for some people, though I don’t use it. Its really easy to access and has a flat portion so it doesn’t roll away.

Tonia Elwood, KS

LOVE IT!! Cuts drying time in half!

LOVE THIS BRUSH! Cuts drying time in half! Great for crazy, thick, frizzy hair! You can’t go wrong with this item!

Lynnette Newark, DE


I love this brush. It’s a must have for ladies with long hair. It has a really large barrel, the bristles are long and flexible enough to handle thicker hair. This brush makes blowdrying so much easier! It is also good for professionals, as there is a separator in the handle of the brush, that you can use to easily get a section of hair with- probably wouldn’t use it much on yourself, but it is very convenient to have when you work on someone.Great quality, not too heavy, great for smoothing out hair. Absolutely recommended!

Bonita Carlton, MN

Scariest brush that gets the nicest results!

These reviews aren’t lying when they say that this brush does not tangle your locks. It cuts my blow drying in half and gives me consistent results. I will only be purchasing cricket brushes from now on because they are hassle free, durable, and tangle free.P. S. When I add too much hair to the brush some hair will go down the handle and the rubber will pull on the hair. The size makes me think I can pile on more hair (kinda like a buffet does, oops) but when this happens I need to remove the hair from the handle or the rubber will pull it out.

Marissa Fountain, NC

For longer hair

I liked the brush, but I just bought too big a size for my just below the shoulder hair. I couldnt style with it as i used my blow dryer because I couldnt wrap my hair around it in a complete revolution if you know what I mean. My bad. A 2 1/2" is perfect. Great brush though.

Tasha Moorestown, NJ