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Creme of Nature Argan Oil Perfect Edges, 2.25 Ounce

Perfect edges hair gel infused with argan oil controls and holds down edges, while moisturizing and adding exotic shine to the hair. This nutrient-rich formula makes hair stronger and gives superior hold without flaking. Perfect for creating sleek, smooth styles, ponytails, sculpting and styling the hair.

Key features

  • Controls and holds down edges
  • Moisturizes and gives Exotic Shine
  • Perfect for relaxed and natural hair
  • Infused with Argan Oil from Morocco
  • Use with Creme of Nature hair nourishing products

Honest reviews


Good edge control..non drying

I like this line of products and I actually initially thought this was a gel. Works really well without drying. Wish they would also make a gel and put this one in a larger container. Great for using when making high buns and using pony tail pieces!

Jacqueline The Colony, TX

miracle edge control

I bought this thinking it would keep my edges slick. Well it doesn’t. The only good thing is it doesnt get greasy like Lets Jam. The price is expensive for the small amount of product you receive. I just about used the jar in two sittings. I think i will stick with lets jam since you get more product for your money.Update: Well I used let’s jam this morning and since using this product I wasn’t pleased. This product is not greasy at all I just decided to only use it for my baby hairs instead of my edges since it is only a small amount that comes in the jar. So I will be buying it again. It is the best thing in edge control I have seen in a long time. It also has a pleasant smell and doesn’t leave your hair dry and hard or causes it to cake up. I absolutely love this product so much I ordered 10 more jars.

Nadia Monticello, KY



Jan Palermo, ND

laid like a new perm

i have tryed a few edge control products and i love this one the most it dident have build up it wasent greese and it dident make my hair curly at the edges because i am natural and it dident cost a arm and a leg and the shine it gave my hair was awsome

Nona Glen, WV

Best thing I’ve found to hold edges down!

I didn’t purchase this from Amazon, but I’ve found it in my local beauty stores for about $5. I usually only use a very small amount on my hairline around my ears to tame some fly away pieces & it seem to do pretty good, but recently I used more of the product to slick all of my hair back in a ponytail & it did really well! It held my hair down all day & even the next morning after wrapping it with a scarf, it was still in tack. There also was no white residue like some product will leave behind. It didn’t leave my hair hard or stiff-I was able to run my comb thru it the next morning. This stuff is awesome! I like all of the Creme of Nature products & I’m happy that the prices are reasonable & you can find them in your local beauty stores!!!

Gracie Putney, KY

It did not last all day!

I bought this when I was in High school and it worked for like a maximum of an hour or two.. but, by the time I got back from school it was back to normal texture. I did like the fact that its good for your hair. it helped my edges grow back after all those lace fronts but, it didn’t last long so yeah… no.. BUT, I’m a product junkie so maybe I would buy it again because of what it did for my edges but other than that… meh I recommend a pomade like Aveda Brilliant Anti Humectant Pomade or Hicks Edges Pomade. I’m a natural but, I wear my hair straight 24/7 if this works for me. it can work for anyone. and last all day baby! woo! 🙂

Diana Geneva, IA

This worked on smoothing my edges but..

I t worked when it came to smoothing and conditioning my hair/edges and smells great, BUT my hair line started to break out with acne which is horrible 🙁 I would reccomend this to anyone, because it works but I guess I just had an allergic reaction to something in the product which is why I only gave it two starts.

Lidia Winchester, AR

Very good

I picked this up last week after running out of my staple product (Curls Passion Fruit Control Paste), and I was pleasantly surprised. I am natural with coarse, kinky hair and this works really well for me. The key is to not use too much at one time or your hair will be greasy. In addition to using it to slick down my edges, I also use a little on my mini twists once they start to unravel – it provides really good hold. The only downside for me is the smell because it is very strong and takes a while to die down.But overall for the price and performance, this is a good product that I would be willing to buy again.

Tia Gladwyne, PA

Love thissss

I love this gel. It creates a great hold for my edges. Will be buying this product again. Good buy.

Margie Greenville, WI


i was excpecting the same edge control as with Olive oil edge control,this doesnt have hold,its more like the hair product jam and it turnes to oil later in the day,nice for shine but not hold

Neva Damascus, GA

Great for slicking back ponytails and baby hairs.

This stuff is pretty great. I have natural 4b hair and this really slicks my edges down so nicely. I just wish that they would stay slick longer – by the end of the day, they’re usually a little frizzy. However, it’s great for short event such as church service! 🙂 Also, for the amount of product that you get in this jar, it’s just not worth the price! I think the jar should be bigger because it didn’t last as long as I would have liked it to. I do love the smell and it’s easy to apply.

Kimberly Fairburn, SD

curly edges

Honey, I don’t know who edges this pomade will hold but certainly not my soft, curly edges.Benefit of this product is it smells wonderful.I have tried it on my wet and dry hair and still I got curly edges :[

Marjorie Alpha, OH

Finally an Edge Control…

I am a fan of this product. I used it for my edges and they laid nice like a new perm for about three hours or so (I do not have a perm though). Then I needed to apply more. So I do keep this in my purse so I can reapply as needed. It does shine, but doesn’t flake up like gel does. Out of all the other edge controls that I have tried I do like this one the best.

Lynne Hazard, KY

Wow…nice product

This product gave my edges a sleek shiny look that I never expected, the argon oil maybe the reason. It is a good product however, I have tried better since I made this purchase.

Phyllis Delray Beach, FL

Love It!

I love this stuff. Makes my edges sleek and smooth and waves up the surrounding hair. This is my go to product now!

Alissa Two Rivers, WI

Does what it says, glad Amazon has it

Tried this and it does just what it says, controls edges. It was difficult to find in stores, so unable to say if cost is comparable, but I’m happy to find it on Amazon and not have to waste time, energy and gas searching several stores.

Kelly South Haven, MN

Works well

The only reason I gave it 4 is because it doesn’t stay as long as I want it to.. BUT overall??? This product is bomb.. and it’s healthy, my edges love it!!

Claire Inkster, MI

Good product for a good price

My hair is really thick. Other edge gels are either sticky or my hair curls up a few hours later. My hair is 3b, Bc and 4a natural so I can use all the help I can get. I have paid up to $25 for some other brands of gels, so to see that this is only $4.00 or so and work just as well I jumped for joy. Give this a try, you won’t disappointed.

Lucy Naches, WA

Good product

Works good in my hair and it’s not drying. It has a nice smell and it does’t leave my hair flakey.

Zelda Allston, MA



Carmen North Sioux City, SD

A good product

When you are natural your edges are also natural, what that mean is once you do your protected style your edge still might look out of place. So you use a edge control to smooth it down and this one works.I recommend to everyone to get it.

Latasha Indian Trail, NC

It’s alright

I wanted to use something to control my edges and thought that this would work but it is really greasy/oily. It smells good but it just didn’t work for my hair.Apparently it works for others so I wouldn’t just go off of my review. It’s always great to try new things and it isn’t pricey. I would say that if you have thin hair to try it. My hair is pretty coarse and really curly so once the product went on the curls just stuck back up.

Sally Somerset, VA


This product works great to smooth edges on any hair type. I am wearing my hair natural and this gel holds my edges very well. I dampen my edges, apply this gel (you don’t need a lot), seal it with eco-styler gel, then tie the edges down until it dries or use a blow dryer if you can’t wait for your hair to air dry. I recommend this gel for Black women who are transitioning to natural as well as those who are already sporting the natural look. The price is great so don’t hesitate to buy more than one jar at a time but one jar can last at least a month if you don’t use too much. A little does go a long way.

Pansy Vernon, AZ

Little goes a long way

Works nicely to keep my fly aways at bay. It alsokeeps my sides nice and slick with a little wave.Smells really nice and not overwhelming and does not leave and white residue or build up.

Dianna Lancaster, SC

Nice medium hold

I purchased this after seeing reviews on yt. This is exactly the type of hold I was looking for and I won’t have to wash my hair immediately after using it. I just want to control my hair, not slick it down. I have used other Creme of Nature Argan Oil products and they have all given me very good results. This gel has the same smell as the Gloss and Shine polisher (which I am in love with).

Julianne San Ramon, CA


I LOVE LOVE LOVE this gel! I generally could not get my edges to lay down well, but with this stuff my edges lay down totally flat and look great! A little goes a long way. I have tried the olive oil edge control and it did not work as well as this and the olive oil edge control flaked and caused a lot of buildup.

Amie Davidsonville, MD

good product

It works better than edge control doesn’t leave any white residue after using it. It is a little greasy but it serves its purpose

Kathie Otter Creek, ME

Much Better Than Others I’ve Tried…

I bought this product at my local beauty supply. There wasn’t much of a price difference. I have tried about 4 different hair gels over the past 6 months and they have either stripped the hair from my edges, left a white residue, made hair flaky, too hard, made my hair greasy, or the product itself just smelled bad. In other words, a lot of hair gels just does not get it right. I’d really like to have rated this gel a 3.5 but I have to settle for the three stars. I rated it three stars because the gel does not hold for an extended period of time. I use this on my hair as well as my daughter’s and after about an hour, our edges are no longer controlled. Other than the short time it lasts, I don’t have anything bad to say about this product. This product does NOT leave your hair hard, greasy, flaky, itchy, or take your hair out. It has a nice smell to it as well. You can smell the argan oil (in which I LOVE). If you’re looking for a hair gel that’ll hold for a short time, I’d recommend it. However, if you are looking for a long lasting, night-on-the-town hold, then you should keep searching.

Paula Middle Amana, IA