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Cricket Friction Free Tourmaline Flat Iron, 1 Inch

The friction from every day styling roughs up the hair cuticle, depleting shine and smoothness. The friction free flat iron vritually eliminates such friction using a low friction tourmaline plate that reduces damage and creates a smooth finish. With super rounded edges to eliminate snagging, the mini iron’s inch wide plates heat up to 392 degrees, and its unique comb guide housing helps detangle hair.

Key features

  • Eliminates friction using a low frction tourmaline plate
  • Reduces damage and creates a smooth finish
  • Eliminates snagging with super rounded edges

Honest reviews


So effective, it could probably even make a gay hairdresser straight!

Straightens as well as my nearly $200 flat iron from Sephora! I’m only using this Cricket Mini for touch ups on my ends, and I imagine it might take some time to do your whole head, since it’s quite tiny — but boy, would this be great to toss in a handbag for an important night out. It comes packed in a rectangular box — not the clear plastic that drugstore flat irons come in — so you could wrap it pretty easily to give as a gift. A reusable velcro band keeps the cord wrapped neatly.

Lilian Shirley, IL

Doesn’t pull my hair, is easy to hold

Gives my hair a nice finish, and I can make even the shortest section straight or curled as I desire. My only quibble is there is no heat control, it’s ON or OFF. It runs on the hot side and like any flat iron, can give a nasty burn if you are not careful. But it heats up fast and is easy to hold.

Jodie Woodland Hills, CA

Didn’t do anything for me

I was really excited to get this based on the reviews and price. However, my light that indicates when it is on and ready goes back and forth from green, to orange to red. It doesn’t stay hot? I felt like this kind of made my air static-y because it wasn’t staying hot. I was really disappointed because I can’t really afford to spend anything more on a good straightener. Didn’t have the same experience as everyone else and this is going back!

Olive Eagle River, AK

Will get the job done but it is better suited for someone with short hair

Cute little iron. I bought this at a discount designer store (TJM) and I thought I would try this one. Worst case if I didn’t like it for my regular iron I could use it for travel. I LOVE the small size. It’s very small – I’m guessing no bigger than 8 inches long and my aging hands can grip it comfortably. The iron itself is only a half inch wide and it does have to do double duty on my very long wavy hair. It doesn’t have temperature control but it does get really hot. Overall I like this flat iron, I would probably buy it again to use as a supplement to a bigger flat iron. It is nice for touch ups and it is small enough to do the wispy hair close to my ears which I can’t really get very well with a larger iron. I would recommend for someone who has short hair. If you want your hair to be completely straight and you want your hair straightened in one pass, buy a bigger flat iron because it will take a LONG time with this mini flat iron. I’m rating this a 4 because of it’s size.

Jayne Dixonville, PA

Nice little iron

I was looking for a mini iron that had temp control. Many reviews talked about the temp control so I thought that was what I was getting. Turns out only the full size version has temp control. This one does not. It gets too hot very quickly, so I have to turn it on, quickly start curling then unplug before it gets too hot. But I use it only for the fringe area of my hair, so it works for me. But I want to say thanks to Amazon. The company inadvertently sent a case of 3 instead of the one I ordered and paid for. I called Amazon and told them. They sent me a return label for the 2 extra irons. I was out of State so it was a bit of a hassle to find a UPS place to take the return package, but I did. In the end, Amazon refunded my purchase price. I assume this was on purpose, being as the reason for the return was clearly stated on the return label. That was unexpected and very nice of them. Always great service from Amazon.

Latonya Garita, NM