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Creative Nail Shellac UV Base Coat, 0.42 Fluid Ounce

A base coat for the CND Shellac system. Curing in just ten seconds, one thin layer of Shellac Base Coat provides the crucial foundation for the Shellac system. Applying like polish and wearing like gel, the base coat provides a superior adhesion layer to nails to anchor the Shellac Color Coat. Follow with Shellac Color Coat and Top Coat for a service with 14 day wear with no chips, smudges or nail damage that comes off in minutes.

Key features

  • Easy workability and gorgeous results
  • Superior mold ability in extensive color and coverage options
  • Extensive color and coverage options

Honest reviews


Great base

This is much easier to put on than Harmony’s base coat. It’s thinner and the brush is a normal sized brush. I have not noticed that it wears any better than Harmony. As far as quality goes, I would have to say that both have been equal for me.

Briana Rufe, OK

a must for at home shellac

I love the way shellac lasts, but it’s so expensive at the salons. I thought I’d give the at home shellac a try, and I’m so glad I did. I wouldn’t skimp on a no name brand. CND is what my salon used, and I’m very happy with the results.

Theresa Forgan, OK

Base Coat

CND is the brand that I like the best. The under coat works well and again I like the larger bottle.

Juanita West Granby, CT

Creative Nail Shellac UV Base Coat, 0.42 Fluid Ounce

I love CND shellac. Buy it. Easy on, easy off! Highly recommended. I have several CND colors and love to do nail art. You will too.

Lacy Dresher, PA

Lovely nails!

I’ve been using this product for at least 3 months now and love the results. Your manicure and polish really do last up to 14 days. The shellac process is so fast to do at home, especially for those busy moms.

Lena Elkton, MI

CND Shellac

I decided that I could do my nails at home and this product certainly helps! It works just like in the salon.

Jessica Buda, IL

Required for the CND Shellac systems of polish

Seems to work as it is supposed to work. Specified as a requirement for the CND Shellac system of polish. Requires a UV lamp to cure the polish. If you don’t use the lamp, the polish will NOT dry.

Kay Vega Baja, PR

Love it

This is the only polish I can wear. It lasts long enough for me to enjoy it. It is not like regular polish, on one day gone the next.

Janell Burlison, TN