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Cricket Cool Down Iron Travel Case

Cool-Down Iron Traveler

Convenience & Safety on the go.

Secure Storage for hot straightening irons
No waiting for cool-down

Seperate storage compartments prevent cord from accidently melting

Removable pouch for easy transport

Outer wrap doubles as thermal protection mat to prevent counter damage

Rools neatly for storage in compact spaces

Key features

  • Great for travel
  • Seperate storage compartment for cord
  • Fits various size irons

Honest reviews


shopmaster luvs ya!

Bought this for my babyliss flat iron . works great. extra areas plenty of room and fits any brand irons. Dont be fooled some iron holders melt, oh what a mess. I still reccomend letting it cool down a bit before putting it in holder. Play it safe. This holder retains the heat well, and that is what you want, but never hurry, be safe with all your items and they will give you years of pleasure and use. shopmaster gotta go. Talk to you guys soon.

Elma Inez, TX

travel case

purchased this cricket cool down iron travel case for my daughter as a gift; she travels a lot and uses it a flat iron; works well

Marva Bluff, UT

Not what I expected

I really don’t like this mat. I wanted one for travel and it doesn’t lay flat. The Velcro is all over the bag, I thought it had a small Velcro closure… But both sides have it. It is bulky also. Not for me. I needed something for my curling wand. It gets really hot and burned a towel, I guess I need to keep searching.

Josephine Belmore, OH

Bulky but very good

Iron rolls up very nicely in this travel case. While I haven’t unplugged my iron and put it right in this case, I have put my iron in while it is still quite warm. I have had no problems with this product. It is a bit bulky, but not a huge issues. Packs well in the suitcase.

Irene Hortonville, WI

So So

Had to "air it out" for like a month, because the fabric smelled like burnt hair. Still kinda does… : ( Good product, besides stink, but is too big for my likes. Just too much material. I’ll give 4 stars only because I’m sure it works well. Material is def. thick enough and plenty of it.

Hilda Kamrar, IA