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Crece Pelo Capillary Hair Growth Natural Dropper 4.25oz

NATURAL PHITOTERAPEUTIC DROPPER Is an extra deep conditioning repairer to protect and strengthen the hair fiber while helping to prevent hair loss; this is due thanks to the fine selection and compatibility of its natural elements that make this formula the most excellent Phitoterapeutic Treatment to prevent & restore hair loss and thus stimulate hair growth.

Key features

  • Serum / ANTI HAIR LOSS
  • Growth Promoters
  • Men use daily / Women according to need
  • Apply daily on the scalp and hair. DO NOT RINSE OFF!!

Honest reviews


it works great!!!

Crece Pelo Capillary Hair Growth Natural Dropper works wonders for my scalp and hair. You will see results if you use it every day after 6-weeks. It takes time to show results depending on the issues you have with your hair and scalp. My hair was weak and breaking. My scalp was very dry and tight. After using this product for just 3-weeks, I saw a great improvement in my scalp and my hair now have shine and elasticity to it. My hair is stronger and more healthy looking. It did wonders for my scalp. It’s like hair food. It feeds the scalp so you can have healthier hair. I also saw new growth in spots on my scalp where my hair was thin like my crown area. I massage it into my crown area everyday. Now my crown area is thicker and healthier. I give this product 10-stars. The entire Crec Pelo hair care line is incredible.If you have serious hair issues, try the shampoo,rinse,treatment,and leave-in. Massage the Capillary Hair growth Natural Dropper on your scalp every day. You will see results as soon as 2-weeks. You will have thick, healthy, shiny, strong, silky, soft, manageable sexy hair in no time. Crece Pelo is rated #1 most favorite dominican treatment on the market today. Don’t think about just buy it. You will not be sorry.

Katelyn Freeport, FL

I see improvement already.

I can see new hair growing, and my hair strands have thickened. My scalp feels great, no itching whatsoever. In fact, I also put it on the rest of my hair after massaging my scalp, for better results. This product smells good, that from time to time, I get compliments on how good my hair smells.

Lucinda Kintyre, ND

Love how this makes my hair feel

Since I started using this about 1 month ago my thin hair started growing back instantly. Not only does it help my hair grow but I feel the difference in the texture of my hair. It just feels stronger. I put it on the spots that need the most help every night before I wrap my hair and then all over my hair right after I wash my hair. I will keep this in my hair regimen forever!

Valarie Mc Afee, NJ

just ok

I have been using this for three months and so far, no real change in shedding, thickness or hair growth. It smells exactly like the shampoo/conditioner/leave in which is like cotton. No strong mentol smell but also no tingling sensation either. Felt like I was just adding water to my scalp. Not sure I will re-purchase it.

Rowena Vanzant, MO

At least it smells good.

I purchased this back in May of ’13. I wanted to give it some time before I posted a review.No visible boost to regular hair growth, my hair is still growing at the same rate. I applied it alone to my scalp. Mixed with all natural oils. Mixed with conditioners. I even tried it on my eye brows when I had a "threading" accident. Nothing exciting at all. It does smell good- kind of like bamboo water. Doesn’t burn or itch at all either but I sense it’s just water with a little something added. Nothing I’d ever bother purchasing again.

Verna Eureka, KS

its good

It smells amazing but I don’t see too much of a diference. I do think it is good though. Still unsure if will buy again. I did just buy the whole line of shampoo and conditioner.

Luann Boykin, AL

Yes it appears to be growing my hair back.

I’m loving this product!!! It smell great! It refreshes your hair. It makes my hair feel very soft and manageable. Yes, it appears to be growing my hair back.

Shelly Bee Spring, KY

Small Hair Follicles Coming In

Widow’s peak has been recessing over the years. I started using this product and I am seeing small hair follicle pores opening up after 4 weeks of use. The hair hasn’t broken through the skin yet…will update post if I have full hair growth.

Nona Cleaton, KY

feels like water

This didn’t do anything for moisture or shine. It only slightly strengthens my hair. If applied to dry hair it becomes frizzy and dried out. If applied to damp hair it becomes unbearable to comb, tangled and dry.

Flossie Ralston, OK

Don’t waste your time and money!

Product didn’t promote hair growth. In fact it did the opposite so that sucks. I wouldn’t recommend it nor would I buy again. I purchased the product back in 2012 and it’s now 2014 and I still have a full bottle. I completely forgot about it.

Carmela Nichols, NY

More shedding with this –

Love the Crece Pelo products but this one I am not too sure about. It is very runny but you have to massage it in. I give it 3 stars because I did experience more shedding when I use it everyday like recommended.

Latoya Pearl, IL

Very watery

Not sure if it works it’s very watery and just runs right off my scalp for my natural hair type

Megan Bath, NH