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Creative Nail SolarOil, 2.3 Ounce

An award winning nail and cuticle oil infused with refreshing and nourishing jojoba and Vitamin E. Repeated use drives nutrients in deeper into the skin and nails, and keeps the cuticle area strong, healthy, and hydrated. CND SolarOil is recommended for use with any nail service.

Key features

  • Conditioning blend of almond, jojoba and vitamin E
  • Softens and conditions fingertips
  • Infused with soft almond scent

Honest reviews


CND solar oil

CND solar oil is strange. It does not really moisturize my cuticles as they are still on the dry side, but they seem to grow back slower and easier to remove. I shellac toes and nails and use on both. It is not exactly oily, but, does not completely evaporate as some reviewers say. Since Shellac is porous I feel it is important to use this product. It does not stain. I do recommend this product and I just ordered a 2nd bottle. I try to use once a day but not always. Wish it were a little oilier and that way I know it will moisturize better.

Margot Greenwich, OH

Solar Oil is fantastic!

I use it with my Acrylic and occasional Gel nails… I take meds that dry out my hands and feet which then leads to separation between my natural nail and the coating. With use of this product, I don’t get hang nails like I used to and in this size bottle, I can more reasonably use it for my toes as well. Once you’re over 40… (44 next week), you really need great moisturizes to sustain your skin. I strongly recommend this product.

Connie Boynton, PA

Can’t Live Without It

Yeah, I know that sounds melodramatic, but if you had perennial dry cuticles prone to cracking, splitting and hang-nails you’d understand. Also great for cracked heels. If your nails are a mess, spend a week without polish and massage this in 3-5 times a day. You’ll be amazed at how rapidly, and completely, the nails an nail bed heal.

Ruth Mount Eden, KY

Handy Little Product for the Hands

Creative Solar Oil is a product that many, if not most beauty and nail salons use to lubricate the nails and cuticles. Many salons and manicurists also recommend it for refreshing a manicure that’s gotten a bit dingy and tired looking: it will help restore the shine of the polish. Mind you, most salons and manicurists are also happy to sell you this product, and it’s reasonably priced, in any event, but it is even more reasonably priced if you’re able to buy it direct. Good little product, good price: I don’t see a downside.

Kelley March Air Force Base, CA

makes a real difference

Both my regular manicurists and me can see the difference—fewer hangnails, less dryness, longer lasting manicures. I usually apply at night before bed and put on gloves in order to spare my sheets from stains and allow for maximum absorption.

Gina Vandervoort, AR

Best in Show for Cuticle Care…

Solar Oil is a must have for the care of your cuticles. The bottle is huge and the smell is like fresh Almonds. It glides on like a polish and then you rub it gently around the rest of your entire nail bed. Must have for the long winter months❤

Kaitlyn Manor, TX

Great Product

I bought this product with the Super Shiney Top Coat and the Sticky Base Coat to help my manicures last longer, look better, and leave my nails healthier afterwards. I purchased the set right after Thanksgiving and used it extensively to do various manicures and polish changes during the holidays, and not only did the manicures hold up better than a typical natural nail manicure, my nails looked great even after taking the polish off completely and just showing my natural nails.I agree with other users that if I have this on and do the manicure, it doesn’t get the full benefits of the Sticky Base Coat and last as long as it does otherwise. When I am doing a manicure, I do it with clean, dry nails and let it set for a day or so. Then I carefully rub just a tiny bit of solar oil in the edges of my nail bed every day after that. When I am letting my nails recover and go without a manicure, I use the enclosed brush and paint it on my nails, then rub it into my whole nail bed and cuticles, usually right before bed so I wont be washing my hands for awhile. It has made a big difference in the look and health of my natural nails in just a short amount of time.I am a children’s librarian and so I wash my hands a lot between handling books and materials, touching kids and things they have touched (germ city, especially in the winter with everyone sick). I have found some great hand creams but still got a lot of trouble with nail growth and hang nails. I used to be frequently plagued by soreness from hangnails and dry cracking along the cuticles no matter how much hand cream I used – especially in the winter. Now, my nails are less brittle and grow better, and my hangnails and cracked cuticles have healed up with just under two months use of this oil. I am very pleased with the results and will continue to use this product and recommend it to others.

Alissa Mills, PA

Love this oil!

Love this oil! Comes in a large bottle, so it will last forever. I put it on cuticles every morning after shower and every night before bed and my nails have never been healthier.

Cora Saxe, VA


This stuff is amazing and smells so lovely! I really like this product and think everyone should use it. It goes on nice and soaks in pretty quick considering. I’ve been using this for a bit now and really think it helps with nail growth and strength.

Lilia Schleswig, IA

OK product but bad smell

I don’t like the smell at all, it’s kinda disgusting and needs a long time to get used to it.Good result though.I mixed it with gelish cuticle oil and the smell became endurable.

Willie Marysville, WA

Not sure !

After I started using this my Nails started Peeling really bad! and I went from Long nails to sort nails in a week. But Im really not sure why.I have a full bottle and Im not sure if I will try it again just to make sure that this really was the cause of my nail problems or Not!

Doreen Basye, VA


I received this order in a very short amount of time and the quality is what I have come to expect for my clients. The price was excellent for the amount of cuticle oil!! Well worth the buy.

Stacie Price, MD

Very nice cuticle oil

After having acrylic nails and then gel nails, my real nails are in a horrible state. I read somewhere that keeping your nails free of polish, and applying a good cuticle oil for several months can restore your nails to a healthy condition. This is a very nice oil with a lovely almond scent. I haven’t noticed a huge difference in my nails yet, but then they were never really great to begin with. I will probably purchase this product again–but this is a large bottle and should last quite a while.

Juliana Hamlet, NC

Great for cuticles

This oil smells wonderful and feels great. You place a drop on each finger on the cuticle and then rub it in to the cuticle. It has saved my cuticles this winter. They look amazing and hydrated. I have very little to no hangnails or splits in my cuticles. I use it every night at a minimum but sometimes I use it twice a day. It really is great and I recommend it for everyone. I have bought this as a gift for my mom and grandmother. My husband also asks me to rub it into his cuticles. My grandmother tells me that my grandfather does the same. It just feels so nice.

Candace Gumberry, NC


Very happy with the price and size of this bottle. Don’t waste your money buying this at the drugstore…it’s much more affordable through Amazon…

Alice Cuthbert, GA


There are some that complain that the oil smells funny but I think it has a nice subtle almond scent. It’s not over powering at all. I use this oil a few times a day to keep cuticles moist and aid in the health of my nails. Considering the size, it was a great value in price!Update: I have been using this cuticle oil for about 3 weeks now and have noticeable difference in my nails and cuticles. My nails are stronger and cuticles always well taken care of, not dried like they used to.

Bridget Noxen, PA