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Creative Nail Super Shiney Top Coat, 2.3 Fluid Ounce

A super hard, high gloss top coat that seals and protects nail color. UV absorbers guard nail color against fading and discoloration, and the 3 free formula does not contain formaldehyde, toluene, or DBP. For a durable, scratch resistant shine while protecting your manicure or pedicure. Great for sealing nail art and adhering rhinestones or jewels.

Key features

  • Shave off drying time
  • Fast set polish dryer
  • No risk of smudges and great for all nail polishes

Honest reviews


Not worth the money or the time

I bought this in hopes that I could paint my nails clear and have them look wet and shiney. Well this little product left them pretty dull and this chips pretty easily. Let me explain. When you paint your nail with this, it dries very thin, so thin that it chips very easily. So please, dont wast your money with this. There are better clear polishes, i would recommend Essie’s clear nail polish.

Beatrice Mitchellsburg, KY

This item makes your nails shiny!

I purchased this with the Toughen Up to make my nails stronger. They both work well together. The Toughen Up makes your nails stronger and the Super Shiny does make your nails shiny. Using both together does make your manicure last about a week. Don’t hesitate to purchase both of these you will love them.

Virgie Price, TX

Superior Top Coat

I love this top coat. It dries relatively quick and wears very well. Protects the color, minimizes chipping and the shine lasts. I recommend using it with the same brand’s Stickey primer. You won’t be disappointed.

Savannah Waka, TX

The best topcoat ever!

I’m a huge fan of CND’s sticky base coat & shiney topcoat. The topcoat is not only shiney, but dries fast and gives a durable finish to your manicure. By starting with sticky & ending with shiney, I can get about a week from my manicure when used with OPI polish on natural nails. I’ve tried other base & topcoats, but don’t get the wear that I get from the CND products.

Arlene Fromberg, MT

Super Shiney

This polish is a must have in my nail polish collection. It does not take long to dry and provides a shiny hard top coat. It also does a perfect job in making matte/creme color polish shine. Highly recommend top coat

Gale Sedalia, KY

Excellent Product, especially when used with the CN Sticky Base Coat- strengthens nails!!!!

Perfect compliment to the Creative Nail Sticky base coat. Used together, it makes my nails really strong, this is impressive since I have very weak nails that bend easily. I didn’t realize when I bought this that it is a BIG bottle- think nail salon size- but honestly, I use it with every manicure (twice a week) so I am glad I bought the big size. When I eventually run out, I will buy this again. It has become part of my regular beauty routine.

Jimmie Hollidaysburg, PA


My nails did look pretty shiny using this top coat, I paired it up with the same brand base coat, Sticky, and my polish lasted about a week. I use very inexpensive polish and I don’t really do my nails often so I don’t know if that’s good or normal or bad but to me a week is pretty decent. This is not as shiny as a brand I used years ago; unfortunately, I have no idea what it was called, it had a cobalt blue label and it left a glass-like finish. Still, this did make my nails look pretty and my cheap polish looked as good as the Opi I have bought in the past.

Rene Ellerslie, GA

What a HUGE bottle!

I cannot believe the size of this bottle! For what I paid for, I got an awesome value for half of what the drug stores want for a measly tiny bottle of top coat. Can’t wait to see how "shiny" my nails become after using it!

Josefina Kihei, HI

It makes my nails look Jelly

I got the Pink CND and Super Shiny top coat to review. The Stickey Base coat came just in time for the review! The pink CND is a very bold and pretty color. Formula is awesome and one dip covers one whole hand. The Stickey base coat is something that will take practice finding the right way to do it, but sure gives that jelly look. In the left picture I just did pink and super shiny, and wow it is like mirror shiny, I could see the window on my nail because the reflection of the shiny top coat. My new favorite top coat, wish it was a bit thicker but its still really awesome top coat. In the middle picture I played around a bit. I did 1 stickey base coat on the pinky and ring finger, then 2 coats of pink and super shiny. Then the other two fingers I did 1 stickey base coat, pink, then stickey base coat, pink, and super shiny. Just click the image and you can see for yourself! These 3 polishes were fun to try mind they are my very first CND’s ever to own. I just love the formulas and how great they work!

Henrietta Oak Vale, MS